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Jan 17, 2010

Searching for the next Indonesian Idol

The world is having “Idol Fever” right now. On television, we can barely see those “idol wanna be” voluntarily standing on a very hot day just to wait for their turn on an audition.

They want to show their abilities of singing in front of the famous juries of Idol competition in their countries.

These Indonesian Idol juries have visited Medan to seek for Medan’s talents. They opened an audition for everyone who is talented on singing to challenge other people from other cities/island on the next stage. But first they must succeed to gain the juries’ attention first. The winner of this audition will be flied over to Jakarta with them. The audition was only opened for two days (last Saturday and Sunday). And then the crowds begin..

If America has Simon Cowell and friends, then here, in Indonesian Idol, we have Erwin Gutawa and friends as the juries.

These juries hold the decision whether “the idol wanna be” has qualification to face the next challenge in the capital city, Jakarta, or not.

Hundreds of teenager came and waited for their turn patiently on a place call Griya Dome in Medan. This place is only a few meters away from our housing. This crowd has made the securities of our housing made a decision to close the entering gate. So, nobody can enter the housing during that audition. Visitors (even the residences owners themselves) must use another entering gate far from Griya Dome.

Griya Dome was so full of people so that police officers were watching around that place to make sure everything was okay.

On the last day of audition, Sunday, people are getting bigger in number. Many of them have come and standing in front of the building since 3AM just before dawn. Amazing!! I wonder what these people are thinking of. Leaving your home so early just to get the first place in front of the building and stay there for almost 5 hours more? Are you insane? Even the juries themselves are still happily sleeping on their hotel’s beds at that time. I just can’t get it.

Everyone is competing to be the next Indonesian Idol. Almost everyone can sacrifice anything for this. Being an Idol and become famous in just a few months is so seductive, right? They ready to sacrifice a lot of money also for this. Everyone wants to be famous. Well, good luck then to all of you “Idol wanna be” out there. I hope one of Medan teenagers can be the next Indonesian Idol this year..lol…

Are you a fan of this show?


  1. To be honest, I dont' know for sure what to think about suchs shows, as I guess that no one would make for example the post man or a person working in a supermarket an idol, even though, they do as much as they can to improve the lifes of many others.

  2. I'm not a big fan, but I like to watch it...

  3. Wow! American Idol really made it all the way there... I barely watch it now but before I got addicted to it...

    New blog Ris? Hmm... That's great! I will go and visit it...



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