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Oct 13, 2010

Are You A Victim Of Retail Therapy?

“When I go shopping, the world gets better. And then it doesn’t. So, I need to do it again”

This is a confession of a shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood. Well, I love the movie and the drama part as well. I can’t imagine how a woman can be so attached to her need to buy so many things like her. I wonder whether there might be so many real “Rebecca Bloomwood” out there.
Have you heard about the term “Retail Therapy” before? I’m not talking about the Retail Therapy game which I play regularly on Facebook here LoL. But it’s a phrase which means that you have an urge need to go shopping in order to release stresses and calm your mind, just like a therapy did. And Rebecca was one of them.
In my opinion, Retail Therapy won’t bring any good to you but bad debt (if you use credit cards) or empty pocket (if you pay cash). I used to have experiences about this of my own. When I feel sad or confused, I usually decided to go shopping. I can forget about all stresses I have for a while when I’m in the middle of all those beautiful stuff. I always buy at least one of them. But there were so many times when I actually regret my decision to buy that cloths especially after seeing my monthly bill. I manage to stop this habit by convincing myself that I don't want to end up as a bankrupt mom. I should avoid any kind of boutique when I'm in a bad mood. That's why when I heard confession of a shopaholic above that later on, I think that is the deepest thought that I’ve ever heard regarding woman’s urgent need to shop. I can get the point and realize about how bad the situation is. Safe yourself from being a slave of shopping need!
Do not be a part of retail therapy session because it could never solve your problem at all. You will feel better in a few moments and then you will feel that you need to do it over and over again. It's a never ending cycle and going to cost you a lot of money. Because I understand how hard is to ignore those beautiful dresses! LoL.
If you don’t feel good, find someone to talk to such us your hubby, sisters, brothers or close friends. Or you can stay at home alone and listen to your favorite music. Or go to a spa to get a massage. Just don’t go shopping! Another funny option is that you can always play the Retail Therapy game on Facebook instead *wink*

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  1. If calculated over a year, I spend more money for tea than for clothes.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens

  2. HI Risma, I actually never thought of shopping as a therapy ... and I really can't get into the logic of it why it has become a therapy? Maybe those people running malls were the ones who orchestrated this system to get us on trap.

    But I never thought of it as an option for therapy, in fact I hate walking long hours shopping, lol..

    dropping by sis..

  3. I agree, retail therapy won't solve our main problem.
    I prefer window shopping, it's fun to see good stuffs and it needs no money :)
    To ease stress, we love to hang out at a cafe and have a cup of cappucino...

  4. no..i dont..I actually never thought of shopping as a shopping..i hate it i spend of my money for another stuff that more useful for me


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