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Jan 22, 2010

High school Reunion

My friends from high school are going to have a little gathering in my house this Monday. I'm so excited. It’s been a long time since our last time together. We graduated from high school on 1999, so it’s been ten years ago (almost 11 years)! Time goes by, huh?

(High School Uniforms)

It feels like I was on my teenager life just a few years ago when suddenly I realized that it’s been ten years ago.
I remember walking around my school area wearing my grey skirt along with all my teen-pals. Life as teenager is almost without problem. We were only need to focus on our study, especially on the last year of our school. But before that, we spent our day in school happily.

Of course we didn’t use our entire time to study (well, who did anyway?).
We still had sometimes for fun such as watching the movie together or went to visit Lake Toba which is just 1 hour away from our hometown. In other time, we went to eatbakso” (meat balls) together, etc.

(Danau Toba/Toba Lake)

In school, we usually spend time during break time by sitting and talking in front of our class room. We sat together and share stories about every thing, usually the topic was about boys and boys (lol). We always find some thing to talk about. It was really fun! My high school time was really fun so that I still can remember it clearly right now, especially when I saw my daughter, Asha. My time as a teenager has passed by and in the next few years, I will see my own teenager kids. (sigh) it hits me in the head and tell me “You are getting older now. You are a mother.”

Yes, I am. And I’m proud to be what I am right now, with all the responsibilities I have. I still have time to memorize my life as a teenager whenever I want. I still can keep those memories in my mind since I would never let it go. Now, when I bring those memories back, I just smile and smile thinking of how I was on my teenager life.

And when the chance came to meet my old friends back, I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. Maybe I can’t meet every one of them obviously. But it would be very great to meet two or three of my high school friends. And I can’t wait until Monday for it (lol).


  1. It's always fun to meet old friends from our pasts!

  2. graduated from high school on 1999?
    di tahun itu, berarti tahun ke-8 aku kerja di NOL/APL..hehe
    have a great reunion deh..

  3. Wish you have wonderful times on your reunion :)

  4. Time just really does fly by quickly!

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  5. How fun! I would love to see all my friends from high school, but we're all over the country now.

    Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  6. Wow! i miss my high school classmates now Ris! Those were the days when we were all innocent and all we think about is how to have clean fun... Enjoy ur reunion dear..

    Sorry just got here, I am very busy preparing fifi's bday party..


  7. Wow! that´s nice...It´s always fun to meet an old classmates, specially if you did´nt meet for a while, there is a lot´s of things to talk about..can be memories from the past, now and the future...

    Happy reunion to all of you..


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