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Oct 15, 2010

How To Separate Your Kids From Their Bottles

Usually, bottle (also called as nipple in US) can only be used for baby only. If you have toddlers who still insist to use bottle instead of cup, then you should start thinking about how to separate them from the bottle as soon as possible especially if your little one has few baby teeth already. A long term use of this bottle can cause a serious problem to your kids such as caries. This can also affect the growth of baby teeth inside their mouth which can possibly affect their adult’s teeth also in the future.Children who have become so addicted with this bottle usually refuse to replace it with cups or mugs. If you force them to do it, they usually cry and refuse to drink anything without that bottle. The easiest way to prevent this “chaos” is by introducing them to toddler trainer cup earlier when they still don’t completely understand the different between both of them yet. After your little one has able to walk (usually started from 1 year or so), you teach them how to use the toddler trainer cup. If you can introduce the trainer cup earlier than that, it will be just fine. The fact that they can drink while in sitting or even standing position could be a new interesting experience for them compare to the bottle which usually comfortable while used in lying position.
Give them several kinds of toddler trainer cups with different colors, shape or patterns. One year kids are usually easier to accept this change rather than the two or even three years old ones. It’s hard to change a habit that has been last for more than two or three years. It will be easier for you also to replace that toddler trainer cup with an kid's cup in the future since you can simply take the lid away and the trainer cup turns into an ordinary cup. There are so many cute kids cups to pick in the stores. Ask your children to pick their own cups so that they will use it happily. As usual, colors and patterns are the most important thing for them LoL
So, get rid that bottle as soon as possible before they become so addicted with it and never want to let it go. Believe me, it will be harder for you to see your kid brings their own bottle every time they go to school just because they already feel comfortable with it and refuse to replace it with an ordinary cup. The older your little one becomes it will be harder for you to separate them.


  1. hhmmmm... till now Farrell still has been using bottle to drink milk...i tried to stop use bottle...but he always said "Mom, i cannot stop my mouth to drink milk use bottle..this is not my fault..but my mouth is fault"..

  2. Thanks for sharing :)
    I'll practice it one day...

  3. This information is very useful for my child later, thanks Mommy ;)


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