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Sep 2, 2010

Against Pedophiles!

Be careful of every group or fan page that you’re joining (or about to join) on Facebook, moms. The group’s name doesn’t always describe its original purposes or members inside. For example, maybe you will find a kind of group/fan page that sounds so religious or using certain figure that usually correlate with some kind of religion. But when you join that group, you can only find that they’re talking about atheism or mocking other people’s religion on the discussion board. My main target here is have you ever see a particular group currently on Facebook with title "Becoming a Father or Mother was the greatest gift of my life" before?
Tell me what you think about that group title, moms. I love this group based on its name the first time I saw it but I changed my mind right after. And you better stay out of this one because this group is full of Pedophiles who’s trying to access your pictures albums once you join. This was on Fox News at 5. Now, every parent on Facebook tries to spread the awareness of this group to prevent any other people they know from joining. If you’re already inside this group, then you better get out of it as soon as possible. But if you ask me for an opinion, it would be better for us to avoid any kind of group/fan page invitation whatsoever. We would never understand completely what other people can do to harm us one day through internet. So, protect our children from online predators like them.


  1. Yes, a blogger friend of my also give me a similar advice about sharing pictures of our li'l ones in the internet. It's very risky!

  2. So far I have rarely read the contents of the fan page, but now I'll be more selective in choosing fan page, thank u for the informations ;)

  3. wow really?! thanks for sharing that! the world really is turning out to be full of garbage!!! its getting filthier by the minute ;/

    hope to see you soon
    life round meNyou


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