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Nov 30, 2009

The Hill Resort, Sibolangit

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We spent last Thursday in a resort. It’s a holiday and we want to refresh our minds, bodies and souls after living in a hectic world on our daily routines. The name of the place is The Hill Resort, Sibolangit. Just like its name, this resort is up on a cold foggy hill. The place is wonderful.

That’s also the first time for me to see a couple of black swans which swimming around. I can also find the white swans and a couple of ducks there. The pool is quite big and has a lot of fishes on it.

The main concept of this resort is nature. And that’s why we choose this place. We love to walk around or sitting in the gazebo surrounded by the pool with swans swimming all over. I really love this place. Here are some pictures of us on vacation.

(The first black swans I've ever saw. Poor me.. ^^)

(Walking around after having breakfast. My most favorite picture ^^)

(On one windy afternoon)

(A few minute after breakfast)

(In the swimming pool.. Let's go swim)

(Ordering some snacks from the gazebo. Asha is looking at the swans)

(One perfect view. See the hills over there?)

(seeking for beautiful fishes...)

I hope we have a chance to see this place again next time...

Nov 20, 2009

Is Every Fat Bad?

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Is every fat we have on our food bad? Apparently, it’s not that bad. We can find at least four kind of fat on our daily food. And among these four kinds of fat, two of them are good. We can find out which one is good and useful for us and which one is dangerous for our health. This information can also guide me as a mother to choose the right kind of food for my family.

First, Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid (MUFA)

This one is the best kind of all. It can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) rapidly without affecting the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. This friendly fat can be found on olive oil, almond, candlenut and avocado. About 70 percent of olive oil is MUFA. That is why people who live in the area where olive oil grows (such as Europe, Africa and Middle Sea) have a lower percentage of having heart disease compare to those who live in West. But even this good fat can also cause obesities. So, we have to use it wisely.

Second, Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA)

This is the next good fat after MUFA. It can also reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) only this one can affecting the good cholesterol (HDL) also. This is the different of PUFA from MUFA. For MUFA will not affect the good cholesterol (HDL) after all. You can find PUFA on corn oil or sunflowerseed oil. Omega 3 is a special kind of PUFA. Omega 3 can be found on cold water fishes, such as salmon, pilchard, mackerel and herring. Beside of its high protein, Omega 3 in this fishes can also prevent congealment of blood. Serve fishes twice a week on your menu to get these advantages. And just like MUFA, PUFA can also cause obesities.

Third, Saturated Fatty Acid (SFA)

This one is a bad fat because it’s hard to be processed in our bodies. This can increase the bad cholesterol (LDL) and make the possibilities of having a heart disease getting bigger. It can also stimulate the congealment of blood. Generally, SFA can be found in almost every kind of animal products (except fish) such as meat, dairy products and poultry. In fact, SFA can also be found on a certain kind of plants products such as coconut, coconut oil and palm oil.

Forth, Trans Fatty Acid (TFA)

This is the worst fat of all. TFA is a kind of fat that consist of different kind of atoms in different kind of molecules. It has a very bad effect on cholesterol and veins. TFA comes along the process of “hydrogenated” food. This process usually happens along the process of transferring food appearance. Hydrogenated happens when olive oil turns to be margarine. Hydrogenated has also needed to make many kind of instant food. So, avoid margarine and any kind of food product that has the word “hydrogenated” in its package.

Anyway, these are all the good and bad fat in our food. Maybe we can not avoid all the bad fat whatsoever but we can reduce the use of those bad fat and change it too the good fat. Knowing that you have good fat on your food will make you enjoy your meal better. And if you buy a lot of package foods, remember to check the ingredients first before you put them on your shopping cart.

Nov 16, 2009

Cute School Keepsake Book

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Becoming a mother is a gift. And Asha is the miracle we have until now. I really enjoy my time with my little daughter and I thank God for that. That’s why I love to take a picture of her every time. She has a special book to keep all of the pictures from the day she she’s born till her first step one year later. I really like to keep every precious moment like that on a book so that I can see them back in the future. You know that every thing happens only once in a life time. So we must keep those memories while we can because you can not turn back time to see all of those things back again. I keep those memories on a baby keepsake book.

I found a kind of this book from a website. This Penny Laine baby book consist of 50-60 decorative and titled pages. It looks cute.

They also provide school keepsake book as well.

And I think this would be perfect for parents with kids on preschool. On this book you can keep pictures of your kid’s in school still be able to see them again even in the next twenty years. These school keepsake books are also looks fantastic. You will love it too.

If you visit their website, you will also find several kind of nap mats.

These nap mats can be used out door. Kids love to go outside and play. That’s why parents need to bring along these nap mats along, so that if those little cute ones get tired after running around with their friends you can use those cute mats anytime you want.

All I can say is this website can offer you many things that parents and young children need. Go see it for yourself.

Nov 11, 2009

For A Healthier Generation

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Do you still consider a chubby fat little kid really look adorable? I sometimes love to see a chubby rosy cheek of a little girl who’s running around with her big belly. She looks so funny. Meanwhile, that condition doesn’t bring any good to her when she grows up a few years later.

These days the amount of toddlers and kids with a weight problem has increased from years to years. The habit of having junk foods and unhealthy life styles has believed to be the main cause of this situation. Pizzas, fried chickens, chips and stuffs have always been in the top ten choices of toddlers and teenagers’ lists of foods. On the other side, technology has also given many advantages for them so that they can almost reach every thing they need from their chairs. They have remotes to switch the television channels. If they like basket ball, they can also find an online game of basket ball on the internet anytime they like.

When they grow up, they will start to feel that their over weight problems has hampered them in their daily activities. And they may also have several serious health problems due to their obesity. That’s why they will try many instant and dangerous ways to reduce their weights in a short time. Such as stop consuming a certain kind of food that may danger their bodies or even choose to stop eating at all and become Anorexia.

Lots of these kids and teenagers are having psychology’s problems due to their obesity. This can lead them to commit a suicide if they don’t find a way out soon, especially those who have been bullied by their friends in school just because they look different from their other friends.

Actually, parents can do something to prevent this situation from getting worse from time to time. Parents can be the best nutritionists for their own kids and control their every day meals. Let’s start to think about quality and not only quantity here. A perfect meal served in a perfect portion is all we need. There have been some researches which come with the same result in the end. It’s much easier to control weight on kids than teenagers. A healthy and proportional weight toddler tends to become a healthy and proportional weight teenager also in the future.

A chubby fat kid is not enough. It does not guarantee the kid to be healthy as well. Is fact, obesity has always become the cause of many diseases nowadays. A proportional weight will help kids to become more active, healthier, focus and of course good self esteem.

It can be started from taking a right portion of meal everyday. Give a healthy diet according to their ages and weights. This can prevent them from having weight problems in the future. We are all want the best for our kids.

Nov 3, 2009

Herbs For Cancer Therapy

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Cancer has killed millions of people nowadays. It can happen to anyone. The abnormally swollen cells can spread to all over the body except hair and nails so fast. But there is an herbal therapy that can be used along with medical treatment for cancer patients.

These are several kinds of herb plants that can be used for herbal therapy to cure cancer. I want to share this information with you out there.
First, Acanthus Ilicifolius

The leaves has dark green color and and long shape. The seeds, leaves and roots are used to cure lever cancer. Put some dry roots into boiling water for a moment and you can drink it. You can also use the leaves and eat them with no-fat meat.

Second, Typhonium Flagelliforme

The leaf has a heart shape and has a light green color. All parts of this plant can be use to for cancer therapy. Boil the tuber part for a moment and drink the water can also hamper the spread of cancer cells and help reduce the chemotherapy’s side effects. But pregnant women should avoid using this plant for therapy because it can danger your pregnancy.

Third, Piper Crocatum

There is a little pink touch on the leaf’s surface side by side with the dark green part. Boiled the leaves and drink it can be used to cure liver cancer just like Acanthus Illcifolius. Some people also blend the leaves and drink it as fresh juice.

Forth, Selaginella Doederleinii

This plant can be use as herb treatment to reduce fever, toxic, cancer and reduce swollenness. It has tiny pointed leaves with light green color. This can be used as therapy for womb cancer and lung cancer. Boiled the root part of this plant and drink it regularly. This part consist of saponin, alkaloid and phytosterol

Sure these plants can not replace the medical treatment of course, but still can be used as a side therapy for cancer patients. And I hope you find this information useful.

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