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Sep 28, 2010

God Will Make A Way

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I just got good news from a friend and I really pray for this to be true. She’s just found out that she got the positive sign on her pregnancy test this morning. Awesome! She’s been waiting for this to happen for years and having a regular consultation with an OB. She even quitted for her job and become a stay at home mother just like me. Then she hopes that she will get pregnant soon. A year (more or less) later her waiting almost comes to an end. She will do the test once again in three days later just to make sure that the pregnancy test gives her the true sign. For now, she surrender herself in a pray. Hope this time, God will take it for granted.
She told me that her hubby was so excited and full of hope and she feels so touched. I know how much she wanted this to be happened. Almost all of her friends have been endowed with at least one child and many of them even have two or three kids already. She often cries in all her prays pleads for His Mercy at all this time especially when her in laws start to think that something is wrong with her because she hasn’t pregnant yet after years of marriage. She tried so hard to endure all those suspicions, accusation and any other burdens until today. I hope this time she will see the light beam she looked for along this time. Congratulation for you my dear friend..
For all of you wife out there who hasn’t given a chance to get pregnant yet, don’t lose your hope. Everything will be beautiful in it’s time. God Will Make A Way, even where there's seems to be no way.

* God Will Make A Way *
by: Don Moen

Image source:http://www.truthandsong.com/womanPraying.jpg

Sep 26, 2010

Mommy Will Always Be There For You

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Will you ever judge a mother’s capability of raising her children whatsoever just because her child made a mistake one time? A woman who pours all her heart, body and soul to raise her children doesn’t deserve to be judged for all her love and sacrifices. Early this morning I read one sadly statement from a friend in UK. She is a wonderful mom and absolutely loves all her children. I think she has some kind of problem concerning her oldest son who must deal with a law suit. I don’t completely understand about the problem she’s going through right now actually. But I think her son has done a bad thing and pushed into jail. And from that moment, she must face all comments and humiliation from other people time after time.
Through her statements on Facebook I realized that this has made her torn apart, she’s so sad. But I also think that she is a tough woman and she managed to contend the situation with so many help and attention from her family and friends. Until today! This wonderful tough mom finally shows her broken heart. Someone made a cruel comment about her and how she has raised a THING instead of a PERSON who already brings so much pain to other people. About how she doesn’t deserved to be called a good mother and would never accept a reward of Mother of The Year whatsoever. This anonymous person also wrote about how he/she feels so sick and disgusting to see this sad mom’s face and her family in the media and that she should be sterilized to avoid having another THING like she already has right now.
I never thought that someone would ever have such a disgusting and cruel thought like this coward here! And as usual, coward will always hide behind the anonymous profile. How could you curse a woman’s life time of experience to raise her children just because one of her baby did something wrong? A mother will love her children no matter what. Even if this all people in this world aim their guns on one of her kids, she will stand in the front line to protect them. That’s the human nature of a mother. Even a mother of the worst criminal in this entire world loves her children no matter what they do. So, don’t judge her motherhood for her kid’s mistake. That’s so unfair. What do you want her to do anyway? Punished and cursed her son too, like this world already did? It’s not her fault to protect her children she loves. Nobody should ever call her kids as THINGS! Nobody should!
I feel sympathy for her and I pray that she will be stronger and tougher everyday to face these stressful moments. And at the same time, I realize that we, as child, should hardly try to avoid doing bad thing in our life. So that no one would ever humiliating our mom for everything we did. It’s better to make good achievements after all and share all the credits and compliments with her. Make her proud! I love my mum…..

Sep 24, 2010

Guest Bloggers Are Welcome Here

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Someone sent me email this morning and asked whether I receive guest bloggers in my blogs or not. This is the first time for me and honestly I’m not familiar enough with this guest blogger stuff. I saw some posts written by guest bloggers in some of my friends’ blogs so many times though. Then I do some researches to find out about this on the internet.
Generally, guest bloggers are writers who share their opinions on thoughts through someone else’s blog. Their posts usually contain information about certain product or service and not just personal stories like I usually do. Their main goal is to create a kind of portfolio about their writing skill and gain more attention in the blogsphere itself (CMIIW). And I think it’s totally fine for me.
Somehow I can’t find out whether these guest bloggers do this for free or they require some kind of compliments for their work. If so, then I think I will not accept any kind of guest blogger for now. I made blogs for fun purpose and I’m not desperate enough to make them as commercial blogs by paying other people to make them look wonderful. However, if you do this for free, then you are always welcome to write either in this blog or Female Stuff or ~Serendipity~ under certain conditions:
*No adult contents, drugs or gambling.
**Do not provide outside links inside your post unless you want to pay me for that. I can get such a post from any kind of paid review brokers and they paid me to put a link inside my post.
***I have right to reject your post if I found it contains kind of insulting opinion, blaspheme opinion or anything like that which may cause problems for me and my blogs in the future.
****I will identify your post as guest blogger post and write your name in a proper place.
So, if you are interesting to write in one or all of my blogs, just CONTACT ME anytime and I’ll be happy to reply you.

Sep 21, 2010

No! My Stuff Is Not Borrow-able!

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It’s not easy being nice, you know. LoL. Sometimes people can’t be rude and irresponsible. Two weeks ago, I let my neighbor borrow one of my travel bags for her niece. Since it was Moslem holidays in Indonesia and usually they will visit their hometown or other families to celebrate that day together. And my neighbor’s niece suddenly asked by her dad to visit him in a different town. She didn’t prepare for that and need more travel bags to carry her stuff. My neighbor came to my house to borrow my travel bag on behalf of her niece.
Actually, I don’t like the idea of lending my things to someone barely new to me. I know this neighbor for 2 months only and we are definitely not a close friend. But I realize I won’t be able to refuse her by telling her that I don’t have a travel bag. It would sound silly! Obviously we are new comers from other town here. There’s no way we don’t have at least one travel bag in my house.
At last, I gave up and lend her one of my travel bag for 2 weeks. And I really hope that she’ll return it back to me right after her niece came back to town. I must realize that we are visitors here and we must have a good relationship with the native people.
Two weeks later I found out that my instinct in the previous week has told me the truth. She returned my travel bag in a worse condition. It’s not a brand new travel bag, I must admit. But it still looks good. But now, I found a big torn part around the edge of my travel bag.
That bag color is dark blue and I didn’t pay much attention when my neighbor came to return the travel bag to my house before. It’s hubby who found it first *sigh*
I have a plan to ask her about this directly and visit her house that night. But then I think again, what would I do then? Ask her for a new one? That’s nonsense because that bag is not a new one. There’s no way I can ask her to pay me certain amount of money for my loss either.
But money is not the reason since I can buy a new travel bag anytime I want. I just want to know why she (and her niece) can be such an irresponsible person. They borrowed that bag in a good condition but they return in back in a broken condition. And the worst part is I think they tried to hide it from me and become dishonest about this. Why can’t they just tell the truth? I’m so disappointing. That will be the last time for me. I’ll never lend my props to other people anymore. I’m not a kind of people who like to borrow other people stuff and I think I’m going to refuse everyone who wants to borrow mine too, except for my parents and family members. And as the reward for my kindness of lending my stuff to other people, I must buy a new travel bag this week! Amazing, huh!

Sep 20, 2010

Vacations In Costa Rica

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Talking about Costa Rica, means talking about beaches! Because the term of Costa Rica itself means “Rich Coast” and the climate is tropical year around also politically secured for every visitors. It’s considered to be the most visited nation in the Central American region. Cocos Island is the largest island in Costa RicaWhat which possesses a great density of species in the world. What an amazing hideaway for tourists and those those who love to lying on the beach and enjoying the sun shine and bring back your perfect tanned skin to your hometown.
Not only the beaches, Costa Rica is also famous for its coffee plantation. They even produce the finest Arabica coffee beans which usually imported by famous brand of coffee house in the world.
Poas Volcano Crater or Poas Volcano National Park is considered to be one of the most visited places there. The biggest crater is still quite active with small geyser and lava eruption. And on the inactive crater part, there is a lake named Lake Botos which amazingly beautiful and also home for wild plants and animal species.
You can find a complete package of all these natural attractions in Costa Rican vacation. You can find useful information about this exotic place from any travel orientation website. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Sep 17, 2010

The Oily Fried Noodles

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I was having a research about our next family vacation on the internet. My main research actually is about a good and cheap hotel in a certain place which comfortable and suitable for family based on other people’s experiences. There are few particular sites where everyone can share their opinions and experiences about hotels on their vacations. I’m talking about foreign tourists who visited Indonesia right now. Along with the hotel experiences, they usually also share some other things about their vacation mostly about the food.
There is a kind of food which familiar in Asia and can be found easily everywhere called “Mie Goreng” (in Indonesia) or “Fried Noodle” in English. Maybe, some of you, my foreign friends, are not familiar with this food yet but its so popular here. The main ingredient is noodle of course (vermicelli or egg noodles) mixed with (usually) shrimps, squid, chicken, eggs and vegetables all fried together in a hot wok. But first you must know that fried noodle is different from pasta.
Most of the foreign tourists complain that their “mie goreng” are too oily. Indeed, the fried noodle is an oily kind of food. That’s why it is different from pasta such as spaghetti. Pasta tends to be cheesy and fried noodles tend to be oily. But believe me despite the oily look, the fried noodles taste really great. Maybe you’re just not familiar yet with the oily part. Once you tried it a few more times, then maybe you will realize that “mie goreng” or fried noodles will always be oily yet yummie, dear.

Sep 15, 2010

Teenagers and HOAX

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What’s the matter with teenagers these days? I know, there are so many things about teenagers which is interesting to talk about. I saw one just about a minute a go. Let me share the story with you through this conversation. This 12 years old young girl who is obviously a real Indonesian and stays in Medan. However, she writes South Korea as her “current city” and Singapore as her “hometown” named Pretty. Another one is a boy who also lives in Indonesia but in a different town, Surabaya. We just call him as Boy.
Apparently, Boy has asked Pretty to be his friend on Facebook and she accepted it.
Boy: Hello, Pretty. Nice to know you.
Pretty: Hello too, Boy.
Boy: Are you from South Korea?
Pretty: Yes, I am. Actually, my mom comes from South Korea and my dad from Singapore.
Boy: Wow! What a perfect mix! So, do you stay in Korea right now?
Pretty: No, I stay in Singapore.
Boy: I saw some pictures of you with Indonesian girls. Who are they?
Pretty: Ow, they’re my cousins. Those pictures were taken when I was having a vacation in Indonesia. My grandpa has been staying there for seven years.
Boy: Really?! In which town?
Pretty: Medan.
Boy: Oh. That’s far from my town. I live in Surabaya. Anyway, can you speak Indonesia?
Pretty: No, I can’t. I can only speak English and a little bit Korea, of course.
Boy: I see.

I can’t stop laughing when I read this. I know exactly who Pretty is and where she lives as well as her parents. I feel sorry for the boy who has been successfully duped by this young girl. I don’t know the reason why Pretty did this to him whether it’s a serious hoax or just because she wanted to make fun of him. Then I’m thinking, if this is a serious hoax, what will her parents think about it LoL! Teenagers

Present For Hubby

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My husband’s birthday is on November. I already start my research about a present for him. Honestly, I could never find a perfect kind of present for his birthday every year. It seems like he already has everything he needs from shirts and trousers to watches, shoes or wallets. Can you see? I’m running out of options right now. Some friends suggest me to make my self made present instead so that I can give him something unique and special. And I can choose to make a gift on my budget of course. I’m thinking planning a romantic dinner for him right now just like dates we have many years ago before we got married. For that occasion, I think I’m going to make a special card. You can call it save the date postcard. I think a gorgeous and romantic postcard will make our date more interesting and unforgettable, don’t you think? I’m so excited with this idea. No more outfits hunting in the mall or stuff like that. Since I know, he doesn’t need such a thing from me. It’s not special because he can buy it for himself anytime he wants. But a special romantic on his birthday will be priceless.

My Moving Stuff

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We will move into a different town next month. We have been staying here in Palembang for almost four month now and we will be transferred back into our hometown, Medan, in the next few weeks. I can imagine right now the bustle that I am going to have. The most difficult part is to find storage for my family's belongings. Indeed, certain electronic equipments are usually equipped with boxes/storage already and thank God I always keep those storage just in case I need to re-use it. But I don’t have storage for my other things such as books or kitchen wares. I usually go to some stores to buy used storage for this. Storage suppliers must be a way out for this. I know some stores which offer any kind of storage I need. But I must do some researches first to find out about this stores quality and services. One thing for sure, I am going to need safe and secure self storage with reasonable prices. Low price storage with quality and wide variety of sizes is what I need right now. I hope I will be able to manage this moving stuff well. I can’t wait to be in my hometown again. I really miss it.

Sep 13, 2010

Sshh...Mommy Got Housework Today.

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I usually have a house maid to take care of my house work everyday. But these past few days, Moslems are celebrating their holiday; I must let my housemaid go back to her hometown for a few days since she is also a Moslem. And when she’s not around, I must take over all her duties my self which are cleaning the house up and down, do the laundry, dishwashing and cook for meals. I think you will find me more muscular in the next week. LoL.
I’m not unfamiliar with all this housework though as I already did it since I was in college and stayed in my own room in a different town from my parent. I used to do my own laundry, clean my own room and cook my own meal. I can do it. There’s a little problem here, moms because I haven’t use this muscle again ever since I got married. I hired a house maid right away to do it for me because we’re moving into a bigger house and I was still working at that time. So you can say that these muscles have been sleeping for years now and I must wake them up. And there is another new variable..I have a toddler now. And I spend more time just to ask my little girl to stop messing with me when I’m busy *sigh*
But nothing that I can’t handle so far. LoL. All house work is ready before mid day though I must wake up earlier. But it that’s okay for me because I think I use this housework to replace the exercises I need. But I think I’m starting to have the consequences now. My muscles are all become stiffing right now. I really need a relaxing massage right now but I can’t find a perfect one yet. Owwhhh…. Next month, we will back to our hometown to attend my sister’s wedding ceremony and I will take that chance to visit my regular spa center and have an all day services LoL.
For now, I still can enjoy everything including the muscle pain. Besides, what’s more calming than to see your house clean and shiny; a delicious food for hubby and daughter everyday huh? But the most important thing is to see their smiles and respects at the end of the day :) and all those works are paid.

Sep 9, 2010

For $14.000

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Just a short post today, my friends. Since we will going to have a long holiday due to the Iedul Fitri celebration here in Indonesia. So, I'm going to display these two pictures for you first.
 So, for $14.000...... which one will you choose? Each of them is $14.000. LoL.. Have a great weekend ahead, my dear blogger friends...

Online Automotive Store

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I like accessorizing my car to make it look nice and comfort. Well, who doesn’t? I think accessories are important especially if you use your car for daily activities. You don’t want to spend plenty of time inside an uninteresting car don’t you? So, talking about car accessories here, do you know that there is an online store that offers various kinds of car accessories on a website? CARID.com is an online automotive superstore based in Edison, NJ. They provide accessories for almost every kind of vehicles from car, truck, SUV or van. Some of their products are spoiler, truck grills, dash kits, tail lights, head lights or even cargo mat. Indeed, it feels different since you can’t touch or see the product directly as you can do when you shop on an automotive store directly. But, I’m sure that there is always something which you can only buy online. That’s why there is a possibility that you find a certain car accessories here that nobody around your neighborhood will ever buy directly on an automotive store. Don’t worry, the guarantee you a secure shopping and easy returns just in case you feel unsatisfied with your purchase. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Sep 2, 2010

Against Pedophiles!

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Be careful of every group or fan page that you’re joining (or about to join) on Facebook, moms. The group’s name doesn’t always describe its original purposes or members inside. For example, maybe you will find a kind of group/fan page that sounds so religious or using certain figure that usually correlate with some kind of religion. But when you join that group, you can only find that they’re talking about atheism or mocking other people’s religion on the discussion board. My main target here is have you ever see a particular group currently on Facebook with title "Becoming a Father or Mother was the greatest gift of my life" before?
Tell me what you think about that group title, moms. I love this group based on its name the first time I saw it but I changed my mind right after. And you better stay out of this one because this group is full of Pedophiles who’s trying to access your pictures albums once you join. This was on Fox News at 5. Now, every parent on Facebook tries to spread the awareness of this group to prevent any other people they know from joining. If you’re already inside this group, then you better get out of it as soon as possible. But if you ask me for an opinion, it would be better for us to avoid any kind of group/fan page invitation whatsoever. We would never understand completely what other people can do to harm us one day through internet. So, protect our children from online predators like them.

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