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Apr 27, 2010

Suicide Story

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Last Sunday, I was in a huge mall in my town along with my family, we got shocked when we saw some police officers walking around. It’s so unusual to see them walking around in the crowd in a mall. First, we thought that they might be seeking for terrorists there and we decided to leave right away.

Until we saw “something” laid down on a pick up truck. And we realized that it’s a human body. And, the policemen brought that body back into the mall to make a reconstruction. And for that, they need to put that body back to where it was before.
Oh my God. I saw that body directly from the third floor. It was a young woman with a long black hair. She looked terrible with her mouth opened. Half of her face was broken and there were lots and lots of blood underneath her broken head. She was so young.

Some speculations were quickly spread. Some said that she was pushed down by somebody and that she was falling down by an accident. But some other said that it was a suicide. She jumped from the fourth floor.

Later on I found out from the television news, that it was a suicide. The surveillance video proved it. That young woman killed herself that day on that mall. What was she thinking?

Life is hard to everybody. Still suicide is not a way out. And I wonder why she chooses to kill herself in a huge mall anyway? She could have just use a knife to cut her arm and died quietly in her room, right? But she decided to do it in a public place where every body can watch her died. It’s pathetic, I think.

I feel sorry for her because she has refused the grace that Lord’s given to her. You can’t make your “problems” as your justification to commit suicide. Everybody has problems. But problems are there to be solved not to run away of. May God forgive her.

Apr 26, 2010

Look Different with Wigs

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I asked myself a question every time I saw a woman with a perfect hair cut and color passing by. What has she done? Her hair looks incredibly beautiful. But somehow I feel that most of them must have used wigs for that perfect appearance. So that you may still have a healthy look colored hair.

Wig has become a fashion items among the fashion community right now. With this, you can have various kinds of hairstyle without have to sacrifice your precious hair for it. You can have a wavy blonde hair today and in the next day you can turn into a brunette with long sleek hair. Isn’t that amazing?
As a matter of fact, it’s not easy to find a quality wig now, especially human hair wigs. This kind of wig will give you a genuine look better than the synthetic one since it’s made from real human’s hair. Sometimes, the synthetic wig will look too shiny compared to the human hair wig. Maybe, that’s the reason why you’ll find this wig is more expensive than the synthetic. But it’s worth it.

Also if you have some kind of illness that makes you lose your hair as the side effect of your medication, you’ll find wig as a way out of your problem and bring your self esteem back, such as the cancer patients who’s in the chemotherapy program. I have a friend with this problem and she has various kinds of wigs in her drawer.

But, just like everything else in this world, you must take care of your wigs regularly. If you can’t wash it yourself, you can ask for help from a beauty parlour. Beauty parlours usually provide a perfect solution for your wig’s regular care. So, why don’t you try one?

Apr 21, 2010

My Driving Lesson

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I’ve told you before that I can not drive* a car, right? It sounds silly but it’s true. Meanwhile, my house is in the middle of nowhere. It’s far from the bus station or the main road. So, I must wait for my husband to go out, unless I choose to call a cab to pick me up (sigh). Well, I hate cabs..
Three days ago I made up my mind that I must learn to drive. Actually, my husband taught me to drive using our car a few months ago. That’s when I realized that even if you are a perfect driver, it doesn’t mean that you can be a perfect driving instructor either. He lost his patience. And during the lesson he keeps yelling at me every time.

“Watch out!” or “Can’t you see that hole in front of you? Stay out of it!” or “Use your feeling!” and stuff like that. It’s so annoying when people keep yelling at you while you still struggling with something that barely new to you. And guess what, I quitted. I refused to learn and prefer to sit down in front of my laptop. I don’t care.

He offered me to learn in a driving course, where I will be taught by experienced instructors. And I agree. My lesson started from last Monday and I still have 7 days to go. With this experienced instructor, I’m a quick learner and able to drive the car in the main road on my second day. Isn’t that amazing? I need to remind you that the traffic here is not as well-regulated as it maybe in your country (lol). Here, traffic light is almost like the accessory only and people keep passing by even when the light turns red. Not to mention the unregulated crowded and traffic jam. I can tell you that the streets here are nightmares.

So, along with the driving lessons, I also must learn how to conquer the street itself and still can do it in style. Hohoho. I’m doing well so far and I still have 1 week ahead. Wish me luck.. Hahaha…

Apr 14, 2010

New Books! New Books!

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I got two new books from my husband this month. Woohooo… Once again I don’t have to use my own money for books (like I usually do), he bought me these books last night. I was so surprised. I wonder if you’ve ever read them before. If you do, could you give me some short opinions about them?
I’m currently reading the Bad Man by John Connolly right now. I will continue with the Doctors by Erich Segal right after I finished with it. So tell me…

Quality Eyeglasses for A Low Cost

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I’ve been using eyeglasses since I was 10 years old. Can you imagine how much money I’ve spent (in 20 years right now) just for eyeglasses? It costs me a lot of money! It’s not easy to find a perfect yet cheap eyeglasses nowadays.

Until I find out about Eric's Review of Zenni Optical one day. He wrote about how I can find the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses in Zenni Optical. He successfully ensured me that I can still get quality eyeglasses for a low cost there and that Zenni is The #1 online Rx glasses store right now. Well, I guess I’ve found another fantastic option to buy a new pair of eyeglasses this month, people. And if you also need eye glasses as much as I do right now, then you know where to find the perfect eyeglasses for a low cost, right?

Apr 13, 2010

The Ghost Hunters

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I’m not actually a ghost freak but I love to watch television programs about ghost and stuffs on tv. One of my favorite programs is Ghost Hunters running by the TAPS Investigators. Of all ghost hunters program I’ve ever saw, they are the best!
Obviously, they don’t try to hunt or catch ghosts like any others did. Contrary, they try to prove that you can’t call every weird activity as a paranormal activity. They’ve successfully proved that some of those activities were only natural activities. So, if unintentionally you heard your kitchen’s door banging at night, it could have been just the wind or perhaps because your dog tried to steal something from your chiller (lol)

But, they do meet some real paranormal activities sometimes and the camera recorded those activities so that every viewer can watch it and see that it happens just like that. I saw when “something” invisible pulled out a man’s jacket so strong. It was creepy. On the other day, I saw how that spirits tried to communicate with them using a flash light or by knocking on the wall.

This team tried to separate the paranormal activities from the normal ones. If one day they can prove that some “unexplainable” activities are going on a particular places, on the other day the can prove that every activity they’ve found is just normal. So they can prove both and not just only chasing the ghost story only.

Have you ever watch this program before?

Apr 9, 2010

Unforgettable Journeys

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I was so amazed when I read about these hotels from a magazine. And I want to share it with you all, just in case you’re looking for an unforgettable journey like this. Hahaha. Anyway, some of you maybe have already heard about this, while some others of you haven’t yet. Well, maybe this post will give you a different point of view about how a great hotel should be.

Imagine you stay over night in a forest inside a hotel room made of wood. Fantastic! This is the most daring shape of hotel on the globe I’ve ever known (yet). The room is made of wood in a ball shape and lays a few meters from the ground, as you can see in the pictures below.
This ‘wooden ball” hangs between two tall tress using lots and lots of iron wires to provide a safe support. This cabin can accommodate two persons inside. Here, you must forget about concierge services, expensive spa or elegance fine dining and start living in a wild natural.

In this hotel, exclusive suite means you’ll sleep on a plane. Not a real plane actually, but ruins of plane. Boeing 727 (1965) is one of that planes that has been conjured to become a luxurious suite room with a direct view to Manuel Antonio National Park. It said that you may still find some wild animals around this hotel, such as monkeys. Great!

These ancient caves have been used as houses since the 4th century. These days, they’ve turned into luxurious hotel suites.
The interior design of each “room” was made using some materials of rock and local antiques. The main views are cliffs and canyons. This place looks really like ancient caves except for the bright lights from the post lamps around the hotel.

This one is the most high tech hotel and the most daring one in the universe (yet). This first space hotel ever is still running on progress and will be opened in 2012. visitors will stay for 4 days and need to join a special training and preparation for 4 months (before and after the trip)
The main view here is the space itself (of course) where you can watch the sun sets every 45 minutes and go around the globe every 80 minutes. What a great experience! You can find many exclusive offers also here just like you may find on earth.

If you interested to join the flight, you must prepare lots of money, because each visitor must pay 3 million Euro for a trip! Wow! Hurry up then, because 40 reservations have already been made. You don’t want to lose this “a life time opportunity” right? (lol)

Apr 5, 2010

To The Zoo

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We spent our Easter holidays in my hometown, Siantar, with my parents. Unfortunately it was raining almost all day long there. And we can’t go anywhere. Actually, we had a plan to visit Parapat (again… ) yesterday but seems like the nature had a different plan. We must postpone the plan for some other holiday.

But, we still had some fun there. We went to the zoo. Here are some great pictures of our Easter holidays in the zoo along with my loved ones.
Peanut for the deer.... Asha loves deer
Aunt Lola also loves deer. I bet the deer loves her too (lol)
The antelopes are cute too
These beautiful zebra loves peanut
Beautiful and polite zebra
Giant root from a giant tree
Finally, we're here and ready for a standing ovation (lol)

Actually, I have a few more pictures such as white tiger in Blog Perempuan Rumahan or beautiful peacocks in Female Stuffs. Go check it out if you want to.

We're really had a great time at the zoo and Asha enjoyed her time around those animals too.
So, how’s your Easter holiday then?

Apr 4, 2010

Free Wordpress Themes

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Are you looking for a perfect theme for your blog? Well, I am. I always spend more time to search for a perfect template for my blog.
Even if you use a blogger platform like I do right now, you can still find many gorgeous wordpress templates in the internet.
Like this one below
See? I'm sure that one of these perfect themes will look great on your blog. Why don't you try then? Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Apr 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

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Mommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy MayonnaiseMommy Mayonnaise
(by George Herbert)

"I got me flowers to straw Thy way,
I got me boughs off many a tree;
But Thou wast up by break of day,
And brought’st Thy sweets along with Thee.

The sunne arising in the East,
Though he give light, and th’ East perfume,
If they should offer to contest
With Thy arising, they presume.

Can there be any day but this,
Though many sunnes to shine endeavour?
We count three hundred, but we misse:
There is but one, and that one ever."
 Happy Easter Day may His sacrifice lead us to be
loyal and faithful in Him at with love...


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