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Apr 5, 2010

To The Zoo

We spent our Easter holidays in my hometown, Siantar, with my parents. Unfortunately it was raining almost all day long there. And we can’t go anywhere. Actually, we had a plan to visit Parapat (again… ) yesterday but seems like the nature had a different plan. We must postpone the plan for some other holiday.

But, we still had some fun there. We went to the zoo. Here are some great pictures of our Easter holidays in the zoo along with my loved ones.
Peanut for the deer.... Asha loves deer
Aunt Lola also loves deer. I bet the deer loves her too (lol)
The antelopes are cute too
These beautiful zebra loves peanut
Beautiful and polite zebra
Giant root from a giant tree
Finally, we're here and ready for a standing ovation (lol)

Actually, I have a few more pictures such as white tiger in Blog Perempuan Rumahan or beautiful peacocks in Female Stuffs. Go check it out if you want to.

We're really had a great time at the zoo and Asha enjoyed her time around those animals too.
So, how’s your Easter holiday then?


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