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Feb 2, 2011

Kid's Supplementary Vitamins, Pros and Cons

Do you give supplementary vitamins for your kids, mommies? There's been pros and cons about this so far. Some mommies say that it's okay to give vitamins to help our kids grow healthier and smarter every day. But the cons say that supplementary vitamins are not urgently needed and how mommies should think about the side effects of unnatural vitamins like that to our children.

Indeed, I can understand all the explanation that both sides gave so far. And I think both of them are right. The pros said that supplementary vitamins can be used to support our kids growth and that's true. Those supplements have been clinically proven and studied by the right experts concerning the ingredients and the use of each supplement. Maybe they're not as good as the natural vitamins but not as bad as other mommies thought also.

For the cons side which refuse to give supplementary vitamins for their kids, I found their reason is good too. Nothing better than giving our kids the real carrots to gain vitamin A then giving the a vitamin A tablet. But, what if you don't have time to prepare the proper food for your kids due to some other urgent daily business? Are you going to choose to not giving any kind of supplementary vitamins too? Or what if your kids refuse to eat those carrot you gave them? Are you going to force them to eat it? Kids are well known for their picky habits. So, while we teach them to love foods, we must think about their need of vitamins at the same time too.

So, I think nothing's wrong about giving your kids supplementary vitamins each day as long as you remember that they can't replace the good from natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables or grains and eggs. Just be a flexible mommies. If your kids enjoys every kind of food you gave them (including fruits and vegetables) and you always have spare time to make sure that they meet their correct proportion each meal according to their ages and needs, then you shouldn't need to worry about not giving your kids supplementary vitamins. Just make sure that the intake is proportional so that your kids can be avoided from Avitaminosis.

But, if you feel that you can provide a complete package of vitamins for your kids, then supplementary vitamins are not forbidden. But they can't replace the healthy and natural foods whatsoever. Because on top of that, we, as parents, only want the best for our kids.

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