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Sep 24, 2010

Guest Bloggers Are Welcome Here

Someone sent me email this morning and asked whether I receive guest bloggers in my blogs or not. This is the first time for me and honestly I’m not familiar enough with this guest blogger stuff. I saw some posts written by guest bloggers in some of my friends’ blogs so many times though. Then I do some researches to find out about this on the internet.
Generally, guest bloggers are writers who share their opinions on thoughts through someone else’s blog. Their posts usually contain information about certain product or service and not just personal stories like I usually do. Their main goal is to create a kind of portfolio about their writing skill and gain more attention in the blogsphere itself (CMIIW). And I think it’s totally fine for me.
Somehow I can’t find out whether these guest bloggers do this for free or they require some kind of compliments for their work. If so, then I think I will not accept any kind of guest blogger for now. I made blogs for fun purpose and I’m not desperate enough to make them as commercial blogs by paying other people to make them look wonderful. However, if you do this for free, then you are always welcome to write either in this blog or Female Stuff or ~Serendipity~ under certain conditions:
*No adult contents, drugs or gambling.
**Do not provide outside links inside your post unless you want to pay me for that. I can get such a post from any kind of paid review brokers and they paid me to put a link inside my post.
***I have right to reject your post if I found it contains kind of insulting opinion, blaspheme opinion or anything like that which may cause problems for me and my blogs in the future.
****I will identify your post as guest blogger post and write your name in a proper place.
So, if you are interesting to write in one or all of my blogs, just CONTACT ME anytime and I’ll be happy to reply you.

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  1. Hi Risma! Can you be a guest blogger to my blog? hehehe.. I can't update it as much as I want to anymore.. hehehe...

    Anyway, thanks for visiting me back...



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