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Feb 8, 2011

Home Made Meal For Kids Lunch

I think it much easier for parents to just give their little kids an amount of money for allowance without bother about how are they going to spend that money. The common purpose of this allowance is for lunch at school or to buy snacks on their spare time. But I think we still need to figure out how they spend their allowance. Little kids usually can't make a right choice for healthy food for lunch. If you just give the money and let them figure it out for themselves, then you couldn't blame them if they're getting over weight due to eating junk food everyday.

Kids would prefer burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and french fries rather than fish or vegetables. They always try to get rid those kind of healthy foods even where you're there watching them. Imagine what will happen if they can choose whatever they want without having you around. Not to mention the food's hygiene and how your kids can end up with indigestion problems.

Maybe you would like to consider about preparing a home made foods for them instead of giving them allowance to buy meal for lunch. Healthy sandwich and fruit in a small cute bag which they can carry to school will be a healthier choice. You can guarantee the freshness and nutrition and maintain the hygiene level. Yes, you will going to spend more time to do this, but it's worth to do. You can find various healthy recipes for children every where (books or online) and serve it the way they like it.

I don't hate junk food at all, because junk food is actually tasty. LoL. But I don't want my child to eat junk food everyday. I still can enjoy junk food once a week, especially on weekend. But that's all.

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