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May 23, 2010

Who Judge Who?

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How does it feel to have such a power to punish every criminal in this world with your own hands, fellas? Some of those criminal are manage to escape the law by hiring a brilliant defender who able to deflect every evidence easily. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if those bad people just banished along with their crimes?

You must be wondered where and how I got that wicked thought (lol). Well, I was watching a television serial on my cable TV, Dexter. Some of you may also like this serial like I do. He is a man who chooses to kill every criminal he knows, secretly. He considers himself as this world’s hero for what he’s done.

Actually, I’m not talking about Dexter here. I want to talk about the power he has. First, I think I would be happy if someone voluntarily takes the duty to eliminate every bad people in this world. It will make this world safer for our kids in the future. As you may see, lots of criminal keep doing their crimes back right after they got free from jail. Wouldn’t it be better if they just dead by someone who hate the crimes they’ve done just like Dexter did?
But, after a moment, I realize that Hitler did the same thing like Dexter. He killed millions of people just because he considered they’re all criminals. Then who will be the judge for himself? Who will be the judge for Dexter? People can’t be God. We’re all at the same position here, equal. Even God Himself made His own decision about this, apparently. And killing criminal is not one of His agenda; otherwise we all soon find this globe empty, right?

But still the fact that those bad people still have chance to walk away freely makes me crazy. So, what do you think, guys?

May 21, 2010

Bad World Out There

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Beware of the negative effect of Facebook, parents. Especially for you who have teenage daughters out there. There’ve been some talks about how Facebook has become the media for pimps to search for their new victims. So many young girls have fallen and trapped while their parents have no idea about what is going on.

Facebook can be a perfect media for some bad girl to gain attentions. They can easily display themselves in Facebook albums and communicate with the mashers. Sometimes, this young girl will use a very sexy outfit for this. Or in a different story, pimps own their Facebook accounts. Then the girls will act as their friends. The mashers can choose one of the pimp’s friend lists easily. The transaction will be held online. After finishing the payment (usually by transferring some money to the pimp’s account), the masher can meet the girl directly. But the worst part of all is that these bad girls can either persuade or trap other girls to follow their paths. So, you won’t realize that your nice and smart girl has turn into a naughty girl one day. It sounds really horrible, isn’t it?

Once again, internet can be very useful for us but in some other ways, it can also destroy our lives. Imagine what will those parents feel when they found out that their cute daughters have a secret side job.

As parents, we must know whatever our kids doing in virtual world. If we can’t forbid them from having a Facebook account, at least we can control their friend’s lists. Parents should know the password to their kids’ Facebook accounts so that they can access it easily everywhere. And when parents found out something weird, a prevention act can be taken right away.

And for all of you beautiful young girls out there, watch yourself and asked for helps from your parents right away, especially when someone on the internet harassing you sexually. Or when someone persuades you to find a short cut to gain a lot of money, tell your parents about that. Use the internet for your benefits only. And trust me, there’re lots and lots of people out there who able to harm you even if you don’t realize it.

May 18, 2010

A Safe Prepaid Visa Card

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I am a kind of mommy who refuses to bring a lot of cash money in my purse. It’s not safe. People nowadays are desperate and have no mercy if it has something to do with money. You can find certain people who willing to kill other people just for a few dollars in their wallets. So, it’s safer for you to use the “card money”, my dear friends. So, in case something bad happens, you can just call a certain number to protect your money.
There are two options for this card money, I believe. First, you can use a credit card or you can use prepaid visa card. With credit cards, you will have a monthly bill which need to be paid regularly. Otherwise, you will have to pay more money for late fees, not to mention the possibility that you may get into debt.

With prepaid visa card like NetSpend debit card, you card is completely powered by your own money. It’s like taking some money from your own wallet. All you need to do is load some money onto your debit card and then you’re ready for your shopping things. As you can see, with this you don’t have to bring a lot of cash in your purse. In the same time you can get the credit card benefits without have to pay extra money on it. It’s a perfect way to bring your money with you. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Binder Chain Moving Equipments

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As a company who provides you any products for trucking and hauling Binder Chain is able to reach thousands of customer everyday through their website with price match guarantee and fast shipping. So, if you are looking for some heavy duty equipments and supplies, such as steel wire rope slings or Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps you can visit their site for further information. All of the products displayed there are available online and will ship the day after the order. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

May 15, 2010

Kid's Weekend

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What do children do to spend their weekend? Here are some pictures of them:
Make some handicrafts
Have some fun on the beach

Play in the park
Work out
Or just have a peaceful sleep
 See? You have many options to spend this weekend. Which one will be your kid's choice then?
Have a nice weekend everyone...

Your Best Moving Experience

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You’re going to move into your new house and look at all your stuffs. How am I going to this? (you asked yourself about that). You need to bring that comfy huge sofa and your Victorian style bed along with you. Of course, you need help from Los Angeles Movers for this. Budget prices and careful wrapping are all you need right now.
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LA Moving Company

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Do you have a plan to move from your apartment to a comfort and beautiful house outside town? If you do, make a good plan, so that you won’t break any of your precious belongings during the move. You don’t want to break your expensive china tea sets for sure. As a matter of fact, you can ask for help from Moving Company Los Angles which provides budget prices yet being careful to wrap and transport your belongings as safely as possible.
Call La Movers today for a free estimate or moving quote at 1-800-431-3920 to find out more about their prices and policies, so that you are not faced with any surprises or unexpected fees during the move. Moving Companies in Los Angeles will help solve your problems about moving stuffs. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

May 5, 2010

Hooray...My Driving License

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Hooray! I finally got my driving license in my hand. God it feels great! Hahaha.. I finished my driving lesson two days ago. I can tell you that I am pretty good at driving right now *wink* but I still need to improve my skill more and more again. Right now, I'm still driving around our housing these few days. Until I feel comfort enough to start driving in the main roads. It's only a matter of time, don't you think?

I need to improve my skill since I'm dealing with other people life and my own life every time I drive my car in a crown and busy streets. If I don't feel really sure yet, I will avoid pushing myself to drive in the main road. I don't want to hurt anybody.

This is just a short sharing today, my dear friends. Since I just want to share this "good news" (woohooo....) with you all *lol* Have a nice day everyone..

Cheaper Car Insurance

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Having a car is not easy nowadays. You need to provide some more stuff in order to keep your car in its best condition. We have a car of our own and we’re dealing with some problems with it everyday. That's why we need to find perfect car insurance.
Of course you can find hundred kinds of car insurance out there, but you still can choose the cheaper one. Cheaper car insurance will provide you with maximum coverage with a relatively low cost. Find out more about the benefits you will get and how much it will cost you. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Bad Hair Day Solution

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My sister cut her hair yesterday. She wanted to change her daily look by trying a brand new style suggested by a hair stylist. Indeed, the model on that catalog looked fabulous with that hair cut and my sister thought that she might look as great as that model also. So, she accepted the hair stylist’s offer and let him cut her hair yesterday.

Guess what’s happened! Apparently, the result is not as perfect as she expected. Her hair is so thick and hard to control. She looked different in a negative way, even the hair stylist himself look surprised with the result. My sister became furious. She insisted that the hair stylist must do something to fix it. She won’t leave that place with that terrible look. The hair stylist told her to calm down. He told her that he still has a way out to solve this problem and all she needed to do is just sit and wait.
Then, he brings out WEN Haircare by Chaz Dean such as shampoo, styling cream and hair repair mask. First, he rinsed her hair and then applied the styling cream. Wow! She got a different look just in a few seconds. Her new hair cut looks perfect and her hair looks healthy and naturally shiny. I think this WEN Haircare is also suitable for me. I want my hair look as healthy as her hair. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

May 3, 2010

The Doctor's Life

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I’ve finished reading my new book yesterday. The title is: Doctors written by Erich Segal. Wow, this is really good book. It tells story about doctors and all their problems. You see, we mostly consider doctors as a manifestation of God. We will follow their leads and listen to all their orders. We put our “lives” in their hands with a hope that they will cure us. We expect them to be perfect and provide the best decisions at all the time.
But this book has shown me the other side of doctors’ lives. The writer showed me how a medical student must work as hard as a horse in order to survive from the Harvard Medical School. How they lost their opportunities to get together with their families for a special occasion just because they need to work at the laboratory during holidays. And how frustrated they are when they have to remember hundreds name of glands, muscles, proteins, etc. and spend the night sleepless with cups and cups of coffee. Very unhealthy!

After that, the story will continue to how they work as interns in hospitals. The writer described the new doctor’s fear when they meet their first patient and how the must conquer their fears and work hard to remember every lessons they got before. That they’re dealing with a human life every time and must make a right decisions every time. It’s a very hard job. That’s the part when I realized that they’re all humans just like us all. The only different is that they’re endowed with the ability to cure other human’s diseases. And sometimes they also feel helpless when they’re facing uncured diseases.
The book also tells the reader about the “dark side” stories of the doctors’ live. How psychiatrists also killed themselves when they can’t face their job’s responsibilities. They can help other people but not be able to help themselves and facing their own problems. Also about the contradiction of euthanasia. And the most interesting thing I found is how female doctors are relatively rare. Do you realized that?

So, whether you’re a doctor or not, you might want to read this book and find out the human side of these doctors lives.

Finding Replacement Windows

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If you’re having trouble with your existing windows, what would you do? You can either use replacement windows or use a new construction one. Of course, each of them has its own benefits and deficits.

The common issue of replacement windows is that it may decrease the energy loss and noise from outer house. So, make sure you use energy efficient windows such as from the Penguin Windows. You will get maximum benefits from replacement windows if they properly installed and airtight.
The right replacement windows will help you save energy and cost; better thermal regulation and less condensation. It will help you reduce heat loss during cooling season and reduce heat gain during heating season. Of course it all depends on the climate of your hometown.

But the most important thing of all is that your replacement windows must provide the best security and comfort for your home. A company such as Penguin Windows offered various kinds of products along with the installment service with certified installers. You will also find out more about their safety features, such as: Standard Double Locks, Composite Frames, and Triple Paned Glass.

And you can order custom made windows from sizing to coloring. They also offer you four exterior colors and six interior colors that are easy to mix and match. So that your replacement windows will look beautiful from outside or inside the house. But the best offer of all is that they will give you a lifetime warranty for every window you bought.

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