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Oct 9, 2010

Family Guy, Not Recommended For Children Viewers

Not every cartoon movie suitable for your little ones, moms. Some kids enjoy watching Walt Disney’s cartoon or other from Cartoon Network. Donald Duck has been my favorite cartoon character even since I was a little girl. As well as Mickey Mouse, Road Runner, Tasmanian Devils, or the old cartoon such as Tom and Jerry.
But cartoons like The Simpson and Family Guy are not suitable for children a.k.a not recommended. I already read so many reviews about The Simpson before like most of you but let’s talk about Family Guy now.
At a glance, the Griffin family really looks just like other ordinary American families. There is a mom, dad, children and a cute dog. But if you look closer you will find out that this family is absolutely different and can't be a role model of how a family should be.
The dad, Peter Griffin is a drinker who always looks stupid in most of the scene. He has a weird way to show his love for his family and wife, Lois. It seems like Lois is the only normal person in that house. Oh no, it’s not quite right either. Lois is a kind of mother who tries to kill her youngest son, Stewie. Stewie is still a baby. Lois accuses Stewie for attempted murder his own mother, Lois. How awkward is that?
It turns out that Lois may quite right since Stewie himself is not an innocent baby who always carries his doll, Rupert. He actually is an alien from different planet who hates his entire family members including Lois, his mom. He wants to conquer the world by hiding inside his baby appearance.
This family also has a dog named Brian who can talk and has a secret feeling over Lois. Brian loves Lois! (Huh!?) There’s a scene showing Brian gave Lois two tickets for a romantic fancy cruise trip. Actually, Brian wants Lois asking him for accompany, which totally odd to me. Brian knows how Stewie hates his family and save them in so many times. But Brian can’t tell either Peter or Lois about this, they will call him crazy. Beside, no one would ever believe a dog anyway.
Can you see that this Family Guy cartoon has a complex story and shows the rude behavior of its castings? If you ever watch this cartoon, I’m sure you will understand what I mean. But if you haven’t watch it yet and know that your children love to watch it every day, then you better do something about it. Family Guy is not recommended for children viewers.


  1. I've never watched this movie, but based on your story I agree with You this is an odd cartoon movie. Parents must be carefull, even it's a cartoon.

  2. Six years since last I watched TV. With a three year old son, this surely was of interest to read. Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  3. I agree with you Ris, it's not recommended for kids at all. My husband watches it for comical contents and I watch it sometimes too. I do admit it is funny but definitely not for kids...


  4. Based on your story; I totally agree with you.
    It's surely not for kids :(

  5. I'm with you...not good for kids...geez, I don't like that show...lol!


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