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May 3, 2010

The Doctor's Life

I’ve finished reading my new book yesterday. The title is: Doctors written by Erich Segal. Wow, this is really good book. It tells story about doctors and all their problems. You see, we mostly consider doctors as a manifestation of God. We will follow their leads and listen to all their orders. We put our “lives” in their hands with a hope that they will cure us. We expect them to be perfect and provide the best decisions at all the time.
But this book has shown me the other side of doctors’ lives. The writer showed me how a medical student must work as hard as a horse in order to survive from the Harvard Medical School. How they lost their opportunities to get together with their families for a special occasion just because they need to work at the laboratory during holidays. And how frustrated they are when they have to remember hundreds name of glands, muscles, proteins, etc. and spend the night sleepless with cups and cups of coffee. Very unhealthy!

After that, the story will continue to how they work as interns in hospitals. The writer described the new doctor’s fear when they meet their first patient and how the must conquer their fears and work hard to remember every lessons they got before. That they’re dealing with a human life every time and must make a right decisions every time. It’s a very hard job. That’s the part when I realized that they’re all humans just like us all. The only different is that they’re endowed with the ability to cure other human’s diseases. And sometimes they also feel helpless when they’re facing uncured diseases.
The book also tells the reader about the “dark side” stories of the doctors’ live. How psychiatrists also killed themselves when they can’t face their job’s responsibilities. They can help other people but not be able to help themselves and facing their own problems. Also about the contradiction of euthanasia. And the most interesting thing I found is how female doctors are relatively rare. Do you realized that?

So, whether you’re a doctor or not, you might want to read this book and find out the human side of these doctors lives.

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