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Jan 30, 2010

Enjoy Saturday

What is so fun about Saturday? Well, I enjoy Saturday better than Sunday. Wondering why? It’s simple. You can enjoy Saturday and still get a chance to enjoy the next holiday on Sunday. Meanwhile, on Sunday, you can just enjoy the day as best as you can, since you will get back to your daily routine on the next Monday morning, right? (lol)
Today, we have a plan to shop for groceries on the hypermarket nearby. It’s the end of the month already, guys (somehow I just realized it this morning). It feels like we had a new party just a few days ago, suddenly it comes to the end of January. Fyuuhh... time goes by real fast. The day after tomorrow will be the beginning of February.

That’s why we need to enjoy the moment we have right now I thing. Since things will never be the same again. My reunion with my high school classmates a few days ago told me this strictly to my head. There will be time when you realize that you lost so many chances and you don’t even realize it.

At last, I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, my dear friends wherever you are. Maybe you will spend more time with your family and friends. Go to the movie or have dinner together. Or maybe you just choose to spend more time alone, huh? Sit on your own cozy armchair holding a cup of hot chocolate maybe.

The most important thing is to enjoy the time we have while we can. Because this Saturday will go away forever and you will have a new Saturday in the next weekend. So, have a great Saturday all.


  1. I had a great Saturday too..

  2. Hi...I have another tag for you. Please complete the task if you want to...

  3. right-o! i love saturdays too. simply because the morning after it still is a holiday ;) missing your visits ris =(

  4. Hi Ris! I'm sorry I didn't get to visit you lately, I was so busy with Fifi's bday celebration.. It's almost over soon... And I'll be back here..

    Anywy, u and asha are invited ok?



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