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Jan 30, 2010

Enjoy Saturday

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What is so fun about Saturday? Well, I enjoy Saturday better than Sunday. Wondering why? It’s simple. You can enjoy Saturday and still get a chance to enjoy the next holiday on Sunday. Meanwhile, on Sunday, you can just enjoy the day as best as you can, since you will get back to your daily routine on the next Monday morning, right? (lol)
Today, we have a plan to shop for groceries on the hypermarket nearby. It’s the end of the month already, guys (somehow I just realized it this morning). It feels like we had a new party just a few days ago, suddenly it comes to the end of January. Fyuuhh... time goes by real fast. The day after tomorrow will be the beginning of February.

That’s why we need to enjoy the moment we have right now I thing. Since things will never be the same again. My reunion with my high school classmates a few days ago told me this strictly to my head. There will be time when you realize that you lost so many chances and you don’t even realize it.

At last, I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, my dear friends wherever you are. Maybe you will spend more time with your family and friends. Go to the movie or have dinner together. Or maybe you just choose to spend more time alone, huh? Sit on your own cozy armchair holding a cup of hot chocolate maybe.

The most important thing is to enjoy the time we have while we can. Because this Saturday will go away forever and you will have a new Saturday in the next weekend. So, have a great Saturday all.

Jan 26, 2010

Task-y Tag

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8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
1. Ellen Degenere
2. Project Runway
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Crime Scene Investigation
5. Sugar on AFC
6. Fimbles on Cbeebies
7. Pimp My Ride
8. Meet The Natives.

8 Favorite Places to Eat &  Drink:
1. Pizza Hut
2. Mr. Pancake
3. Seafood restaurants
4. Killiney Coffee Shop
5. Jl. Hindu
6. De Dago Restaurant
7. Kuetiaw Ateng
8. Our living room (lol)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Move into our new house
2. My birthday on March
3. A trip we’ve planned on these two months
4. Asha’s first time to school
5. Valentine Days (lol)
6. Attending my sister’s wedding party
7. Have a second honeymoon with my hubby
8. Have high PR on my blogs

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. My high school classmates visited me
2. Highlighted my hair
3. Served shrimp fried rice for my friends
4. Had some beers and cokes
5. Had my crops in Farmville harvested
6. Had a conversation with my mother on the phone
7. Upload some pictures to Facebook
8 Had a beautiful dream

8 Things I Love about winter:
==Sorry, we don’t have winter here (lol)==

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Cooking
2. Reading
3. Blogging
4. Traveling
5. Meeting and having fun with friends.
6. Eat
7. Face book's games
8. Movies

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. Eh, copot
2. Oh ya?
3. Ashaaa….
4. Halo?
5. Mandi yok
6. Bobok kita?
7. Pah.
8. Makan apa kita?

8 Things I Learned from the Past:
1. Spend more time to rest and sleep
2. Eat less (lol)
3. Don’t stress myself
4. Meet more old friends
5. Find new recipes
6. Eat more vegetables
7. Spend more time to pray
8. Make some new friends

Gee… so many tasks on this one. But I did it. Fyyuuhhh… Thanks to Jenny who passed me this tag. So nice of you. Since all of my friends have received this tag already, I will tag every one of you who like this task-y tag (lol)

Have a nice day, fellas

Jan 22, 2010

High school Reunion

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My friends from high school are going to have a little gathering in my house this Monday. I'm so excited. It’s been a long time since our last time together. We graduated from high school on 1999, so it’s been ten years ago (almost 11 years)! Time goes by, huh?

(High School Uniforms)

It feels like I was on my teenager life just a few years ago when suddenly I realized that it’s been ten years ago.
I remember walking around my school area wearing my grey skirt along with all my teen-pals. Life as teenager is almost without problem. We were only need to focus on our study, especially on the last year of our school. But before that, we spent our day in school happily.

Of course we didn’t use our entire time to study (well, who did anyway?).
We still had sometimes for fun such as watching the movie together or went to visit Lake Toba which is just 1 hour away from our hometown. In other time, we went to eatbakso” (meat balls) together, etc.

(Danau Toba/Toba Lake)

In school, we usually spend time during break time by sitting and talking in front of our class room. We sat together and share stories about every thing, usually the topic was about boys and boys (lol). We always find some thing to talk about. It was really fun! My high school time was really fun so that I still can remember it clearly right now, especially when I saw my daughter, Asha. My time as a teenager has passed by and in the next few years, I will see my own teenager kids. (sigh) it hits me in the head and tell me “You are getting older now. You are a mother.”

Yes, I am. And I’m proud to be what I am right now, with all the responsibilities I have. I still have time to memorize my life as a teenager whenever I want. I still can keep those memories in my mind since I would never let it go. Now, when I bring those memories back, I just smile and smile thinking of how I was on my teenager life.

And when the chance came to meet my old friends back, I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. Maybe I can’t meet every one of them obviously. But it would be very great to meet two or three of my high school friends. And I can’t wait until Monday for it (lol).

Jan 21, 2010

Kids Are Gifts From God

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Mommy Mayonnaise
Mommy Mayonnaise
~Author Unknown~

Children are a blessing sent from God above
For us to care and nurture and most of all to love.

God calls us to be parents and gives us all the tools
And when we feel like giving up, our strength He will renew.

Children are a gift from God that He so freely lends
To make it through the childhood years, on Him we must depend.

He must have a presence, you see it must take three
The parents, child and Christ at the center to be a family.

From childhood days to a child full grown
Their joys and hurts are a parent's own.

Times of joy and laughter and those times of tears
The times spent raising a child are surely the best of years.

There comes that time in life when a child will leave the nest
We must send them off with love and a prayer and leave to God the rest.

We've have shared the Word of God, we've taught them right from wrong
Now it's time to let them go and let them write their song.

The faith instilled, the examples lived, and the lessons taught
All gifts that we've given our child, which will never be forgotten.

There are many paths a child can take, right or wrong will remain unknown
But rest assured that in the end, they all lead back to home.
I re-write this poem after reading an article about a mother killed her own daughter from a magazine and from sista Lina's blog yesterday. I can not say anything at all about this. Speechless. I just thought that this poem will remind us back about how all kids are gifts from God. We must take care of them carefully and love them eternally. I hope you like the poem above.

Jan 20, 2010

The Book Tag

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If it has something to do with books, I can’t just ignore it (lol). So, I immediately post this tag here after my dear friend Fanda send it to me. It doesn’t have a particular picture but I decide to put one my own pictures just to make the post look brighter and colorful (I hope you don’t have a problem with that).

Well, the tag itself asks me to write the first 15 books I can remember when I receive this tag. Interesting! I have a lot of books popping from my brain right now. But if I must remember 15 of them, I think it will take an hour more (lol). So I just pick 8 of them. These 8 books are my favorite. Here they are:

1. The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff, since this is the newest book I have. The story is about polygamy in the year of 1875s. Great book!

2.Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. About how the cruelest Roman Caesar, Nero, burn Rome capitol city for a silly reason and blame the Christians for it. Thousands of Christians were killed that time. This is a Noble Prize book.

3.Desert Children by Waris Dirie. I think women should read this book. It tells story about woman circumcision tradition on many tribes in Africa. This is a biography of a victim of that cruel tradition.

4.The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This is an alien story who wants to become a real human.

5.The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories. This is one of a few old books I have. Inside, you can find almost one hundred stories about ghosts. Some of them were based on true stories. Chilling.

6.Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. I’m a fan of Eragon stories. This is the last book published but I’m still waiting for the final book which is going to be published this year.

7.Empress Orchid by Anchee Min. A story about a female king a.k.a Empress who ruled China hundreds of years a go. A powerful woman from China.

8.Taj by Timeri N Murari. The story about amazing India hundreds of years a go, complete with the story of how Taj Mahal was built. An amazing love story with amazing love monument.

Well, should I tag this back to my other friends? Actually, I will tag you who read this post right now. Yes! You! Lol.. Especially my friend Jenie who has a big shelf of books on her blog. Come and grab it, my friends.

Women Protection

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Everybody needs protection everyday, even men or children. Men need protection to keep them safe during daily activities at work as well as children at school. Indeed, women need a different kind of protection from men of children. For women, protection needs to be in line with fashion. Even women who work on industrial occupations need fashion also. But perhaps, for this kind of job, fashion can be placed in the second place. So what is it in the first place anyway?

Safety first! That’s the most important thing we need before doing any kind of job, right? No matter how safe your work environment looks like, you still need some tools to protect you from any kind of injuries. Women’s work clothes nowadays have been well equipped for protecting purposes. So, make sure you are wearing one of that equipped clothes now.

If you’ve done with the clothes, then take a look at your boots. Are they safe enough for you to use on your daily activities? We can find various kinds of women’s boots for various necessities on stores. Just make sure that you wear appropriate footwear. Otherwise, it can’t provide you an appropriate protection either. What if you are a stay at home mother, just like me? We don’t use certain kind of clothes nor boots on our daily activities, right? But I assure you, moms, we still need protections. Especially when we go outside for grocery or buy some foods, we must have our own protection. Have you try pepper spray? I have one of my own on my purse right now. I believe it’s the perfect defense I have outside my warm and safety home.

As I said before, everybody needs protection. For women, use a fashionable kind of protection. What do you think?

Jan 19, 2010

First 2010 Award

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It's been a long time since my last award. And Jenny, once again gives me this tiger award. You know, Jen, this is my first award on 2010. That's why I post it in a separate article. Thank you very much, dear...

Well, as usual, I want to share this award too, to all my friends who visit my blog today. This is a friendship award, so everybody can grab it. Nice to be your friends.
Have a nice day.... Mmuuaachh...

Jan 17, 2010

Searching for the next Indonesian Idol

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The world is having “Idol Fever” right now. On television, we can barely see those “idol wanna be” voluntarily standing on a very hot day just to wait for their turn on an audition.

They want to show their abilities of singing in front of the famous juries of Idol competition in their countries.

These Indonesian Idol juries have visited Medan to seek for Medan’s talents. They opened an audition for everyone who is talented on singing to challenge other people from other cities/island on the next stage. But first they must succeed to gain the juries’ attention first. The winner of this audition will be flied over to Jakarta with them. The audition was only opened for two days (last Saturday and Sunday). And then the crowds begin..

If America has Simon Cowell and friends, then here, in Indonesian Idol, we have Erwin Gutawa and friends as the juries.

These juries hold the decision whether “the idol wanna be” has qualification to face the next challenge in the capital city, Jakarta, or not.

Hundreds of teenager came and waited for their turn patiently on a place call Griya Dome in Medan. This place is only a few meters away from our housing. This crowd has made the securities of our housing made a decision to close the entering gate. So, nobody can enter the housing during that audition. Visitors (even the residences owners themselves) must use another entering gate far from Griya Dome.

Griya Dome was so full of people so that police officers were watching around that place to make sure everything was okay.

On the last day of audition, Sunday, people are getting bigger in number. Many of them have come and standing in front of the building since 3AM just before dawn. Amazing!! I wonder what these people are thinking of. Leaving your home so early just to get the first place in front of the building and stay there for almost 5 hours more? Are you insane? Even the juries themselves are still happily sleeping on their hotel’s beds at that time. I just can’t get it.

Everyone is competing to be the next Indonesian Idol. Almost everyone can sacrifice anything for this. Being an Idol and become famous in just a few months is so seductive, right? They ready to sacrifice a lot of money also for this. Everyone wants to be famous. Well, good luck then to all of you “Idol wanna be” out there. I hope one of Medan teenagers can be the next Indonesian Idol this year..lol…

Are you a fan of this show?

Jan 15, 2010

Blackout All Day!

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Black out all day!!

Yesterday, I must confess that I don’t’ have time at all to visit you, my dearest friends. I can even publish all your kind and nice comments at this morning (thanks to all of you). You know why? Yesterday, electricity in our lovely town, Medan, was black out for almost all day long. It was started on 9.30AM and ended on 6AM! Can you imagine that? That was the worst Friday on my blogging day ever!

All I can do yesterday was sleeping with my daughter, Asha. That’s all. I was too angry to play a ball with her. 8 hours of black out was very stressful. But, this condition has given more time for me to read my newest book, fellas. I bought a book about polygamy last week.

The book’s title is: The 19th wife. It is a great book too! You should read it sometimes. Especially, all of you, wives and mothers out here. Find out how a husband can own 25 wives and almost 100 kids in ONE HOUSE. Find out how stressful life that all these women have been through.

This is a novel based on a true story. The writer herself was one of a 19th wife of a husband. Before she run away and told her story to all over the world on 1874. Her name was Ann Eliza Young. The book told the readers about her escape and how she must stand out in front of every other people to talk about her own life in polygamy.

She finally made out to meet the US President at that time, Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885). Ann Eliza Young succeeds to push the authority of US to forbid polygamy in the whole part of America. The US congress created the Poland Act on 1874 that forbid polygamy in all aspects.

This is really a great story that I plan to make another post for this story only, complete with the picture of them I can find on the internet. Meanwhile, I still need more time today to make some blogwalkings. First thing first. So, see you there..

Jan 13, 2010

What is sexy?

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What is sexy?

Some say sexy is about being slim, beautifully shaped, smooth skin, pimples free face, big breasts, etc. Name your own definition.

But, apparently, sexy doesn’t have one certain condition that can make it acceptable to the whole parts of this world. Opinions may vary due to this sexy stuff. Below are sexy according to some countries or tribes that I found on a magazine, my dear friends.

Of course, I can not guarantee that these sexy definitions here are perfectly correct..(lol).. But they gave me a sneak peek about how other people from different cultures talk about sexy women. Feel free to give any comments or corrections but I can assure you that these all are for information only. No offense, okay?

Women in Center Africa believe that sexy means having wide lips. The wider your lips, the sexier you look. That’s why some women pull their lips in a certain way, so that their lips will get wider and wider every time. They called this as labrets.

While in Iran and Lebanon, a woman considered to be sexy if her left eyebrow connects with the right one. At a glance, her eyebrows will look like a line blocking her forehead up from left side of the head to the right side. That is sexy.

For women in North Japan, sexy woman is a woman who has a thin line of mustache above her lips. Some girls even make a special tattoo above their lips to make it looks like a real thin mustache.
[Sorry, can’t find any suitable pictures for this one]

In Philippine, women on a certain tribe consider pointed eyeteeth as sexy. (I wonder what my Pinoy friends will say about this..lol). Some women on certain tribes will sharpen their eyeteeth to look sexy
(Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of this kind of sexy on Google either.)

What about Burma? Here, sexy woman must have a long neck. I mean a real long neck like this.

They will wear so many gold necklaces in order to get a longer neck.

Last but not least, women in East Africa consider sagging breasts as a way to look sexy.

If some of us think on the opposite way, all these beautiful women are proud of the way they look. So, be careful with your pride and prejudice. What you may consider as ugly, may looks gorgeous on another part of this world. On the other side, what you may consider pretty, may look bad to other woman also.

Each and every one of us is sexy no matter what color you have, your weight, your height, your lips or your teeth. Becoming a woman is a gift. So lift your head and show the world how sexy and how proud you are, girls..

Jan 11, 2010

Monetizing your Twitter Account

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Call me a stay at home mother, but I earn money from my living room, fellas...(lol)..
Monetizing my blogs? Checked!
Monetizing my Twitter account? Checked!

I'm not kidding. Somebody has just bought my twitter account to display their ads for a month.
They will pay me $4.80 for this. And what should I do then? Absolutely nothing! Just sit and leave the tweets thing to them. That's all.

Do you have a Twitter account? If you do, have you monetizing it already?
I have this Twitter account for almost one year, but I don't use it much. I'm not a real twitter. I choose Facebook better because on Facebook I can play many online games. That's all.

I know an application called Twitterfeed that can be used to show your latest post directly from your blog using rss feed. And I use the application to make my blogs more popular and well known. But, that's all. I don't tweet much either. I just thought that this account will have its own uses one day. And I finally got it. It can be monetized. So, this account can help me earn money also. What do you think?

If you have a Twitter account, you better monetize it too, folks. All you need to do is just have an account on Twittad.com. If you don't mind, you can be my referral and help me earn more money by registering here...(lol)

And they will find advertisers that will suit to your profile. You just wait for the notification email they will send to you. After that, just follow the simple step and woaallaahhh...your account is ready for the advertiser tweets. How about it? Interesting? Register now....

By the way, how is your weekend? I hope it's as fun as mine. God bless and have a nice day...

Jan 9, 2010

Quo Vadis

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Have you ever read the Quo Vadis book written by Henryk Sienkiewicz?

I tell you, this is really a great book. I found it by chance when I search for new books on a book store. First, I’m not so interesting on this book since the cover looks so usual. Nothing is special. But when I read a short synopsis on the back cover I changed my mind. I also found out the writer was given a Nobel Prize for this book. So I know, this is great book. The Noble Prize itself telling me this.

Quo vadis means “Where Are You Going?” I know Nero was a terribly cruel Roman Caesar who killed millions of Christians in Roman Emporium during his reign. Nero was also famous as a killer of his own mother, brother and his two wives. He is also one of some kings who choose to marry a beautiful looking young man.

This book described how Nero put Roman Capital on fire just to fulfill his need of creating a good poet about a burning kingdom.

This insane king has intentionally burn his own city and still have a special time to read his new poet in front of all aristocrats while standing watching the burning city.

People soon find out that’s something wrong with this fire. Rumor said that Nero himself has set that city on fire. People who are already lost all their belongings become so furious. They demand an answer and responsibility from Caesar himself due to this rumor. Some people on the parliamentary have already heard about the rumor too, but they were too afraid to face the cruel Caesar.

Fear of losing his emporium, Caesar decides to blame the follower of a new religion that widely spread in Rome. The first Christians in Rome. This new belief has millions of followers and still rapidly grows in number. People in Rome still believe in various kinds of gods and idolatry, while Christians believe in only one God. Caesar and his followers claim this new religion as a bad religion which predicted as the main cause of Roman’s collapse. By blaming the Christians, they can both kill all the followers and demolish Christianity for good.

This new rumor spread rapidly. People of Rome hunt and capture all Christians among them and put all those people in jail. The furious people want to punish whoever caused this massive damage to their beloved city. They easily believe that Christians were the bad people and a bad religion. Millions of Christians were dead killed by gladiators, beasts or weapons. All this processes were held on a famous place called amphitheater. The people of Rome were so enjoy watching this massive massacre.

All the beasts such as tigers, lions and bears, from different countries were sent to Rome for this purpose. Caesar even uses hundreds of bodies as human torches. Caesar will walk from every torch to watch the victim’s face closely. He also punished the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul by crucify them. All of this madness was done just to demolish Christianity in Rome. Is it truly demolishing Christianity from Rome? Nero was very wrong. In fact, now Rome is famous as the center of Christianity in the whole world.

St. Peter’s Basilica was build as the monument of St. Peter. Christianity spreads out to every part of the world. And Nero was known as a cruel king who burn Rome for poet and kill millions of innocent people to cover his arson.

This book has successfully made me sleepless last night. I can’t wait to read the end part of the story so I decide to continue reading till 5AM (call me crazy..lol..) But it was all worth it. This book is definitely worth it to be the reason of a sleepless night.

That’s all for today, folks. Enjoy your weekend...

Jan 7, 2010

Grumpy Shopkeeper

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Is it true that you must pay more for a better service? I think it’s true. Yesterday, I stopped by on store just a few minutes from my house. I just want to buy some cokes. Some of my family members were about to come to visit us. They love cokes and I think it’s far easier to serve than some cup of tea or coffee, right?

I went in to the store and went directly to the food and beverage area. First, I looked into the big chiller full of bottled drinks. I want to buy the cold one so that I don’t need to add ice cubes any more. After searching here and there, I can not find any cold coke everywhere. I can only see the regular bottles laid on a long shelf. I decided to ask the shopkeeper to safe more time, because my husband and daughter were waiting for me in the car outside the store.

I saw her standing next to the bottles of coke. I asked her whether she can show me where to find the cold cokes. She just shook her head and said nothing. She didn’t even smile! I guess she was trying to tell me that they don’t have the cold cokes, only the regular one. But she refused to answer my question directly. After shaking her head, she turned her back at me and starts to arrange some bottle which are already neat and pretend that I wasn’t there.

I don’t know what kind of people is this. I asked her politely and she didn’t even answer my questions. The first thing comes up to my mind was: this woman is definitely crazy! I tried to ask the same questions twice and still got the same kind of body language. Not even a word. This time I justified my first impression on her. She is definitely crazy.

How can a crazy impolitely woman like that got a job to work on store where she needs to give a good service to the customers. I just can’t figure out why.

Or maybe she acted like that because I came there with a simple t shirt and a simple short pant? I wonder would she act different if I showed up with a fancy gown and a stiletto. Will she choose to ignore me either? I bet she will welcome that kind of customer better. I bet she wrote on her mind: wealthy people means big spender. Sigh… She’s got all this wrong.

I think this kind of situation can also happened if I visit a branded boutique with a simple outfit like t shirt and short pant. They will ignore me even if I have a lot of money and 20 credit cards. Why? Because they already judge me from the outside look. In fact, they can’t see through my wallet. They only choose to serve “wealthy look customers” better. Wealthy look. Because, the truth is nobody can absolutely know the inside part of your wallet. Everybody can acts like a wealthy person, but who knows? Customers didn’t have a big logo on their foreheads telling everyone that they’re rich people, right? I’ve seen a lot of high end people who choose to use daily simple outfit when visiting store to buy some things. Don’t judge the book by its cover.

Every customer deserved the best services. Rich or poor, pretty or ugly, black or white, big spender or not. Everyone. And I think every shopkeepers in this world should ask themselves: Am I suitable for this kind of job?

If you can’t put a smile on your lips in front of your customer; or if you can’t answer your customer’s questions politely, I think you should get out of this business. You must learn more about the ethics. Find a job where you can work alone, get grumpy all the time and develop your body language skill better. Such as in a cave or inside your basement, maybe. Sigh..

Sorry for this grumpy share today, fellas. I just can’t hold it myself. I want to share it with you. Have you ever saw a bad shop keeper like that?

More About Baby and Pregnancy

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Mom needs to know everything. Mom must know everything. Isn’t that right? We must know all stuff about house keeping, accounting, and cooking, until pregnancy to nursery. Sigh! It’s not easy. That’s a lot of thing to learn. Where will we find out complete information then?

Try visit a good site about Baby and Child. They provide complete information there. Everything about mom’s world. I love their articles about toddlers. I have a toddler of my own and I really need to find many sources that can guide me to take care of her. They also have useful information about pregnancy, little babies, and new parents topic.

If you want to meet other parents in this world, you can join the forum which is also available there. We can share a lot of things about parenthood and discuss about many topics as well. This will develop our abilities and knowledge about this amazing parenthood world. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Jan 6, 2010

The Two Things

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I got two things to share today, my friends. The first one is my waiting is finally over. The day after I post my article a few days ago, I got a reply telling me that they already fixed the problem. My new link has been updated correctly from the system so I can continue my job. Actually, I already wrote the complete article three days ago. The only problem was I couldn’t submit the complete review to the system to complete the whole process. That’s all. If I don’t submit it, my job will be useless. Right after the link fixed, I submit the link successfully as you may see it on my site.

Thanks to Support Team.

The next thing I want to share is I won the giveaway, fellas!

This is my first time and I can’t believe I’m the winner. I got $15 certificate. You know, the hilarious part of this is that I only need to leave a comment on that page and follow the blog they asked me to. That’s all. After that, all I need is waiting. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be the winner. And I’m the luckiest one, this time (lol)

This giveaway stuff is commonly found on American blogs. I visit many blogs from there and I found out about the same kind of giveaway articles so many times. At first, I’m not so interested since I realize I came from a very far away country (lol). There’s no way I can win a giveaway like that. But, when I saw this Five Mom and A Blog Giveaway, I just want to try my luck. I follow the roll play and walaaahhh….I won. Isn’t that fabulous? I think I’m going to follow every giveaway I found in the next time (lol)

This two things are the perfect reason to spend the rest of this week. I feel great!! I hope you have a great week too there. Have Fun...

Jan 5, 2010

Gorgeous Prom Dresses

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What is the most important thing prom dresses should have before you buy it? Is it the fabrics? Some will choose the style, while some other will choose the color. For me, I choose the style first. After that, I’ll go the fabrics and then the price list. Even if I find out that the price is low, but I hate the style of it, I will reject it. On the other side, if the style and fabrics are great but have a higher price, maybe I will buy it as long as it has a reasonable price. Find only the best clothes for you, because your dress will show your character and personality to any other people who saw you wear it.

My favorite one is prom dress. That’s why I always spend more time to browse some great pictures of prom dresses 2010 on the internet. And these are some pictures I found. I would love to share it with you. I love these dresses. What do you think?

The dress is great and eye catching. And you can buy all of these beautiful prom dresses online.

Not enough with those pictures above? Why don’t you try these two amazing dresses below?

I prefer short prom dresses better than the long one, ecause short gown will make me look taller and fresh. It will help those who want to look younger and fresh. Am I right?

But, the most interesting i like is to browse wedding dresses pictures. I love to see various kinds of wedding dress while sitting in front of my laptop. Just like these two gorgeous wedding dresses below.

I bet every woman will look great on those dresses. Every woman demands the best for her wedding party. Who doesn’t anyway? All brides will search all over the places; try to find different kind of choices before made up a decision. Then why you waste your time by walking from a boutique to another boutique to find your favorite wedding dress anyway? On this bridal site, you can spare all your time choosing which one is the best style for you. You can even use a day long in front of your computer and seek, right?

All those gorgeous dresses are really lovely and make you want to grab them and bring them all home (lol). What a gorgeous dresses. Do you like it too? I bet you do (lol)

Jan 4, 2010

Drying Waiting

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I hate waiting! It makes you feel insecure and lost control of something. That's why I choose this weird picture as illustration..

It fits the condition that I'm drying when waiting (lol)..

I have one paid review left that must be completed before Jan, 8. The paid is good and I write the review as soon as I found the notification email about 3 days ago. This advertiser want to hire my two blogs all at once. I've posted the first review on "Blog Perempuan Rumahan". Done. But when I tried to submit the second review, the link was denied by the system. The notification said: "seems like you are using a different site. Please use the right site." Aaarrrgghhhh....

What? I don't understand. About two weeks ago, after I changed my domain into dot com, I send an email to Support Team of the review broker. I want them to know the new link and replace my old link (in blogspot) into the newest one. One of the staff has answered my email and tell me that my link has been successfully changed. I can use it to find advertisers. I was glad to know that every thing has work well. Now, my new domain can be used to work at home (lol)

But, this stirring event has smashed me down. This is the first opportunity for Mommy Mayonnaise and I can not do anything to fix the problem. Except sending another email to the Support Team. Ask them for help to fix my domain link on their system. Since I can not do it my self from my account. The domain part was made frozen. I send them email about 3 days ago and still not receive any answer nor reply. I must wait...wait...wait...wait..and wait... And I hate waiting!

I hope they will reply me back in a very short time. I only get 4 days left to complete my review. I don't want to lose this job. Actually, I can not wait any longer... I got bored! (lol)

Have a nice day, dearies....

Jan 3, 2010

World of Responsibilities

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The term of responsibility I mean here is: The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable, as for a trust, debt, or obligation. Each and every one of us has multiple responsibilities in this life, right?

As parents, we have responsibilities to our spouse and kids. At work, we have responsibilities on our job and performance. We even have responsibilities to our selves. Responsibility is one of many ways of how to be an eligible person who is in charge on a certain situation or job.

From several responsibilities, people can sometimes forget about how they must act properly due to responsibility they have. For instance, one day I saw a man smoking just a few meters from a gas station. Another day, I saw another man smoking inside a tank car carrying liquid gas. These two different guys have already forgotten that they have a big responsibility at the time they were smoking. They put everyone around them in a massive danger including them selves. They didn’t care a pin about the warning not to smoke nearby a gas station or tank of liquids gas.

Another example is when a man (usually a father) driving a motor cycle carrying two or even three passengers at a time. We all know the standard size of a motorcycle. Ideally, a motorcycle should only carry a driver and one passenger who sit behind the driver. But, here, you can see a medium size of motorcycle carrying a toddler who sits in front of the daddy who becomes the driver. Behind the driver, you can see another toddler stick to the daddy and hold his waist tightly. It’s not over yet. You can still find the mother sits behind the kid and still carrying a baby in her arms. So there are exactly five people sitting on a motor cycle!! Is this what we call responsibility?

Maybe I’m still too young to talk about responsibilities here compare to some of you who might be older and have more experiences than I do. But this still this young woman can pick the best among the better. Even a teenager can see that the three stories I’ve shared above are completely under the head of the worst thing. But, do we ever care?

Will you admonish a guy who smoking nearby a gas station when you passing by? Will you admonish the driver of a liquid gas tank car who smokes while driving along the main road?

Will you admonish a father who carries his entire family member on a medium size motorcycle? I think this is not as easy as we may think. People can get offended and attack you. That’s why some people choose to pretend not see anything. I can understand that.

We can not force people to be responsible. We can not force that driver, since we are not his superior. We can not force that father to be responsible since we don’t know each other. Because they can easily say: “That’s none of your business!
Don’t worry, we can still find more and more kind of people like this, people who disregard their responsibilities and put other people in a big danger. This is place we called world a.k.a home.

Happy Sunday, every one….

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

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Finally, we reached the new year, 2010.
You know, I actually push my self not to touch any of my blogs during this year end celebration. As you know, year end celebration is all about family and holiday. But, strangely, I keep remembering my blogs and can't stop myself to open my lappy and see the newest entry there. And here I am with another short update. Just to wish you a Happy New Year 2010, my dear friends..

The hilarious part of become a member of blog sphere is that you can have many many friends from all over the world. I mean, not just Indonesian friends like I already have, but also from other countries such as US, Sweden, and many more. That is my favorite benefits of blogging. So, though we can not see each other face to face, my dear friends, still I wish you all the best in this new year. May God bless you and your family members as well.

On this special occasion, I also want to share my good news with you here. Since I changed my domain (from blogspot into dot com) around the second week of December ago, I must face the biggest problem as the consequences. When using blogspot domain, this blog has already reach PR2 and a good number of Alexa Rank. But after I change into dot com, all of them blow away. My page rank turn to N/A as well as my Alexa Rank (turn to No Data Available). This has been last for about 2 weeks. Just before holiday, I checked my Alexa Rank and found out that there is some data available already, as you may see on the bottom of this site. It's really cheered me up (lol).

But the most fun of all is today. When I checked my page rank again and found out that my page rank is not N/A anymore but reached PR1 in just 2 weeks only. This is another best gift  I have on this new year. Thanks to all of you my friends out there, who supported this site along this time. I can't make it without you all. To end this post, once again I want to wish you A Happy New Year. God bless us all....


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