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Jan 11, 2010

Monetizing your Twitter Account

Call me a stay at home mother, but I earn money from my living room, fellas...(lol)..
Monetizing my blogs? Checked!
Monetizing my Twitter account? Checked!

I'm not kidding. Somebody has just bought my twitter account to display their ads for a month.
They will pay me $4.80 for this. And what should I do then? Absolutely nothing! Just sit and leave the tweets thing to them. That's all.

Do you have a Twitter account? If you do, have you monetizing it already?
I have this Twitter account for almost one year, but I don't use it much. I'm not a real twitter. I choose Facebook better because on Facebook I can play many online games. That's all.

I know an application called Twitterfeed that can be used to show your latest post directly from your blog using rss feed. And I use the application to make my blogs more popular and well known. But, that's all. I don't tweet much either. I just thought that this account will have its own uses one day. And I finally got it. It can be monetized. So, this account can help me earn money also. What do you think?

If you have a Twitter account, you better monetize it too, folks. All you need to do is just have an account on Twittad.com. If you don't mind, you can be my referral and help me earn more money by registering here...(lol)

And they will find advertisers that will suit to your profile. You just wait for the notification email they will send to you. After that, just follow the simple step and woaallaahhh...your account is ready for the advertiser tweets. How about it? Interesting? Register now....

By the way, how is your weekend? I hope it's as fun as mine. God bless and have a nice day...


  1. I love this informative post! Btw, happy belated new year!

  2. Thanks for the info! I'll try it asap...

  3. hmm.. thats nice. i have a twitter too but dont use it that much..

  4. I have no facebook or twitter account ris! But that's nice to know that you could earn money from twitter too... You're very rich now.. LOL..


  5. wow.. i have a twitter account and will surely try the twittad under you.


  6. I've a twitter account, but I'm not active at all. It's interesting info, Risma, I've just known about this...

  7. I've tried but I got a problem invalid user name and password.


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