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Aug 16, 2011

You Are Still A Mother!

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Every mom will be very happy to have her own new born baby in her hands from the very first second, I suppose. I said “suppose” because apparently there will always be mothers or mothers to be out there who plan to get rid of their new born baby as soon as possible with various reasons. One of the reasons I got is because having or nurturing a baby is such an enormous responsibility.
You can’t just say: 
--> “Alright, I’ve had enough of taking this tiny person in my womb for nine months. Now it’s your turn to take care of her from now on.”
--> “I’m still feeling exhausted. Could you please take my baby away for couple of years then bring her back to me right after she can walk on her own feet.” 

Then, maybe that’s why some of those moms choose to give up and ask someone else to take their places as moms. Breastfeeding is also one of issues that mom should deal with after delivering her baby. And for me, breastfeeding is all about decision. It’s sad to see someone looks down on a mother just because she’s unable to breastfeed her baby.

--> “Why don’t you breastfeed your baby? That is really irresponsible!” 
--> “What?! You choose to give that synthetic milk for your baby? Ewww. What kind of mother are you?” 

I think it’s not fair. No one should ever judge a woman’s capability of becoming a mother based only on her capability of breastfeeding her baby. There are many reasons why moms unable to breastfeed their babies and turn into formula milk and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Formula milk is not poison! It was carefully formulated by the expert to support baby’s growth so that the ingredients will be as good as mom’s milk. Some said that mom becomes unable to make physical contact with her baby since she feed her with plastic bottle, which is not completely true. You still able to hug her in your arms while feed her with bottle. Anyway, feeding your baby is not the only physical contact you’re about to have when nurturing baby, right? My point is that you, moms out there have all the rights to choose whatever you want to do with your body. No one should ever judge you just because you’re different from the other side of group. You are still a mother with our without breastfeeding your baby. Just do whatever you think the best for your new born sugar. Happy nurturing!

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Jun 15, 2011

Managing Online Business With A Proper Web Hosting Service

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You can say that managing a business nowadays is quite different from the way we did couples of years ago. In the past days, we usually bring our products and sell them directly to customers in need. Then some people started to use media as show case to gain more interests. It’s not uncommon for us to find certain company sent catalogues of their products via mail. Then there’s improvement when people started to use email as well.

Then what about selling your product online? People usually pay more attention to products displayed online on a professional website. Well, I also love to spend time to look at beautiful products displayed on certain online store and sometimes buy a few of them just a moment after that. That’s the power of selling online. You don’t have to carry your entire product anywhere. Just put pictures on your website and everyone will be able to see them no matter where they are.

So, if you’re thinking (and planning) about having an online business, make sure that you use a proper web hosting or managed hosting to support you, such as Superb Internet. It’s important for you to have a professional and trustable website as your online store, so that your customers (or customers to be) can access your online store easily. But, if somehow you already have your own server but still need more help, then colocation is another option for you. I hope you will be able to manage your business properly, whatever options you have there.
This post is brought to you by a friend of mine.

May 31, 2011

Expand Your Readership With Web Hosting

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Every blogger like me wants their thoughts to be spread and read by lots and lots of people out there. Because it's actually the main idea of why you should have your own blog in the first place. If you think that no one should able to reach and know you through your article, then why bother to make a blog then? Use an old fashioned style diary with a cute lock outside to prevent anyone from peeking.

Since you want to share your opinion with other or even want to start a discussion with your readers, you need to have and manage a proper blog for it. An accessible blog/personal website will be a great advantage for you to gain more readers. And for this, you need to choose a right web hosting to support you. As a matter of fact, web hosting can be used for other purposes too, such as promotion, information, online shop or public service. It will help you reach more readers even from different countries, especially if you use the internationally known language, English, as your main language in your blog/personal website.

Of course they will provide you with many options first before you make any decision by reading their review. Choose one from the list according to your need and budget. Happy blogging!
This was brought to you by a friend and all opinions are 100% mine

Apr 22, 2011

Way To Invest Smartly

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There will always something about money that makes you think about what to do first before taking action. Budgeting and making a complete financial plan is not easy. There are several things that you need to consider before. But what exactly those things are? For this answer, maybe you will need help from credible people who are expert in helping people managing their money, whether it’s about saving, debt management, investing, budgeting, taxing, or credit card issues. They will be able to answer your entire questions and help you manage it.

And the best thing is you can find them online now. So, you don’t have to set a special appointment to meet your financial advisors directly but you can still communicate with them through internet. They usually ask you to provide some information about yourself before and create a new account in order to pull your all financial information into one place. They will guarantee that all your information is always secure and that your data is always protected.

You can discuss almost about anything. Not only just a serious part of financial such as online stock trading but you can also find out about how to spend your money properly so you still able to save some of them by the end of the day. That’s the easiest part of financial solution that most people need to find out. Well, those financial advisors are there to help us now.

Apr 14, 2011

It's Going To Be Hectic Real Soon

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I feel a bit confused and worry at the same time right now. My pregnancy is getting older and my due date is getting closer, about 3 months again. I've been reading a lot about contaminated formula milk in my country before especially formula milk for new born babies. It really makes me hesitated to feed my new born baby with formula milk. I plan to purely breastfeed him for at least 6 months before introducing formula milk as additional. And that's a huge plan!

Because I already have a 4 years daughter right now and she needs a different kind of attention right now. I never use a nanny service before because I can't simply imagine anyone else will ever take care of her as best as I could do. That's why I choose to resign from my previous job and become a stay at home mom. And I make it. I manage to raise my first daughter by myself until 4 years old. But by the coming of my second child everything would be different. I don't think I'll be able to breastfeed my newborn baby and at the same time nursing my 4 years old daughter all by myself. I can imagine that it would be very hectic for me. The only way out is to find more help and support.

I'm going to need a nanny eventually, no matter how hesitated I am about it. I've been trying to find a qualified and credible nanny for about 3 months now and end up with nothing. Meanwhile, my due date is getting closer. It makes me hold my breath just to imagine how hectic the situation with me in the next few years. Being a mother is never easy and it's going to be harder and harder. May God help me to take care His two amazing miracles in the future.

Apr 2, 2011

My Baby's Kicks

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Every time I feel his kicks inside my belly, I just can't stop smiling no matter how sleepy I am.The funny thing is this is my second pregnancy. That means I've been in this situation before with my first daughter. But the magic is just can't stop. You will always feel amazed when you realize that there is a little tiny person who's growing inside of you everyday and how he shows you that he's alive, by kicking you regularly. Hahaha..
This is my 6th month pregnancy and my baby is big enough to show some actions that he's alive, everyday. Sometimes I feel my belly is so tight then I have to find a place to (at least) sit or even laying. The more I touch my belly (or talking to my belly) the more he will kick me. Amazing!!

Blessed you all mother out there who's been given a chance to have this amazing experience. To be able to feel the growing life inside your body and praise The Almighty God for His beautiful plan over you. May God bless my little tiny baby inside my belly right now. I already love you even when you're just a tiny spot inside me.

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Get an upgrade with bold hues and body-loving shapes for Spring

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This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

What do you love the most about swim wear? Is it the pattern? Or maybe you prefer the color best? Also, do you love bikini or monokini instead? For me, I prefer a simple cutting with simple pattern in bright color. Sometimes I like light blue or soft pink. But I can also love this color below. Gorgeous!

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Their collections are including sandals, tote bags, sun glasses and hats, either for women or men. They will be perfect to accompany your swim wear, right? You can pick a simple cutting or flirty ruffles. Also available in strapless or halter bikini style. You will find any kind of style and color you like.

If you're one of the lucky winner, you can have one of those gorgeous swimwear for free. Take some times to look around at their collections online now. Enjoy your spring time, ladies.Advertisement

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Mar 7, 2011

Nanny And Your Kids' Independency

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It's hard to find a nanny who loved our kids as sincere as we (parents) do, right? So when you've found one, you will try your best to keep the nanny with you and please her with everything she wants. By doing so, you hope your kid will be happy and in a good care of a loving and professional nanny. And at the same time, the nanny feels comfortable to work in your house and willing to stay for a long time.
But, watch out, mommies! Your kids could become so attached to the nanny and slowly forget to learn about how to be an independent person according to her/his age. Let me tell you a story about a nanny of my daughter's classmate in playgroup.

This little girl (usually called Taya) is 3 years old. The regulation in the school is parents must leave their kids study in the class room alone. Parents can wait for their children in a special room together with other parents. But no adult people is allowed inside the class room except for the teacher/s. If your kid is new, you can accompany her/him for the first three days only, after that you must leave the class room and wait with other parents in the waiting room. Most of the kids usually cry and upset when watching their parents leaving them inside, but it's only happened for a few days. They will soon understand that parents aren't allowed to accompany them inside the classroom and they will accept it and happily meet their parents back outside the classroom, after the class is over.

But this little girl, Taya, has been accompanied by her nanny for almost 5 months inside the class room. Her nanny makes an excuse that Taya will be very upset if she leaves her alone in the classroom. But regulation is still regulation. The teacher finally insisted that the nanny must wait outside the class just like other parents did. When this happened, Taya screamed and cried so loudly, but her teacher managed to persuade her after 10 minutes. She has been told that her nanny is waiting outside, no one is going to leave her alone. She stopped crying but still refuse to study. Her teacher keeps persuades her and at least she's willing to stay inside the classroom without her nanny. Next time she'll get better.

But outside the classroom, silly thing happens. The nanny's crying. She said she can't be separated from Taya (even for only about 2 hours!?) and the teacher shouldn't have forced her to do so. The nanny told us that Taya is so attached to her 24 hours a day. Even when she needs to go to the bathroom, Taya will drag her chair and wait for her exactly in front of the bathroom's door which must be left opened. Can you imagine how stupid that situation is?? Maybe the nanny told us the story in order to gain our sympathy and showing us how close and important she is to Taya. But, instead of looking at her with a smile and understanding, we look amazed and frowned. What kind of nurture is that?

The nanny failed to teach Taya about independence. I wonder what's going to happen to this little girl if suddenly her nanny can not work and accompany her anymore. In this Taya case, I don't think that the little girl has a problem about left alone in the classroom, but the nanny is actually the person who refused to let it happens. She's so proud that she can make her employer's kid so attached to her that she doesn't care about the bad impact that Taya will face in the future. I'm sure the situation will be harder for Taya when she moves to a higher step such as Kindergarten and Primary School. When all her friends can adapt just well in the new school, Taya will still struggle with the condition that she must be separated from her nanny everyday.

So, if you mommies hire a nanny to nurture your kids everyday, make sure you pay attention to this side of the story. I'm sure you want your kids to grow as independent persons who can adapt well and face everything in front of them on their own in the future. Nanny is good to help them with food, hygiene, doing homework, etc. But nanny won't stay forever, someday she will leave. And tell your kids, that they must deal with it someday. But life must go on and they still need to learn and grow bigger, even with or without the nanny beside them. That's the point. Don't let your kids so attached to them. And tell the nanny to teach your kids about Independence before she managed to make your kid so attached to her.

Feb 8, 2011

Home Made Meal For Kids Lunch

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I think it much easier for parents to just give their little kids an amount of money for allowance without bother about how are they going to spend that money. The common purpose of this allowance is for lunch at school or to buy snacks on their spare time. But I think we still need to figure out how they spend their allowance. Little kids usually can't make a right choice for healthy food for lunch. If you just give the money and let them figure it out for themselves, then you couldn't blame them if they're getting over weight due to eating junk food everyday.

Kids would prefer burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and french fries rather than fish or vegetables. They always try to get rid those kind of healthy foods even where you're there watching them. Imagine what will happen if they can choose whatever they want without having you around. Not to mention the food's hygiene and how your kids can end up with indigestion problems.

Maybe you would like to consider about preparing a home made foods for them instead of giving them allowance to buy meal for lunch. Healthy sandwich and fruit in a small cute bag which they can carry to school will be a healthier choice. You can guarantee the freshness and nutrition and maintain the hygiene level. Yes, you will going to spend more time to do this, but it's worth to do. You can find various healthy recipes for children every where (books or online) and serve it the way they like it.

I don't hate junk food at all, because junk food is actually tasty. LoL. But I don't want my child to eat junk food everyday. I still can enjoy junk food once a week, especially on weekend. But that's all.

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Great Butt Paste For Delicate Skin

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This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

Diaper rash is one of the most regular issues among you ladies who have been gifted babies. The itchy feeling caused by these rashes will give your baby a very uncomfortable feeling around his/her butt. It's usually happens if the baby wears disposable diaper every day. This could also affect their sleeping habit during the night as well as unstoppable crying. Babies can't tell you about it, they just can only cry and always look nervous.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste is one of their choices to cure diaper rash. It has been well formulated by the experts and make it suitable for delicate skin of your baby butts. Contain Zinc Oxide and Peruvian Balsam to soothe the irritated skin due to diaper rash. This paste is available in many convenient and handy travel sizes. It contain skin protectant inside the pleasant scent.

Oprah talk about it in one of her famous shows, just like Tonight Show, ESPN or People Magazine. Great product must be trustable by numerous number of people and this butt paste is also recommended by pediatrician. Go to their site to find a way to get a free sample offer. Just by sending them a self addressed envelope.

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Feb 2, 2011

Kid's Supplementary Vitamins, Pros and Cons

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Do you give supplementary vitamins for your kids, mommies? There's been pros and cons about this so far. Some mommies say that it's okay to give vitamins to help our kids grow healthier and smarter every day. But the cons say that supplementary vitamins are not urgently needed and how mommies should think about the side effects of unnatural vitamins like that to our children.

Indeed, I can understand all the explanation that both sides gave so far. And I think both of them are right. The pros said that supplementary vitamins can be used to support our kids growth and that's true. Those supplements have been clinically proven and studied by the right experts concerning the ingredients and the use of each supplement. Maybe they're not as good as the natural vitamins but not as bad as other mommies thought also.

For the cons side which refuse to give supplementary vitamins for their kids, I found their reason is good too. Nothing better than giving our kids the real carrots to gain vitamin A then giving the a vitamin A tablet. But, what if you don't have time to prepare the proper food for your kids due to some other urgent daily business? Are you going to choose to not giving any kind of supplementary vitamins too? Or what if your kids refuse to eat those carrot you gave them? Are you going to force them to eat it? Kids are well known for their picky habits. So, while we teach them to love foods, we must think about their need of vitamins at the same time too.

So, I think nothing's wrong about giving your kids supplementary vitamins each day as long as you remember that they can't replace the good from natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables or grains and eggs. Just be a flexible mommies. If your kids enjoys every kind of food you gave them (including fruits and vegetables) and you always have spare time to make sure that they meet their correct proportion each meal according to their ages and needs, then you shouldn't need to worry about not giving your kids supplementary vitamins. Just make sure that the intake is proportional so that your kids can be avoided from Avitaminosis.

But, if you feel that you can provide a complete package of vitamins for your kids, then supplementary vitamins are not forbidden. But they can't replace the healthy and natural foods whatsoever. Because on top of that, we, as parents, only want the best for our kids.

Image Source: www.preparednesspro.com

Jan 24, 2011

Try to be on the spot again

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Talking about pregnancy, there will always be something 'weird' to talk about. Will you believe me if I told you that I've been avoiding internet ever since I got pregnant. I left my laptop upstairs while I spent most of my time daily downstairs. I could never do that before, believe my. I can't live without my laptop. More over, I can't imagine I could ever leave my three beloved blogs like this. But this is what truly happens right now. So forgive me, my friends, if you find my blogs boring for I can't spend time to update any of my blogs these past 4 months.

Well, at least this post is like the first time for me, now. LoL. I try to update this blog from my Blackberry instead of my laptop. Maybe next time I'll try to open my laptop once again. Alright, you may want to yell at me: "Stop blaming it on your pregnancy! It has nothing to do with it." Then how can I explain this feeling which suddenly appear right after? I can't explain it and I don't know for how long this going to take time.

But, I'm glad I'm here this evening. LoL

Anyway, do you a similar experience with me during your pregnancy? Tell me about something weird that your pregnancy brings you and share the story here.

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