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Oct 31, 2010

Do you think it’s rude to ask a woman her age?

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Some said that it always sounds rude to ask personal questions to other people such as age, religion or salary. What do you think? Remember, we’re talking about age here, not marriage status, religion or even salary. If someone wants to know how old are you, do you consider it as rudeness?
For me, it depends on why you want to know. If I walk alone in a public place then suddenly someone approaching me just to ask how old I am, I think that’s rude. I mean, I don’t even recognize them and I don’t have any business with them. Why they want to know?
Another circumstance which I consider to be a wrong situation to ask about someone’s age is right after you have conflicts with them. Imagine how shock you are when a lady you argue with; suddenly want to know your age. Somehow it feels like she wants to judge your arguments based on your age, and that’s rude. Or when you apply for a job position in certain office when the very first question you got was “how old are you” and they don’t even look at your portfolio yet, that’s rude. They should find out about things that you’re capable of first and then if they’re interesting, they could carry on with the personal questions. If somehow they consider your age as weakness, then it’s their lost and you don’t have to feel angry about it. It’s their company and they have regulations about their employees. Some of them think age as a crucial matter.
Anyway, you may have a different point of view from me, and that’s okay. For me, my age is kind of proud of myself LoL. If I was asked about my age, I’ll be happy to share it under specific circumstances. As if I was asked by a friend, I don’t see the big deal.
I’m 30 years old and I’m proud of it. So, how old are you?

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Oct 30, 2010

I'm Still Exhausting

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Yesterday has been a very busy day for me and my family. We spend the entire day for my sister’s wedding ceremony in my hometown. The ceremony went well and guesses are all there to pray for them. There are only three of us siblings and she is my younger sister. Then my youngest brother is the only single in our family right now. My parents had successfully delivered us to our wedding and we thank God for that. I’m still exhausting right now and I can barely open my eyes this morning. The ceremony started early in the morning and ended in the afternoon. I think I will spend more time to rest this day either sleeping in my bed or having massage on a massage center. Both of them sound tempting right now. LoL
Well, that’s all I can say for now, my friends. I hope you have a great weekend there with your family there and God bless you all.

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Oct 29, 2010

Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy (2)

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In my last posts, I wrote about the first four kinds of food that pregnant women should avoid. This is the second post about it, moms.

5. Avoid soft cheeses like brie and Camembert, blue veined cheese and unpasteurized milk. These dairy products are risky since they can carry Listeria bacteria inside. Listeria can penetrate through your placenta and cause fetal infection which may brings you into premature labor or even miscarriage. You better stay away from these dairy products during pregnancy.

6. Alcohol is something you must avoid when you’re pregnant. Alcohol is bad even for ordinary people and the risk is even bigger for pregnant woman. It can cause abnormality to your fetus development whatsoever and also may cause emotional disorder for baby after birth.

7. Caffeine inside your coffee and tea may cause low weight problem for your baby in your womb and reduce the iron absorption that your baby need during pregnancy. This is still a controversy issue among people and medical experts yet. But one thing I believe is too much caffeine is bad for your health. And the risk will be bigger if you’re pregnant since you must consider the condition of that vulnerable little man on your womb, moms.

Some of you may agree with this and some other not. The common reason is because they still think of this as myths and not medically approved. But I find all that explanation above reasonable especially the bacterial issue. I would definitely not take the risk to endanger baby inside my womb just because I can’t control myself concerning foods. Nobody says it was easy to become a pregnant mom. There are many prohibitions and taboos around pregnant woman and I consider them as serious warnings. I can eat all cheeses and steaks I like after my baby is born. That’s the most responsible action I can give to my unborn baby if I was pregnant. What do you think?

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Oct 28, 2010

Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy (1)

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When I was pregnant four years ago, I read lots and lots of book to find out more information about this pregnancy. It was the first time for me and I don’t have any experiences to deal with it. Of course, my mom and MIL are always there for me and share their experiences but I must try to find out the newest information. Time is changing you know? And there are many things that can be considered as out of dated thing and I should know about what modern doctors said about it.
Pregnant women usually surrounded by myths about how to take care of their fetus in womb. Do not eat that, do not eat this! Do not do that, do not do this! Oh Gosh! I didn’t know that becoming a pregnant woman can be so stressful! LoL
Then, I’d like to share some of information I got during my query for you, about what kind of food that pregnant woman should avoid. I’m going to divide this into two posts and this is the first one.

1. Do not eat any kind of food using raw meat such as sushi or steak. Raw meat may have Toxoplasma and E. coli on it which may cause a serious infection for your fetus. So if you like rare or medium rare steak, please hold your appetite for at least one year. Eat only very well cooked meat for your fetus safety.

2. Toxoplasma can also be found on raw vegetables which were not cleanly washed. This raw kind of vegetables usually used for salad. My OB used to tell me to avoid salad during my first trimester unless I made that salad myself so I can guarantee its cleanliness. Vegetables are good for pregnant woman if they’re cleanly washed. But you better choose the cooked vegetables instead, I suppose.

3. Avoid grass foie whatsoever! Animal livers mostly contain Salmonella on it which can cause a bad diarrhea to pregnant mommy as well as medium cooked meat such as steak. Pay more attention to any kitchen wares that have been used during the cooking process of these meats. Make sure you washed all that wares carefully and soak them in boiling water before using it again.

4. Fishes are very good for pregnant woman. But according to some experts, big size fishes usually have high level mercury on their bodies such as tuna, sea bass and shark. This mercury can cause neural damage when they become accumulated inside your body and will absolutely affect your fetus. The best recommendation made by FDA for these big size fishes is 12 ounces only per week. So, if you’re not so sure about this, avoid the big fishes, you can find so many kinds of fishes out there.
(To be continued)

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Oct 27, 2010

O for the Orphan

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Somehow this just pop into my head when I think about O. The Orphan (2009)! I really love this horror movie and I think I can watch it over and over again but still sensing the horror part. At first, I thought this is going to be a horror movie with the ghosts presence just like The Messenger or The Haunting on Connecticut. But I was wrong. There is no ghosts in the scene but psycho old lady who pretend to be an innocent young girl. The main character's, Esther, was successfully played by Isabelle Fuhrman.
This smart and full of smile "little girl" who was adopted from an orphanage is actually an adult woman with a rare illness which made her looks younger than she supposed to be. Have you ever watched it yet? The Orphan movie is highly recommended by me! Watch it and feel the horror by yourself

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Oct 26, 2010

It's About Name Meme

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Today we are going to talk about names. And what the heck does this have to do with a doughnut? You'll have to wait til the end of this meme to find out.

1. Your Superhero Name (2nd fave color + fave drink): Red tea
It doesn't sound bad. Thank God I don't like Indigo LoL

2. Your Peace Name (Zen + your last peace globe #): Zen 62
Is that right? Well, I'm ~Serendipity~ for sure.

3. Your American Idol Name (fav car and seafood): Honda Shrimp
This makes me giggling LoL

4. If you could pick another name for yourself, what would it be?: Flava
Don't ask me why. It's just popping into my head right now

5. Your Twitter Name (Chirpie + your favorite bird): Chirpie Hummingbird
What's the meaning of Chirpie anyway?

6. Name 1 thing you wish you'd said today that would have made your day go better?:
Wish my hubby were here today :(

7. Find your Royal Name and reveal it to us: Queen Elizabeth The Beautiful
Oh my dear God.. hahahaha... what kind of name is that? LoL

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Oct 25, 2010

This Will Be A Very Busy Week

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It's Monday already (again) We will go back to my hometown this Thursday. I can wait for it. This is going to be a very busy week for me and I enjoy it. I hope you have a good one too there..

1. What ticked you off last week while you were on your way somewhere?
A broken traffic light made a very bad jam. Its so stressful hearing everybody blowing their car horns impatiently. Where's the hell is the traffic policeman?

2. Who in your house really ticked you off and how did they do it?
There are only three of us in my house, including hubby and my 3y daughter. None of them ticked me off so far LoL

3. What politician or political event really ticked you off last week?
We don't have political event these past few months.

4. Tell us what ticked you off on TV last week.
Adultery news made by new comer actress. OMG, she still so young!

5. What ticked you off online last week?
Nothing. Everything went well as usual. (I hope it doesn't sound boring to you ^^)

6. What celebrity ticked you off last week and how?
Janice Dickinson. I accidentally read about her on the internet and I can't believe she can be that rude and mocking people so badly in front of the media. Always want to be in headline huh?  

7. Tell us something food related that really ticked you off.
Vegetables always ticked me off LoL

Happy Monday everyone, get rid of the Blue and use Red today (grin)

Join Us for Monday Mayhem
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Oct 24, 2010

If I Were In England

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1. Have you turned the heat on in your house yet this fall?
No, the weather here is warm in the entire year, so we don't need any heater. While actually I really want to see snow once in a while. But I must satisfy myself with pretend snow only, for now. LoL

2. Do you allow your pets on the furniture?
I used to have dogs in my parents house and they can go wherever they like inside the house, including furniture. But my hubby doesn't like pet, so I don't have to think about allowing pet on my furniture or not.

3. What were your final words for September?
I can't remember anymore LoL

4. What are your first words for October?
We're getting closer to ***Christmas***. Yay!

5. Do you think you’ve ever seen a ghost?
Nope. And I hope I will never see one ever. I mean, I love horror movies and horror stories. But seeing something ghostly directly is totally a different experience that I really don't want to have.

6. What is the one color that represents this time of year?
Goldy brown. I've just made my new traditional "kebaya" in this color for my sister's wedding next month. I pick this color for it's glamor aura and fits to so many different colors as well.

7. Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year?
My every senses works in their maximum capacity this year LoL. I can't pick one of them as the best.

8. What is your favorite thing to do at the county fair?
Foods sound inviting. Though I can find similar kinds of food in the city, but the taste is actually different as well as how they were presented.

9. What do you like when you have a cold?
Medicine and all day sleeping in bed. That's what I need and I'll get better in the next day, I can assure you that.

10. Are you willing to spend over $100 for a piece of winter clothing, like boots or a coat?
I don't think so. I mean, I don't think I will ever spend over $100 for a peace of outfit that I can use the entire season anyway. So what's the big deal with winter clothing which I will never have here? You can only use it in winter then put on your drawer for the next winter right? I think I can buy several different outfits with that amount of money.

12. What do you have too much of in your kitchen?
Herbs. I love to have herbs in my meals.

13. What gripes do you have about this time of year?
We move a lot this year due to husband new business placements. From this city to that city and carry all our stuff into different places. It's so exhausting.

14. Other than yourself, are you responsible for getting anyone ready in the morning?
Yes. Hubby usually gets up every morning just to make his personal alarm stop ringing then go back to sleep LoL. It can happen for half an hour until I finally asked him to wake up. My daughter is another different story. Sometimes she wakes up by herself and another times she refuses to wake up even when I came and persuade her to wake up.

15. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters?
I can't remember. We don't have problems with our gutters yet, and maybe that's why I pay less attention to them.

16. So, it’s after Labor Day. Will you still be wearing white?
It doesn't happen in my country hence I have nothing to say about it :)

17. What shows are you most looking forward to this Fall?
I have no special shows to look for. I enjoy whatever shows on TV before finally choose to read a book or go to sleep.

18. What three things have you just not gotten around to from the summer, but probably should do before snow flies?
We don't have summer nor winter here. So, nothing's different this entire year except for the rain which become often and oftern these past few months.

Well, that's what I got from this Sunday Stealing. Happy Sunday everyone!

Oct 23, 2010

It's Five Days Left!

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Packing-Packing-Packing Five-Days-Left

We will visit my hometown this Thursday to attend my sister’s wedding. I’m a very well organized mom (almost like a freak! LoL) and I prefer to pack our belongings a few days earlier before the departure. Then I hope I won’t forget anything and spend more time relaxing on Wednesday night. Yes, that’s me LoL. I will be busy packaging from this day until Tuesday then I’ll be free on Wednesday. We usually use that day to buy gifts for our family members in my hometown.
Our trip will be quite long since we need to stop and change the plane in our capital city first. It would be just fine for two adults like hubby and me. But I think it would be an exhausting trip for our 3y old daughter. We must keep her as comfortable as we can. We already bought her favorite candies to accompany her in the plane, so that she can forget about the buzzing she got during take off or landing. It’s sad to see her rubbing her ears to ease the uncomfortable feeling. These candies usually work to make her busy LoL
But the most important thing is I hope we will arrive safely in my hometown. I can’t wait to see my parents and siblings there. Well, I'll see them in the next five days :)
Have a nice weekend everyone..

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Oct 22, 2010

Scornful Words From The Evil Doctors

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Do you know that doctors can be evil too? I had a very bad experience about this when I was in my first year in college. A friend of mine was a medical student who works as medical intern in one of public hospital in my town. One day, we actually planned to go out together on a holiday since she got a day off to enjoy. Suddenly she got a call from the hospital and was asked to come immediately. There’s no other way, she must asked me to come along and accompanied her with hope that it wasn’t going to take a long time. Then we could carry on with our plan.
When we arrived at the hospital, she asked me to wait for her in a hall next to the examination room. She left me for a while to do her business and I was just sitting there watching so many doctors and nurses walked by. Then I saw a female patient came in, she was brought to the examination room in a rush with so many young doctors (I suppose they’re medical interns) behind her. They left the door open and that’s why I can hear most of them talking. I can still remember the conversation until now and I translate them into English for you.
Doctor A: “Oh my God, WTF is going on with you? Are you actually pregnant?”
Doctor B: “Lay down on that table! Quick! So we can examine you! Open your legs widely! No need to feel ashamed. You don’t think about shame when you’re making out right?”
Doctor C: “Holy shit! What is that terrible smell? Does it come from you? Have you ever washed that thing off? I can’t stand the smell!”
The female patient started to cry but those cruel doctors didn’t about stop yet.
Doctor D: “I think she was pregnant but the fetus has already dead inside. That’s why she smells so bad! You should have come here earlier, lady. Look at this mess!”
I think one of the doctors start to examine her when she cried louder and screaming in pain.
Doctor E: “Can you shut up? I’m working here. Oh God, I can’t stand the smell anymore. Can you replace me? I want to puke”
Doctor F: “You will need curettage for this. This smell is an indication that you have a dead thing inside there. We need to remove it quickly.”
Doctor G: “Then you must washed your v****a more often to get rid of this smell, lady! Oh God, you’re disgusting!”
The crying pregnant lady lay down on the examination bed with her legs open wide, but none of those doctors seems to care that she's just lost her baby! They’re too busy mocking her and told her to shut up. I can’t stop looking at that horrible scene until one of them saw me.
Doctor H: “Shut the f***ing door up. Who’s the moron who lets the door open?!”
That’s the last thing I heard before they slammed the door in front of my face
I’m going to let you make your own opinion based on this story, moms. Do you think that unfortunate mom deserved to be treated that way? All those doctors' scornful words and mockery statement made me feel so sorry for the lady. I will never be able to forget that horrible scene ever. I still remember it clearly after 10 years!
PS: There are also female doctors between those evil groups.

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Friday Random Questions

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1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?
I'm the best of course. Hubby can't cook anything except instant noodles and scrambled eggs. LoL
But he is very picky about what kind of food he wants. He rather asked us to eat at a restaurant instead. It amazes me most of the time since my 3y daughter is obviously not a picky eater. Hmmm..

2. How often do you talk to your mom?
At least once a month. We live in a different town, I can't visit my parents as often as I want. But I can call them anytime.

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?
I prefer stick to the recipe. I realize that I'm not a good and sophisticated cook. I totally depend on other cook's recipes either from cook books or from websites. But I enjoy goggling recipes instead, since it's easier and time saving. I admire people who always try something new in the kitchen and try to modify the existing recipes or make a new one. They are fantastic!

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
After a quite long observation, I think my second is quite bigger then the big toe but you must see it closer to find out. Though i can camouflage it by having a longer nail on my big toe. Why? Is there something I need to know about this?

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)
Nope. We don't celebrate Halloween here. We skip this and wait for ***Christmas*** to come.. But I enjoy reading the excitements of Halloween you have there. And it brings a different type of excitement for me too. Halloween means more horror movies to come. I'm a huge fan of horror and I always love October because of this LoL

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Oct 19, 2010

My Three Minutes Meme

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This is my entry for the Queen's Meme this week. The topic is simple: it's all about 3.
Where were you 3 hours ago?
I was in in the kitchen cooking meal for my daughter

Is there anything pink within 3 feet of you?
My daughter accidentally draw a long line in my left arm using a pink pen. It's still there LoL.

Name the 3 scariest places in the world.
Dunno, I think war zone with hidden landmines, holocaust camps and haunted houses on horror movies such Amity ville are some of them. LoL

Name the 3 loveliest sights you've seen lately.
Blue sky on a shiny day, pictures of expensive branded bag sale online on a website, my daughter is sleeping so peacefully right now.

Name the top 3 Bands in the year you were born
LoL. I have to browse for a while to find this answer. They are Van Halen, WHAM, and Bon Jovi

Walk to your front door. Go outside and get in your car. Drive 3 miles East. Describe 3 things you saw on your way.
I can't do that unfortunately, my daughter is sleeping and I can't go anywhere now.

I, Queen Mimi, have sentenced you to a 3-day diet of your most sinful cravings. What will you be partaking?
Anything with pasta, cheese and meat *grin*

Go back to question #3. Change the first word to "travel" and let me know if you survived.
I don't think I can do it in a short time LoL One day maybe

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Do you allow your kid to draw anything in your wall?

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Some said that we must let our little ones exploring everything in the house so that they can learn much and I agree about that completely. But I don’t think that drawing in the wall has something to do with exploring new things they need.
My daughter loves her crayons and colored pencils so much. After we bought those crayons for her, she started to draw her very first line on our living room wall. Well, I’ve seen many houses which have so many odd graffiti in walls made by their little kids. And to be honest I don’t want my house to look like one of those. So after drawing the line in the wall I told my daughter to stop doing it again. I explained to her that I also bought her colorful drawing books along with her crayons and colored pencil for a reason. She can draw whatever she likes in those books. But the wall is not a giant drawing book and she isn’t allowed to scratch anything on it with her crayons for whatever reasons.
Again, some said to me that somehow could be a hamper to her curiosity to explore every place in the house. I said, I don’t think so. My daughter needs to learn about what is right and what is wrong in early age. She knows that she can draw and write whatever she likes as long as she did it in the right media such as a book. But at the same time I also need to teach her that it’s not nice to draw anything in someone else’s wall even if it was her house no matter how young she is. The wall is not a giant drawing book. She needs to realize that.
By doing so, I could prevent her from feeling confuse in the future about how she was allowed to draw anything in the wall when she was very young but forbidden to do so when she’s getting bigger. After knowing that it’s not nice to draw anything in wall, she will use the available books to pour her sense of art instead of using the wall. I also told her that by drawing pictures in her book, I can put it in a nice frame so she can enjoy her pictures anytime she wants. Thank God, she never draws anything in the wall again. Every time we go to a book store, she will pick a new drawing book for herself. She loves drawing. We also plan to buy her a medium size board to put on the wall, next time. School age children love to imitate their experiences in class room. So, I’m sure she will be happy to have her own white board and act like a real teacher using it. LoL

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Oct 18, 2010

My Daughter's Favorite Tweenies Video

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My 3y daughter is a big fan of Bella from The Tweenies. So I want to share this video with you while watching her singing like a real singer right now LoL
Actually, I like the English version the most, but somehow I can't find any better video like this one. So, please ignore if you can't understand the language. Just enjoy the easy listening music after all. And this song actually tells us about a true friendship. I love this song and I hope you love it too.

Oct 15, 2010

How To Separate Your Kids From Their Bottles

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Usually, bottle (also called as nipple in US) can only be used for baby only. If you have toddlers who still insist to use bottle instead of cup, then you should start thinking about how to separate them from the bottle as soon as possible especially if your little one has few baby teeth already. A long term use of this bottle can cause a serious problem to your kids such as caries. This can also affect the growth of baby teeth inside their mouth which can possibly affect their adult’s teeth also in the future.Children who have become so addicted with this bottle usually refuse to replace it with cups or mugs. If you force them to do it, they usually cry and refuse to drink anything without that bottle. The easiest way to prevent this “chaos” is by introducing them to toddler trainer cup earlier when they still don’t completely understand the different between both of them yet. After your little one has able to walk (usually started from 1 year or so), you teach them how to use the toddler trainer cup. If you can introduce the trainer cup earlier than that, it will be just fine. The fact that they can drink while in sitting or even standing position could be a new interesting experience for them compare to the bottle which usually comfortable while used in lying position.
Give them several kinds of toddler trainer cups with different colors, shape or patterns. One year kids are usually easier to accept this change rather than the two or even three years old ones. It’s hard to change a habit that has been last for more than two or three years. It will be easier for you also to replace that toddler trainer cup with an kid's cup in the future since you can simply take the lid away and the trainer cup turns into an ordinary cup. There are so many cute kids cups to pick in the stores. Ask your children to pick their own cups so that they will use it happily. As usual, colors and patterns are the most important thing for them LoL
So, get rid that bottle as soon as possible before they become so addicted with it and never want to let it go. Believe me, it will be harder for you to see your kid brings their own bottle every time they go to school just because they already feel comfortable with it and refuse to replace it with an ordinary cup. The older your little one becomes it will be harder for you to separate them.

Oct 13, 2010

Are You A Victim Of Retail Therapy?

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“When I go shopping, the world gets better. And then it doesn’t. So, I need to do it again”

This is a confession of a shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood. Well, I love the movie and the drama part as well. I can’t imagine how a woman can be so attached to her need to buy so many things like her. I wonder whether there might be so many real “Rebecca Bloomwood” out there.
Have you heard about the term “Retail Therapy” before? I’m not talking about the Retail Therapy game which I play regularly on Facebook here LoL. But it’s a phrase which means that you have an urge need to go shopping in order to release stresses and calm your mind, just like a therapy did. And Rebecca was one of them.
In my opinion, Retail Therapy won’t bring any good to you but bad debt (if you use credit cards) or empty pocket (if you pay cash). I used to have experiences about this of my own. When I feel sad or confused, I usually decided to go shopping. I can forget about all stresses I have for a while when I’m in the middle of all those beautiful stuff. I always buy at least one of them. But there were so many times when I actually regret my decision to buy that cloths especially after seeing my monthly bill. I manage to stop this habit by convincing myself that I don't want to end up as a bankrupt mom. I should avoid any kind of boutique when I'm in a bad mood. That's why when I heard confession of a shopaholic above that later on, I think that is the deepest thought that I’ve ever heard regarding woman’s urgent need to shop. I can get the point and realize about how bad the situation is. Safe yourself from being a slave of shopping need!
Do not be a part of retail therapy session because it could never solve your problem at all. You will feel better in a few moments and then you will feel that you need to do it over and over again. It's a never ending cycle and going to cost you a lot of money. Because I understand how hard is to ignore those beautiful dresses! LoL.
If you don’t feel good, find someone to talk to such us your hubby, sisters, brothers or close friends. Or you can stay at home alone and listen to your favorite music. Or go to a spa to get a massage. Just don’t go shopping! Another funny option is that you can always play the Retail Therapy game on Facebook instead *wink*

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Oct 9, 2010

Family Guy, Not Recommended For Children Viewers

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Not every cartoon movie suitable for your little ones, moms. Some kids enjoy watching Walt Disney’s cartoon or other from Cartoon Network. Donald Duck has been my favorite cartoon character even since I was a little girl. As well as Mickey Mouse, Road Runner, Tasmanian Devils, or the old cartoon such as Tom and Jerry.
But cartoons like The Simpson and Family Guy are not suitable for children a.k.a not recommended. I already read so many reviews about The Simpson before like most of you but let’s talk about Family Guy now.
At a glance, the Griffin family really looks just like other ordinary American families. There is a mom, dad, children and a cute dog. But if you look closer you will find out that this family is absolutely different and can't be a role model of how a family should be.
The dad, Peter Griffin is a drinker who always looks stupid in most of the scene. He has a weird way to show his love for his family and wife, Lois. It seems like Lois is the only normal person in that house. Oh no, it’s not quite right either. Lois is a kind of mother who tries to kill her youngest son, Stewie. Stewie is still a baby. Lois accuses Stewie for attempted murder his own mother, Lois. How awkward is that?
It turns out that Lois may quite right since Stewie himself is not an innocent baby who always carries his doll, Rupert. He actually is an alien from different planet who hates his entire family members including Lois, his mom. He wants to conquer the world by hiding inside his baby appearance.
This family also has a dog named Brian who can talk and has a secret feeling over Lois. Brian loves Lois! (Huh!?) There’s a scene showing Brian gave Lois two tickets for a romantic fancy cruise trip. Actually, Brian wants Lois asking him for accompany, which totally odd to me. Brian knows how Stewie hates his family and save them in so many times. But Brian can’t tell either Peter or Lois about this, they will call him crazy. Beside, no one would ever believe a dog anyway.
Can you see that this Family Guy cartoon has a complex story and shows the rude behavior of its castings? If you ever watch this cartoon, I’m sure you will understand what I mean. But if you haven’t watch it yet and know that your children love to watch it every day, then you better do something about it. Family Guy is not recommended for children viewers.

Oct 7, 2010

Why Link Exchange Is Important?

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As bloggers, we all know how important is to make reciprocal link exchange to other websites/blogs in order to establish our SEO relevancy. I’ve been very aware of this and already made some reciprocal link exchange too with other blogger. But honestly, I don’t completely understand yet about how this going to help me increasing my page rank. All I know is that I need to exchange links with more and more blogs. The more you got, the results will be better. That’s all. But I was quite wrong about that actually. I read a lot about this reciprocal link stuff from the internet but I can only find separated information about it. It’s more like a little bit of this in here and a little bit of that in there. It’s not complete. No wonder I always forget about it every time. All I need is a right site which able to provide me everything I need about reciprocal link altogether. And not just ordinary information, I need qualified information for sure complete with the explanation.
Disastercover dot com provides me complete information about reciprocal link exchange today. I visit the site recently and it tells me every thing I need to know about it. They describe clearly about the rule of having mutual reciprocal link exchange and how you may end up in a detrimental situation instead of having the benefits of reciprocal link exchange. This is a kind of information which can be very useful for any blogger like me. Especially those who need to establish their blogs’ SEO relevancy to get a better Page Rank. Indeed, you can always find other quality sites that offer you the same contain as this site did. You only need to know that Disastercover dot come is one of those quality sites. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Oct 5, 2010

Is Teflon Really Safe? Think Again

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A few years ago, I consider Teflon as a genius idea ever invented for my cookware. I love using Teflon for its nonstick coating benefit unlike any cookware without Teflon which usually left burnt spots. This burnt spots happened because the food I cooked stick to the bottom of the pan or wok. When I know that Teflon can solve this problem, I always buy cookware with Teflon until now. I have Teflon sauce pans, woks and even my cooking spoons. But recently I changed my mind.
I read that Teflon contains chemical substances that could be very harmful to our health since the Teflon itself can be peeled of after years of use or releases chemical gases when used in a very high temperature. Teflon is safe to use on low to medium temperature instead because it releases some kind of chemical gases when the temperature reaches 396°F(202.2°C).
And if we’re talking about chemical reaction or outgases, nothing is safe, right?
These chemicals can bring various kinds of illnesses to human kind including cancer and birth defects after a long term use. Poisonous isn’t it? So it does not just affect our own health but also our kids and baby (if you’re pregnant).
But, if somehow you insist to use Teflon for its nonstick coating, then you better use it in a right temperature range which is low to medium temperature. It means you need to avoid using Teflon cookware cook deep fry since it’s going to need a very high temperature. Also avoid using Teflon tray for oven as well. Then you may consider that at least the chemical effects can be reduced.
But for me, I think I’m going to leave Teflon from now on. Indeed, I have a plan to buy several new cook wares and Teflon is out of my list for now. I can let go the nonstick coating benefits if there’s a possibility that it can be harmful to my health and my family as well. I’d rather use the old kind of cook ware as long as it safe and environmentally friendly. Good luck with your Teflon then WinK

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