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Dec 29, 2009

New Year Resolution

After Christmas passed away, it's time to talk about the upcoming New Year. 2010 is right in front of us all. As usual, people will talk a lot about New Year resolutions. Have you made yours?

For me, I don't spend special time to think about New Year resolutions actually. Because we should be try to be a better person each and every day, make a plan and try to fulfill it every day. Make a wish and try to make it happen every day, etc. But, still we must welcome this New Year with something "new" also, right?

Even though I don't have something new for my New Year resolutions, still I want to share that with you. I pray that we all will have a better life in the future. I wish I can be more mature and more capable to take care of my daughter, to pay more attentions to my parents and parents in law. I hope in 2010 I will be better person.

Thanks to my dear Pinoy friend, Jenie who tagged me in the first place. I would love to tag my other friend as well. To sista Lina, brother Alan, brother Piter, sista Fanda, sista Anita and Kathy.

Well, you can grab it too, my friends. Whoever you are and where ever you are, still you are welcoming the new year also, right..
Happy tagging...


  1. Mbak Risma, makasih ya sdh tag aku. Jujur, aku lagi males bikin resolusi. Tp berkat tag ini jd memaksa aku utk bikin. Toh akhirnya buat hidupku sendiri jg. Ntar aku kasih tau kalo dah selesai ya...

  2. Thanks for the tag, Risma. It's been a long time that I haven't been thinking specially about new year resolution...

  3. yep,, I think will be better person too.. and get merried maybe??? hahah we can only plan and try, but remember only god that counts.. :D


  4. Merry Christmas...
    terima kasih Risma, ada juga kerja untuk saya menjelang tahun baru..hehe.

    semoga menjelang tahun baru 2010, kita semua dilindungi dan dirahmatiNya.
    p/s; sekarang dah pasang Adsense ya... ini yang menyebabkan saya jarang blogwalking. sekarang saya ada 35 blog Adsense. semoga kita semua sukses

  5. Thanks for the tag my sis Risma, may this new year bring us full of peace and healthy, and the main is God always bless us:)
    btw, I put this tag in http://pitercentre.blogspot.com

  6. marry christmas and happy new year 2010 mbak risma!

    apa kabar?
    senangnya bisa balik dan ketemu lagi di blog. henny juga di tag tentang resolusi ini sama mbak fanda ^^

  7. that's nice ris ;) thanks for reposting dear friend!

  8. thank you, hopefully in the year 2010 you always success. happy new year :)

  9. Risma! I'm sorry I am gone for a while, I am sick with flu and until now my body still hurts and my head is still pounding... I just forced myself to get on the laptop so I could greet you a happy new year!!!

    I will grab your tag when I get back... Thank you so much for the visits and for including me in your tag... I really apprecitae it my friend! Hope to be able to meet you someday...

    Kiss Asha for me and May your entire family will be blessed with good health, prosperity and happiness this 2010!!!

    Ok, time to go, my head is killing me... Muah!


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