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Sep 21, 2010

No! My Stuff Is Not Borrow-able!

It’s not easy being nice, you know. LoL. Sometimes people can’t be rude and irresponsible. Two weeks ago, I let my neighbor borrow one of my travel bags for her niece. Since it was Moslem holidays in Indonesia and usually they will visit their hometown or other families to celebrate that day together. And my neighbor’s niece suddenly asked by her dad to visit him in a different town. She didn’t prepare for that and need more travel bags to carry her stuff. My neighbor came to my house to borrow my travel bag on behalf of her niece.
Actually, I don’t like the idea of lending my things to someone barely new to me. I know this neighbor for 2 months only and we are definitely not a close friend. But I realize I won’t be able to refuse her by telling her that I don’t have a travel bag. It would sound silly! Obviously we are new comers from other town here. There’s no way we don’t have at least one travel bag in my house.
At last, I gave up and lend her one of my travel bag for 2 weeks. And I really hope that she’ll return it back to me right after her niece came back to town. I must realize that we are visitors here and we must have a good relationship with the native people.
Two weeks later I found out that my instinct in the previous week has told me the truth. She returned my travel bag in a worse condition. It’s not a brand new travel bag, I must admit. But it still looks good. But now, I found a big torn part around the edge of my travel bag.
That bag color is dark blue and I didn’t pay much attention when my neighbor came to return the travel bag to my house before. It’s hubby who found it first *sigh*
I have a plan to ask her about this directly and visit her house that night. But then I think again, what would I do then? Ask her for a new one? That’s nonsense because that bag is not a new one. There’s no way I can ask her to pay me certain amount of money for my loss either.
But money is not the reason since I can buy a new travel bag anytime I want. I just want to know why she (and her niece) can be such an irresponsible person. They borrowed that bag in a good condition but they return in back in a broken condition. And the worst part is I think they tried to hide it from me and become dishonest about this. Why can’t they just tell the truth? I’m so disappointing. That will be the last time for me. I’ll never lend my props to other people anymore. I’m not a kind of people who like to borrow other people stuff and I think I’m going to refuse everyone who wants to borrow mine too, except for my parents and family members. And as the reward for my kindness of lending my stuff to other people, I must buy a new travel bag this week! Amazing, huh!


  1. Your neighbor is really irresponsible!
    The good thing is, you'll have a new travel bag...

  2. i understand you perfectly!

    let me share with you...i am a person who expects ANYTHING you borrow returned to me. even if it is a mere ballpen. a cheap little thing. i believe its partly respect that you return it to me no matter the cost. and yes, it's responsibility as well that you take care of what you borrow.

    that's why when someone i know who does not take care of her things borrow from me, i kindda feel agitated...and unsure if i should lend you my thing or not.

    just a though =) thanks for sharing this post.

  3. yeah.I hate those people too. I don't understand why they are being so irresponsible. Just let karma got them, With bigger lost, I hope.


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