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Dec 19, 2009

From Nothing To Be Something

I got this meaningful award from a new friend of mine and her cute poinsettia blog Curhat Fanda. I choose this one over several other awards this Mrs. Santa spread because I like the quotation on it.
"From Nothing To Be Something"

This is an perfect quote to encourage each and everyone of you who choose to be a stay at home mother but still find a way to actualizing yourself by writing a blog.Some of you are lucky enough to grab a chance of writing something and get paid for doing so. I think it's wonderful. What do you think?

That's why I'm going to give this award back to all Stay At Home Mommy (SAHM) out there. Be strong and keep blogging. Grab it, mommies!


  1. I'm a proud stay at home wife, Risma; I'll grab the award...thanks!

  2. nice award you deserve it....happy for you..


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