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Jan 13, 2010

What is sexy?

What is sexy?

Some say sexy is about being slim, beautifully shaped, smooth skin, pimples free face, big breasts, etc. Name your own definition.

But, apparently, sexy doesn’t have one certain condition that can make it acceptable to the whole parts of this world. Opinions may vary due to this sexy stuff. Below are sexy according to some countries or tribes that I found on a magazine, my dear friends.

Of course, I can not guarantee that these sexy definitions here are perfectly correct..(lol).. But they gave me a sneak peek about how other people from different cultures talk about sexy women. Feel free to give any comments or corrections but I can assure you that these all are for information only. No offense, okay?

Women in Center Africa believe that sexy means having wide lips. The wider your lips, the sexier you look. That’s why some women pull their lips in a certain way, so that their lips will get wider and wider every time. They called this as labrets.

While in Iran and Lebanon, a woman considered to be sexy if her left eyebrow connects with the right one. At a glance, her eyebrows will look like a line blocking her forehead up from left side of the head to the right side. That is sexy.

For women in North Japan, sexy woman is a woman who has a thin line of mustache above her lips. Some girls even make a special tattoo above their lips to make it looks like a real thin mustache.
[Sorry, can’t find any suitable pictures for this one]

In Philippine, women on a certain tribe consider pointed eyeteeth as sexy. (I wonder what my Pinoy friends will say about this..lol). Some women on certain tribes will sharpen their eyeteeth to look sexy
(Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of this kind of sexy on Google either.)

What about Burma? Here, sexy woman must have a long neck. I mean a real long neck like this.

They will wear so many gold necklaces in order to get a longer neck.

Last but not least, women in East Africa consider sagging breasts as a way to look sexy.

If some of us think on the opposite way, all these beautiful women are proud of the way they look. So, be careful with your pride and prejudice. What you may consider as ugly, may looks gorgeous on another part of this world. On the other side, what you may consider pretty, may look bad to other woman also.

Each and every one of us is sexy no matter what color you have, your weight, your height, your lips or your teeth. Becoming a woman is a gift. So lift your head and show the world how sexy and how proud you are, girls..


  1. In Philippine, women on a certain tribe consider pointed eyeteeth as sexy. (I wonder what my Pinoy friends will say about this..lol). Some women on certain tribes will sharpen their eyetooth to look sexy.
    I don't know about this and now i know,heheheh!!!
    people like this want to belong in the society and looking for attention.
    if you want to be center of the community, act and dress weird and strange, then you will have all the attention you want. hehehheh!

  2. hahahaha i'm filipino but i dont know about that sexy you've said above..hehehe

    but ofcourse there are lots of diffinations about being sexy or way, tradition or whatever it is as long as they call it sexy..

    Thanks for this interesting post my friend...

  3. Love your post, Risma... It's a pity that in our country, many women still pursue to have a white skin and straight hair. I'm not white and I have wavy hair, but I don't care about it. I'm proud to be a woman...

  4. I am from the Philippines and I dont have pointed eyeteeth! Waaa! It means I am ugly then?? LOL.. Joking ris.. hehehe... I haven't heard of this but maybe back then, they consider this pretty... All i know is that women in the Philippines are obsessed with light skin so they use all kinds of stuff to make their skin lighter...

    Women in Indonesia are pretty if they have a daughter named Asha.. wink!



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