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Dec 18, 2009

The Wand of Heaven

People in Egypt call this plant as “The Plant of Immortality”, while Indian calls it as “The Wand of Heaven”. Why? What is so special about this thorny plant anyway?

At a glance, there’s nothing special on this plant indeed. Aloe vera doesn’t have any colorful flowers. In fact we can only find one color on its body. Green. But Egyptians and Indians gave this plant such a precious name like that.

Aloe vera has well known of its special qualities on hair care. By applying it directly to the scalp, hair will grow healthy and thick. But now, aloe vera has also been used for some other kind of treatments. It can also be used as food or even beverage. The other benefit of this plant is for skin care as well.

They say the most superior kind of aloe vera is called Barbadensis Miller.

This aloe vera contains more than 75 kind of nutrition, 200 active particles, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acid, and 12 vitamins. With all this materials, this aloe vera has many more benefits to give.

It can help repairing the damages on skin cells, protect sensitive skin, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells and moisturizing you skin as well. Aloe vera can also protect you from infection and accelerate the healing process of wound as well as reduce the swollen due to injury.

Again and again, Cleopatra has already used aloe vera as a sun screen to protect her skin from intense sunshine long long ago. She also used it as anti ageing product that made her look younger and beautiful. I think this queen was so expert on beauty stuff like this. We can find her in almost every history of skin cares, hair cares or make up stuffs.

So, forget about the ugly appearance of this aloe vera, fellas. You need to see the benefits that this “Wand of Heaven” can give you. This plant can be used as food, drink, hair care product and skin care product. It can also help you to cure injuries and protect you from infection. This is a truly wand of heaven. Don’t you think?

This aloe vera benefits will be the last story for today, my dear friends. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Indonesia, so I will be gone for a while. See you around.


  1. we call it "sabila" here in the Philippines, and yes it is widely used also in combating HIV (hair is vanishing) hahaha. and as i've heard so far...it works!

    It is easy enough to grow so why buy commercialized ones. It is more effective to use it as natural as possible.

  2. Hi Risma! How are you? How is Asha? Indeed aloe vera has a lot of beauty benifits! It's hard to find real aloe vera plant here because of the weather so i just buy products with aloe vera on it...


  3. Aloe vera truly has lots of benefit for our health!


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