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Oct 29, 2010

Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy (2)

In my last posts, I wrote about the first four kinds of food that pregnant women should avoid. This is the second post about it, moms.

5. Avoid soft cheeses like brie and Camembert, blue veined cheese and unpasteurized milk. These dairy products are risky since they can carry Listeria bacteria inside. Listeria can penetrate through your placenta and cause fetal infection which may brings you into premature labor or even miscarriage. You better stay away from these dairy products during pregnancy.

6. Alcohol is something you must avoid when you’re pregnant. Alcohol is bad even for ordinary people and the risk is even bigger for pregnant woman. It can cause abnormality to your fetus development whatsoever and also may cause emotional disorder for baby after birth.

7. Caffeine inside your coffee and tea may cause low weight problem for your baby in your womb and reduce the iron absorption that your baby need during pregnancy. This is still a controversy issue among people and medical experts yet. But one thing I believe is too much caffeine is bad for your health. And the risk will be bigger if you’re pregnant since you must consider the condition of that vulnerable little man on your womb, moms.

Some of you may agree with this and some other not. The common reason is because they still think of this as myths and not medically approved. But I find all that explanation above reasonable especially the bacterial issue. I would definitely not take the risk to endanger baby inside my womb just because I can’t control myself concerning foods. Nobody says it was easy to become a pregnant mom. There are many prohibitions and taboos around pregnant woman and I consider them as serious warnings. I can eat all cheeses and steaks I like after my baby is born. That’s the most responsible action I can give to my unborn baby if I was pregnant. What do you think?

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