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Jan 20, 2010

Women Protection

Everybody needs protection everyday, even men or children. Men need protection to keep them safe during daily activities at work as well as children at school. Indeed, women need a different kind of protection from men of children. For women, protection needs to be in line with fashion. Even women who work on industrial occupations need fashion also. But perhaps, for this kind of job, fashion can be placed in the second place. So what is it in the first place anyway?

Safety first! That’s the most important thing we need before doing any kind of job, right? No matter how safe your work environment looks like, you still need some tools to protect you from any kind of injuries. Women’s work clothes nowadays have been well equipped for protecting purposes. So, make sure you are wearing one of that equipped clothes now.

If you’ve done with the clothes, then take a look at your boots. Are they safe enough for you to use on your daily activities? We can find various kinds of women’s boots for various necessities on stores. Just make sure that you wear appropriate footwear. Otherwise, it can’t provide you an appropriate protection either. What if you are a stay at home mother, just like me? We don’t use certain kind of clothes nor boots on our daily activities, right? But I assure you, moms, we still need protections. Especially when we go outside for grocery or buy some foods, we must have our own protection. Have you try pepper spray? I have one of my own on my purse right now. I believe it’s the perfect defense I have outside my warm and safety home.

As I said before, everybody needs protection. For women, use a fashionable kind of protection. What do you think?

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