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Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Finally, we reached the new year, 2010.
You know, I actually push my self not to touch any of my blogs during this year end celebration. As you know, year end celebration is all about family and holiday. But, strangely, I keep remembering my blogs and can't stop myself to open my lappy and see the newest entry there. And here I am with another short update. Just to wish you a Happy New Year 2010, my dear friends..

The hilarious part of become a member of blog sphere is that you can have many many friends from all over the world. I mean, not just Indonesian friends like I already have, but also from other countries such as US, Sweden, and many more. That is my favorite benefits of blogging. So, though we can not see each other face to face, my dear friends, still I wish you all the best in this new year. May God bless you and your family members as well.

On this special occasion, I also want to share my good news with you here. Since I changed my domain (from blogspot into dot com) around the second week of December ago, I must face the biggest problem as the consequences. When using blogspot domain, this blog has already reach PR2 and a good number of Alexa Rank. But after I change into dot com, all of them blow away. My page rank turn to N/A as well as my Alexa Rank (turn to No Data Available). This has been last for about 2 weeks. Just before holiday, I checked my Alexa Rank and found out that there is some data available already, as you may see on the bottom of this site. It's really cheered me up (lol).

But the most fun of all is today. When I checked my page rank again and found out that my page rank is not N/A anymore but reached PR1 in just 2 weeks only. This is another best gift  I have on this new year. Thanks to all of you my friends out there, who supported this site along this time. I can't make it without you all. To end this post, once again I want to wish you A Happy New Year. God bless us all....


  1. amin..wish God bless us.
    happy new year sista' :)

  2. Have a good start of the year....!

    with hug...s



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