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Dec 29, 2009

New Year Resolution

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After Christmas passed away, it's time to talk about the upcoming New Year. 2010 is right in front of us all. As usual, people will talk a lot about New Year resolutions. Have you made yours?

For me, I don't spend special time to think about New Year resolutions actually. Because we should be try to be a better person each and every day, make a plan and try to fulfill it every day. Make a wish and try to make it happen every day, etc. But, still we must welcome this New Year with something "new" also, right?

Even though I don't have something new for my New Year resolutions, still I want to share that with you. I pray that we all will have a better life in the future. I wish I can be more mature and more capable to take care of my daughter, to pay more attentions to my parents and parents in law. I hope in 2010 I will be better person.

Thanks to my dear Pinoy friend, Jenie who tagged me in the first place. I would love to tag my other friend as well. To sista Lina, brother Alan, brother Piter, sista Fanda, sista Anita and Kathy.

Well, you can grab it too, my friends. Whoever you are and where ever you are, still you are welcoming the new year also, right..
Happy tagging...

Dec 28, 2009

I Miss The Next Christmas Already

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I finally back from my Christmas Holiday in my hometown, Siantar. It was very great to feel that you can spend three days with your parents. Just like I told you before, my mum cooked the Christmas special dishes. We ate till we drop (lol).

We also made a visit to Toba Lake in Parapat. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. We didn't have time to play on the lake at all. When we reached Parapat, we went to a restaurant for lunch and went back to Siantar after that. It was so sad. We already prepared every thing for this picnic. Snacks, small pillows, camera even a new sweater for Asha. What a day!!

And finally, the waiting is over, huh. We've been waiting for Christmas to come in a whole year. It's a bit sad when you realize that this glorious month must come to an end. I always miss the warmth of Christmas when the season passed. The truth is I already miss the next Christmas already. I hope God listens to my pray, that I really want to celebrate Christmas again next year.

Oh, I'm so busy telling you about my Christmas and forgot to ask you about your Christmas. How's your Christmas celebration, my dear friends? I hope it's as glorious as I have.

Anyway, let's move to a new topic. Year end is about to come. This time, we plan to spend the New Year eve on my mother in law's house. We're going to have a barbecue party that night. Sleep late and have some beer. Isn't that wonderful. Some of my friends choose to spend the New Year Eve from club to club, while some other planned a private party. Again, I am a family guy. I want to be with my family when the countdown begin (lol)

I think this New Year eve will be as fun as Christmas eve. Ah, time goes by even if you want to slow it down. 2009 will be passed away in three days and we must welcome the 2010. Have you made a resolution already? Hahaha..

Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

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Just another quick update, fellas..
I must prepare for a night drive towards my parent's home in my hometown.
I'm still waiting for my husband right now.
That's why I still have a minute or two to greet you for this special ocassion.

Have a merry Christmas to all of you out there....
May Christ blesses all of us
And may the joy fulfill us with warmth and hope..

"We wish you a merry christmas...
We wish you a merry christmas...
We wish you a merry christmas..
And a Happy New Year....."

See ya soon...

Dec 22, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

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Today, we celebrate “Mother’s Day” in Indonesia. I’ve just called my mother in my hometown to greet her. I always do this in every year. When I was a teenager back in my hometown, I always try to give something as a present for her. Though that day I can only afford a hairpin from my own savings, but she always accepts it hilariously. Oh, my mom. There’s nothing compares to your love in this world, even that stupid hairpin.

Then suddenly I realize that I am a mother also. This year I greet my mum for a happy mother’s day, while my little angel can’t greet me yet. I feel a bit weird about this, you know. Just a few years ago you were only a daughter of a mother. Now, you become a mother of a daughter yourself. What a circle of life, huh?

All these experiences have opened my eyes widely of my mother truthful love for me. I know it’s not easy to give a birth to a baby, because I already gave a birth to one of my own two years ago. I know it’s not easy to raise a child because I raise one of my own now. It’s not easy to build a perfect marriage, it’s not easy to give in your entire ego and personal desires and bound up into a little family that you need to take care of. There’s nothing easy to become a mother.

But you know, being a mother is a gift also. Your kids are gifts. Your happy family is a gift. The change to give birth to a tiny angel is also a gift. Having a good and care husband is a gift. Taking care of a family is also a gift. So, becoming a mother is a an extraordinary gift! Don’t you think?

Indeed, we should celebrate this mother's day everyday. But I think we need to choose a certain time to show that we really care about our mothers. A day that will make this so special. A day where we can greet all mothers and thank them for all their efforts and never ending love. All these greet would never compare to all the love of a mother. But I’m sure all the mothers in this world would be very happy to accept a hug, a kiss, or maybe a simple gift. Everybody love hugs, kiss and gifts, right?

So, for this occasion, I would love to share this “Happy Mother’s Day” award especially for all mothers.

Maybe some of you are not from Indonesia and don’t celebrate it today. But still, you are a mother. So, come and celebrate it with us also. I would love to give this award to my foreign friends: Kathy, Jenie, Erin, Khim, Ruby, Steph, and Rose. These are my friends and also mothers. If you a mother and we do not know each other yet, you still can grab this award too. It doesn’t matter if we are friends or not. A mother is always a friend to every body, right? So, do not hesitate. Grab one of them (or maybe all of them. Lol) and bring it home with you.

Happy Mother’s Day...

Dec 20, 2009

The Exclamation Point

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I think we all should be careful of what and how we write about anything before sending it to someone else. When you don’t see that other person directly, still she/he can figure out your mood or your emotion while write those words to her/him. I know when someone mad at me just from the way they wrote me. That’s called individual perception. There are some many different perceptions can be made from a single sentence we wrote. Some considered it as a fun, while some other consider it as harassment. It’s because they can only try to get your point from a sentence. That all. You don’t face them directly to explain it in detail. So, we need to make sure of what we’re going to write down before everyone see it and start to build their own perception about it.

That is why a lot of people choose to use emoticons. I am a kind of person who loves to use emoticon in almost every sentence I wrote on your shout box during my blogwalking. I realize that there is a big possibility that some of you will get a different perception of what I’m talking about if I don’t use emoticon there. This is cyber world. You can’t see me and I can’t see you. So we need to use a correct bride to connect us each other. We need to have a universal sign that can be fully understood even if we don’t see each other. Otherwise, we will face a misunderstanding shortly.

Let’s talk about exclamation point. This simple sign can cause a misunderstanding between two people who can not see each other. Please compare these two sentences below, fellas. I made this sentence as an analogy of what I’m trying to tell you about.
Imagine if someone sent you an email with this sentence on it.

”I already sent you a text message this morning. Take a look at your cell phone!”
compare with
”I already sent you a text message this morning. Take a look at your cell phone

Can you see the perceptions that might be appear after reading this sentence?

The second sentence looks exactly like the first one except on the final signs. The first one ended by an exclamation point, meanwhile the second one ended by a winking emoticon.

I think the first sentence is more like a command and show me how the sender was in a bad mood.

The sender also shows impatience and a bit annoyed. There is no sign of jokes on it. The exclamation point may even show this sentence is an order that you must follow as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will get punished. I’m telling you, there’s nothing funny about this sentence even if the sender was your fiancĂ©, right?

Meanwhile, even if we used exactly the same words on the second sentence we can find a different kind of perception. The wink emoticon sign has dulcified the sign of command on it. In fact, this emoticon also asked the reader to smile. We still can find an admonition on it but also the feeling that that admonition was sent by a friend. So we don’t need to feel offended at all. What do you think?

That’s why I always try to avoid using this exclamation point on my articles, unless I want to reinforce the command meaning inside it of course. I have a kind of article like this here. Otherwise, I would never use that sign at all. When I need to use the exclamation pont to reinforce the main message, I will also give the emoticon sign along with it. So that nobody will get the wrong perception of that sentence. Such as:

”Merry Christmas everyone!”

Have a great sunday, fellas.

Dec 19, 2009

From Nothing To Be Something

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I got this meaningful award from a new friend of mine and her cute poinsettia blog Curhat Fanda. I choose this one over several other awards this Mrs. Santa spread because I like the quotation on it.
"From Nothing To Be Something"

This is an perfect quote to encourage each and everyone of you who choose to be a stay at home mother but still find a way to actualizing yourself by writing a blog.Some of you are lucky enough to grab a chance of writing something and get paid for doing so. I think it's wonderful. What do you think?

That's why I'm going to give this award back to all Stay At Home Mommy (SAHM) out there. Be strong and keep blogging. Grab it, mommies!

Dec 18, 2009

The Wand of Heaven

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People in Egypt call this plant as “The Plant of Immortality”, while Indian calls it as “The Wand of Heaven”. Why? What is so special about this thorny plant anyway?

At a glance, there’s nothing special on this plant indeed. Aloe vera doesn’t have any colorful flowers. In fact we can only find one color on its body. Green. But Egyptians and Indians gave this plant such a precious name like that.

Aloe vera has well known of its special qualities on hair care. By applying it directly to the scalp, hair will grow healthy and thick. But now, aloe vera has also been used for some other kind of treatments. It can also be used as food or even beverage. The other benefit of this plant is for skin care as well.

They say the most superior kind of aloe vera is called Barbadensis Miller.

This aloe vera contains more than 75 kind of nutrition, 200 active particles, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acid, and 12 vitamins. With all this materials, this aloe vera has many more benefits to give.

It can help repairing the damages on skin cells, protect sensitive skin, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells and moisturizing you skin as well. Aloe vera can also protect you from infection and accelerate the healing process of wound as well as reduce the swollen due to injury.

Again and again, Cleopatra has already used aloe vera as a sun screen to protect her skin from intense sunshine long long ago. She also used it as anti ageing product that made her look younger and beautiful. I think this queen was so expert on beauty stuff like this. We can find her in almost every history of skin cares, hair cares or make up stuffs.

So, forget about the ugly appearance of this aloe vera, fellas. You need to see the benefits that this “Wand of Heaven” can give you. This plant can be used as food, drink, hair care product and skin care product. It can also help you to cure injuries and protect you from infection. This is a truly wand of heaven. Don’t you think?

This aloe vera benefits will be the last story for today, my dear friends. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Indonesia, so I will be gone for a while. See you around.

Dec 16, 2009

Kissable Red Lips

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When a man and a woman were attracted to each other, their lips will turn red.
(David B. Givens, PhD- Director of Center of Non-Verbal Studies, US)

Purportedly, this is the main inspirations of why lipstick has become so popular these days. Almost every woman in this globe has ever wear lipstick at least once in her life. According to 2002 survey only, women in US have spent up to 3 billions dollar a year just to buy lipsticks. This is a giant business, girl!

Lip color has become a woman’s best friend since thousands years ago. The very first lip color was found inside a 5000 years old coffin in Ur (now Iraq). Coloring lips is not a brand new thing. Even women in ancient Egypt wanted their lips to be colored first before burial. They expected this lip color will help them look brighter and prettier in their life after death. As you all may guess, Cleopatra was also colored her lips red. This lip color is made from a mix of henna and maroon carmine bugs.

In Europe, lip color suddenly became a huge trend on 17th century. Aristocrats and barguests always colored their lips before leaving their houses. This trend has urged some religious communities to announce that this new habit was forbidden. They said that this lip color has covered the real beauty of a woman instead.

Despite of this controversy, the use of lip color has been widely expanding. At the beginning of 20th century, a French cosmetic company, Guerlain, has successfully invented a new shape of lip color. Stick. That’s why we call it lipstick. Then, on 1915, an entrepreneur from US, Maurice Levy, created the first lipstick tube made from metal. And the first waterproof lipstick was made by a cosmetic company, Max Factor, on 1940.

Along with this fast expansion, come the side effects. The first natural ingredients of lipstick have been changed with chemical materials which are more dangerous. The mix of henna and carmine bugs which used by Cleopatra is good but only last for a few hours before finally expired. The company started to use chemical materials in order to make lipstick last longer. Unfortunately, they choose to use dangerous materials such as tin and mercury. So, about a century ago, lipstick means beautiful but also means death.

Thank God, the modern lipsticks these days are better than the old days. The main compositions of a modern lipstick are oil, wax and dye. So we can be saved from those hazard materials of course.

The trend of lipstick color is also different in the past 40 years. In 60’s women love nude colors that look pale and shiny. While purple is the color of 70’s and 80’s. In 90’s the main color is brown matte. What color do you think will be the most favorable on 2010?

Do you know?
You still lick your lips while using lipstick. And the research found that a woman can swallow up to 4 kg lipsticks along her life. Wow!

Dec 14, 2009

Christmas Dish

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I’m back, fellas. My weekend is fun enough. We attended a Christmas service with my husband’s relations from his office on Saturday afternoon. This Christmas service is for family and friends.

(Asha wore her favorite gown for this occasion)
There, Asha met some new friends on her own age. In the end of the event, suddenly “Santa Claus” appeared and the children chased him right away. They let him go just after this Santa threw some gifts to the air. The kids finally run for this gifts and left him behind. Hahaha.. Asha got one too. It’s a pink bunny doll. She loves it very much.

That’s the story of my weekend. And now I’d like to tell you story about our Holiday Dish. December is holiday month for our family. This is the time when we can spend some of our holiday to visit my parents in my hometown

. They live in a town called Siantar, about 3 hours from Medan and only 45 minutes from Lake Toba, Parapat. We usually visit them on Christmas Holiday or New Year Holiday. This year, we plan to visit them on New Year Holiday.

Siantar is a little town and almost all of its young people moved and stayed in a bigger city such as Medan. It makes Siantar looks quiet in January until November. But when it reaches December, the situation will change rapidly. Every people from other cities will come to visit their families back in this little town. You will find this little town become so crowded. The main road which is usually looks quiet, suddenly full of cars and people walking around. When you see this, you will realize that that’s holiday season.

On Christmas, my mother usually makes some special dishes for us. She usually cooks pork satay with peanut sauce.

I also love “perkedel” (mashed potatoes with seasoning and herbs) a lot. These two dishes must be served on New Year Holiday. Of course she also cooks some other dishes but these two are the main menus.

Well, holiday is almost about food, right. We will take that change while we can. Even if you cook this special dish on March, the air is really different. That’s why we call it Holiday Dish. What about you? What is your special dish for Christmas?

Dec 11, 2009

Baby TV Baby

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What is your favorite tv channel? I love Star Movies the most. But I also love to watch AXN because of those Crime Scene Investigation serial. Lol. I usually do blog while watching one of these channels. I watch Star Movie mostly because I need to find stories to write on for my Movie Blog. Especially on Christmas season like this month, I can find several great films there.

Apparently, I have a competitor right now. Guess who. My daughter, Asha.

Her favorite channel of all is Baby TV and the favorite characters are Pitch and Potch. She loves the sound of its music and how they laugh every minute.

In the morning, if she refuses to wake up, her daddy will turn on the tv and play the Baby TV channel loudly. Asha will voluntarily wake up from her bed and sit on the sofa. It’s funny to watch her singing and dancing in front of tv. She also learns a lot about any kind of animals from there. She already knows the name of few animals right now. And yes, she learns a lot from it.

But, as you know, for adult like us, Baby TV is really boring. You will find it funny or cute sometimes but after a while you will get sick of it. But she always refuses me when I asked her to change the channel for a minute. She’ll get angry. I can only have control on remote control while she’s sleeping.

Of course I make a straight rule for her about how long she can watch the TV in a day. She can only watch it for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. That’s all. Do you think I will have a chance to watch my favorite channels at last? No, folks. I must turn off the tv first. If the tv is still on, then she will ask for Baby TV again and refuse to take a nap. So, to avoid it, all I can do is just go back to my laptop after all and leave the tv . Hahaha..

This is just a short story to end this week, fellows. I will be gone for two days due to this weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the days for my little family. So I will turn off my laptop during that family time. So I’ll see you guys on Monday. Have a nice weekend. God bless!

Dec 10, 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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Do you like coffee? I mean a real coffee instead of instant one. Well, I do. My husband and I are big fans of coffee. I’ve told you before about the old coffee house we like on Jl. Hindu or Killiney and now I’d love to tell you about a new coffee house we love also. It called Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Just like its name, this coffee house also has a great taste of toasts.

First I can tell you that the place is cozy and suit for family. As we came there, we can see several kids running around with a slice of toast in their hands. Toast in not for breakfast only here. They also served Fried Kuetiaw, Spring roll, ice cream and other kind of snacks. See? This place is really suit for family time.

We order coffee, obviously. We want to know whether they have a good taste of coffee also. In fact, they do.

The taste is good but we still prefer the coffee on Jl. Hindu better. But I love the toast. The mix of peanut butter, honey and kaya gives the perfect flavour with the coffee

I also took pictures of this place from a few different angles like these.
Below are two old style of ads from this coffee house. It looks unique.

And these are the pictures of the bar from two different angles.

Although the coffee is not as good as the one at Jl. Hindu, I still love the peanut kaya toast. So yummy.

Dec 9, 2009

Christmas Award

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This is my first Christmas award ever, folks!
Thanks to my dear friend Jenny who gave me this cute award. I really love it.
And I would love to give this back to each and every one of you who is welcoming Christmas also like us, right now.
Feel free to grab it anytime you like.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 8, 2009

To All Women Out There

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Women always want to look beautiful all the time. By having a slim shaped body with a healthy flawless skin, we can walk with proud and confidence. The problem is that sometimes it’s not that easy for a woman to look beautiful all the time. Usually, the main factor we have is ageing. Women will have the first wrinkles mostly on the age of 30. This wrinkles will followed by cellulite, stretch marks and fat all over the body, especially tummy, thigh, chin, back and hips. All of these problems are not easy to remove. Then what should we do?

One better way is to visit a beauty clinic such as Sono Bello. This clinic provides complete treatments for every woman’s problem. The brand new treatment from Sono Bello is Micro Laser Liposuction and Body Sculpting technology which can help women to remove fat cells in almost any area of your body.

This will also help to enhance and shape your body better. All those fat can be removed easily in a short time and almost without side effects.

All these beauty treatments will be brought to you by highly-trained, board certified physicians. They can also provide you laser lipo suction and body sculpting, or even tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite and diminish stretch marks. All you can get by visiting one clinic only. Isn’t it great?

You can see that being beautiful is not that hard. Every problem has it own solution in Sono Bello. You can banish every wrinkles, fat, cellulite and even stretch marks easily in a short time. Remember, every woman is beautiful as long as she can take care and of her body and mind properly.

Dec 7, 2009

Online Games Addicted

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My friend, Kathy, recently said to me that she glad I’m back to my blogging activities again. I am a bit ashamed with this. Lol. I totally realize that I have left my blogs forgotten for a while since I become so addicted with several online games on Facebook. I play almost every 5 rank Facebook’s game everyday such as



(Pet Society)

(Café World)

(Barn Buddy)

These all games are the main reason why I’ve become so addicted in Facebook all day long.

At first, these games are so attractive, so that I can not stop until I can beat my other friend who has a higher ranking from me. I feel so satisfy when I finally can beat them and become the first. Curiosity has made me try and always try to beat them as soon as I could and that’s mean I have to spend more time to play the game. The more you play, the higher you get rank. This is what I called: addicted.

I’m well known as an online game’s mommy among my friends on Facebook, because they can find me in almost every game on Facebook. Hahaha. In fact, I never give up with my blogs in whatsoever. I still post articles on my Indonesian Blog which is connected to Facebook via Rss Feed. Some of my friends are fans of that blog and they keep asking why can’t they find new article on it? When they found out that I’ve been busy with my online games this 3 months, they wrote a lot in my wall and ask me to stop playing and start to write again.

I ignore them for a while. I still can’t let go of my self from those cute games. Then something happened. Suddenly I realize that my Indonesian Blog has already in 3/10 Google Page Rank. Shocking by this condition, I run to check my English Blog (this Mommy Mayonnaise) and I found it with 2/10 Google PR. Wow... I start to think that shouldn’t try to release my mind from those online games. At least, I must spare some times to write more articles and do some blogwalking. Otherwise, this good PR wouldn’t last for a long time.

Finally, here I am again, folks. I’m back with a bunch of ideas to write on. I’m back with some plans to do blogwalking everyday. I need to increase my Alexa rank again because before those “dark ages of mine” Mommy Mayonnaise has already on 1000000 Alexa and now drop to 3000000. On the other side, Perempuan Rumahan used to have 500 Alexa, now drop till 110000. Poor me. Silly me. Lol.

But, that’s okay. I still have a chance to make this right. I’m still playing those online games of course, but I make a promise to myself that will always spare more time for my blogs. I love blog and I love all of you my virtual friends.

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