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Sep 15, 2010

Teenagers and HOAX

What’s the matter with teenagers these days? I know, there are so many things about teenagers which is interesting to talk about. I saw one just about a minute a go. Let me share the story with you through this conversation. This 12 years old young girl who is obviously a real Indonesian and stays in Medan. However, she writes South Korea as her “current city” and Singapore as her “hometown” named Pretty. Another one is a boy who also lives in Indonesia but in a different town, Surabaya. We just call him as Boy.
Apparently, Boy has asked Pretty to be his friend on Facebook and she accepted it.
Boy: Hello, Pretty. Nice to know you.
Pretty: Hello too, Boy.
Boy: Are you from South Korea?
Pretty: Yes, I am. Actually, my mom comes from South Korea and my dad from Singapore.
Boy: Wow! What a perfect mix! So, do you stay in Korea right now?
Pretty: No, I stay in Singapore.
Boy: I saw some pictures of you with Indonesian girls. Who are they?
Pretty: Ow, they’re my cousins. Those pictures were taken when I was having a vacation in Indonesia. My grandpa has been staying there for seven years.
Boy: Really?! In which town?
Pretty: Medan.
Boy: Oh. That’s far from my town. I live in Surabaya. Anyway, can you speak Indonesia?
Pretty: No, I can’t. I can only speak English and a little bit Korea, of course.
Boy: I see.

I can’t stop laughing when I read this. I know exactly who Pretty is and where she lives as well as her parents. I feel sorry for the boy who has been successfully duped by this young girl. I don’t know the reason why Pretty did this to him whether it’s a serious hoax or just because she wanted to make fun of him. Then I’m thinking, if this is a serious hoax, what will her parents think about it LoL! Teenagers

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