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Sep 28, 2010

God Will Make A Way

I just got good news from a friend and I really pray for this to be true. She’s just found out that she got the positive sign on her pregnancy test this morning. Awesome! She’s been waiting for this to happen for years and having a regular consultation with an OB. She even quitted for her job and become a stay at home mother just like me. Then she hopes that she will get pregnant soon. A year (more or less) later her waiting almost comes to an end. She will do the test once again in three days later just to make sure that the pregnancy test gives her the true sign. For now, she surrender herself in a pray. Hope this time, God will take it for granted.
She told me that her hubby was so excited and full of hope and she feels so touched. I know how much she wanted this to be happened. Almost all of her friends have been endowed with at least one child and many of them even have two or three kids already. She often cries in all her prays pleads for His Mercy at all this time especially when her in laws start to think that something is wrong with her because she hasn’t pregnant yet after years of marriage. She tried so hard to endure all those suspicions, accusation and any other burdens until today. I hope this time she will see the light beam she looked for along this time. Congratulation for you my dear friend..
For all of you wife out there who hasn’t given a chance to get pregnant yet, don’t lose your hope. Everything will be beautiful in it’s time. God Will Make A Way, even where there's seems to be no way.

* God Will Make A Way *
by: Don Moen

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  1. I can relate to your post, Risma. Thanks for encouraging words...

  2. AMEN to that Ris! No matter how impossible it seems, God will make it happen. Just have faith...

    Thanks a lot for welcoming me back girl, I miss our chats here as well.



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