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Jul 4, 2012

Young girls in inappropriate dresses

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There's a short quotation I found on a movie yesterday. The movie is about a serial killer who got caught by police in his last "action". The killers common victims are young girls whom he raped first before killed. Apparently, he's in some kind of therapy for his "craziness" and still try to get rid of his beast intention over young girls. In the end, he failed and once again caught by policemen. When he's been interrogated about why he could do such a horrible thing to young girls, and why he prefer young girl instead of adult women. Because he can actually get a prostitute anytime he wanted. It's his answer that I think we need to realize.

"Why do you think the use young girls on posters? Why young girls want to be portrayed half naked with mouth and legs opened wide, just to promote clothes? And they call it modelling. I think deep inside their hearts, they want people like me."
Geezz, I never think that way before. But I think that something is real about this thought. Pedophiles are increased in numbers. You can read or watch or heard about so many young girls have become the rape victims. The police caught so many of these criminals everyday but somehow their numbers are keep growing and growing. The rape victims are getting younger and younger every year. I keep asking myself, why?

Yes, these predators are animals! They destroy young girls' life and leave nothing but a traumatic memories behind. But young girls aren't innocent either.

Have you noticed how young girl dressed themselves nowadays? It's true that almost of them look half naked. Tiny tank tops, tiny shorts/skirts, tight dresses, etc. They walk with almost every part of their body opened. They don't feel ashamed because almost every young girls dress like that. And they considered it cool because that style is in trend. You can see it in many fashion magazines. How young girls as models photographed in certain kind in order to sell clothes. And most of the time, almost naked.

Well, you may say that it's all for art, yes you may. You can also say that it's not that picture's fault, it is depend on how you interpret them. It's not porn until you consider it nasty, some says. But you can't control other people's interpretation. Some sick guys like the criminal above is one of the nasty people.

You can see those half naked young girl portrait as art and fashion, but guys like those predators considered it as invitation. Young girls with tiny tank tops and tiny tight short can easily become their victims. You can also become the victim even if you dress properly. You can imagine what will happen to the half naked ones.

My point here is, you should watch what your young girls wear everyday, mommies. Will you let your daughter leave the house topless? We can explain to them why they should avoid that kind of dress, not just as mom but also as woman. Tell them how crazy the world outside. Don't make yourself as a trigger to those predators craziness. It's doesn't mean that they have to dress like nuns everyday, just dress properly. Don't show off too much of your skin. Cover your breasts properly. Do not expose your thigh and your behind, just because your favorite models dress that way.

We realize that it's not easy to get understanding from them. But still we must teach them this, right? Before something terrible happens to them just because some sick guys watch them walking in the mall with some friends and most of them wear tiny tiny tops and bottoms. It's a hard world :(

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Jun 21, 2012

Asha's New School

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A kind of stupid-silly thing happen in my daughter's kindergarten a few days a go. I was informed that they're no longer receive any students anymore and will close down the school start from next month. Ridiculous! I've never found a school like that which obviously close down the school while so many students still willing to continue their study there. While so many school out there were forced to close down due to lack of students interested to study there.

But the most unfair part of this story is that because we're given the information without any notes from school at least a month before. All parents don't have any idea at all that their kids won't be able to continue study in that school anymore and totally unprepared to find other school right away. As result, the options left are only expensive school which still available for new students for next months since almost all school were already full with new students and unable to receive any new ones.
Asha's New School
Well, that means that my dear Asha will be removed to other good school which fortunately still have 2 spots left for new students. This is truly a precious experience for me as parent that I'd rather pay for a quite pricey school with trust-able reputation in the future. Well, what can I say, education is not cheap. But parents will do anything to get a perfect school for their children and work as hard as possible to earn more money for their education funds. I just hope all the best for my cutie Asha :)

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