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Sep 17, 2010

The Oily Fried Noodles

I was having a research about our next family vacation on the internet. My main research actually is about a good and cheap hotel in a certain place which comfortable and suitable for family based on other people’s experiences. There are few particular sites where everyone can share their opinions and experiences about hotels on their vacations. I’m talking about foreign tourists who visited Indonesia right now. Along with the hotel experiences, they usually also share some other things about their vacation mostly about the food.
There is a kind of food which familiar in Asia and can be found easily everywhere called “Mie Goreng” (in Indonesia) or “Fried Noodle” in English. Maybe, some of you, my foreign friends, are not familiar with this food yet but its so popular here. The main ingredient is noodle of course (vermicelli or egg noodles) mixed with (usually) shrimps, squid, chicken, eggs and vegetables all fried together in a hot wok. But first you must know that fried noodle is different from pasta.
Most of the foreign tourists complain that their “mie goreng” are too oily. Indeed, the fried noodle is an oily kind of food. That’s why it is different from pasta such as spaghetti. Pasta tends to be cheesy and fried noodles tend to be oily. But believe me despite the oily look, the fried noodles taste really great. Maybe you’re just not familiar yet with the oily part. Once you tried it a few more times, then maybe you will realize that “mie goreng” or fried noodles will always be oily yet yummie, dear.

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