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Feb 17, 2010

What's In A Cup of Tea

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Do you love tea, my dear friend? Well, I do, especially black tea. In fact, tea is the most favorite kind of drink in Indonesia, maybe because tea has such a lot of benefits. Tea can reduce the possibility of having diarrhea, as our ancestors believe in a long time. They say, there’re 72 kinds of poison ivies that can be neutralized by tea. A research also found out that tea can make you focus and have more ability to solve problems. So, what’s in a tea actually?
A cup of tea
A cup of tea contains 4 calorie and ten times vitamin B2 more than cereal or vegetables. It also has a bigger amount of vitamin C than a big glass of orange juice. The other benefit you may have from a cup of tea is the “polyphenol” enzyme which is very useful to reduce plaque on your teeth by affecting the bacteria inside your mouth.

Have a cup of tea regularly and you will have all those benefits regularly either. So, show me some sips then (lol)

Feb 15, 2010

O Happy Day

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Let’s start this Monday with something happy. And I have so many reasons for being happy today. What? Sure, I’d love to share some of those reasons with you here.

I am happy because:
1. I have my laptop back with me since two days ago. Hooray…

2. I received this Happy Tag from my dear friend Jenie a few days ago. Sorry for being too late to post it, dear.
From Jenie

3. March is right in front of my eyes now. March is very special for me

4. Our new house is about to be finished in the next few months. I can’t wait to see it.

5. My younger sister is going to marry her boyfriend this year.
My sister, Flora

6. My husband bought me a lovely Guess? watch yesterday. Really love it.

7. I can cook more food on Café World and plant more crops on Farm Ville (lol)

8. I can write and write more in my blogs since I’ve got my laptop back.

9. This year is our 5th valentine’s day. And I still love my husband (lol). Anyway, thanks for my other Jenny friend for giving me this cute valentine tag. I love it very much, Jen.
From Jenny

10. I still have my entire family with me. God bless me with such a huge blessings every day.

So, those are some of my reasons. Do you have particular reasons for being happy today also? Well, share some, my friends. I’d love to read them too. Happy Monday all…

Feb 13, 2010

Soup, Everyone?

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I’m back… I’m back, my dear friends. My laptop’s issue has been solved properly. I will start my blogwalking time again in a very short time. Thanks a lot for keep visiting me along this time. From now on, I will be able to visit you back again. Meanwhile, you may want to read something about soup.
Creamy Soup
Soup has been well known for its ability to heal few kinds of illness. It is also an easy kind of food and can be ready in few minutes, since all you need is just adding any kind of ingredients you like. If having a headache, you might like to try the rich and creamy soup with a lot of vegetables on it. Or when you’re having a cold or fever, you may try the chicken soup, my dear friends.

You know, the first soup was actually made around 6000 BC. At that time, people used hippopotamus’ bones to make the stock. In ancient England, the word “soup” actually has a different meaning. Soup means: a slice of bread covered up with meat stock. And a few decades later, you can even find several kinds of soup, such as thick soup, or even creamy soup. It may not have a slice of bread on it, but it definitely use meat stock on the process.

Yes, stock is the most important ingredient on soup. A perfect stock will give a tasty soup as the result. You can make a thick stock by boiling meat along with the bones for a few hours. There’s a quick tip for you. If you don’t have much time to make stock and refuse to use the package one, you still use this as a way out. Make a large amount of stock at a time. You don’t have to use them all on one bowl of soup. Keep the rest of the stock and put it into an ice tray. Let it freeze inside your chiller until turn out to be just like ordinary ice cubes.

So, each time you need to make a bowl of tasty soup, all you need is just taking a few cubes of frozen stock and melts them with the rest of your ingredients. It’s that easy, huh? So, let’s have a bowl of warm soup right now, fellas.
Chicken Soup
Maybe, a bowl of chicken soup. What about that?
Enjoy it while I'm visiting you right now (lol)

Feb 9, 2010

Another Task-y Tag

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Just another task-y tag, my friends (lol). I hope you won't get bored reading a lot of task-y tag like this on my blog (lol). It came from my dear friend Fanda who likely have a lot of tags and awards on her pocket. Hahaha.. Well, here we go...

1. Where is your cell phone?
Here, right beside me

2. Relationship?
I'm married (isn't that obvious?) :)

3. Your hair?
Short and highlighted

4. Work?
Stay At Home Mother

5. Your sisters?
I have one, her name is Flora

6. Your favorit thing?

7. Your dream last night?
To be honest, I can't remember every dream I had in the past day. Hahaha

8. Your favorit drink?

9. Your dream car?
Dunno.. I can't drive a car (lol).

10. Your shoes?
I love high heels
11. Your fears?
To be left alone

12. What do you want to be in 10 years?
Just like the way I am now, only better :)

13. Who did you hang out with last week?
My husband and daughter

14. What are you not good at?
Driving a car (lol)

15. One of your wish list item?
They say: pictures can tell story better (lol)
I love gadgets...

16. Where you grew up?
My hometown, P. Siantar

17. Last thing you did?

18. What are you wearing?
T Shirt and Short Pants. I'm at home.

19. Your computer?

20. Your pet?
Three black dogs
21. Your life?
Wonderfully blessed. I'm happy with my life :)

22. Missing ?
My parents at my hometown

23. What are you thinking right now?
My broken laptop :(

24. Your car?
My husband has a black Honda Stream

25. Your kitchen?
Little kitchen but comfy :)

26. Your favorit color?
27. Last time you laugh?
This morning. My husband told a really funny story to me

28. Last time you cried?
I totally forgot (thank God) :)

29. Love?
I'm surrounded by love right now.

30. So who wants to share their ONEs? how about?
Sorry, I don't get it either..

 That's all for this tag. Do you have something in mind for this? :)

Feb 5, 2010

Be right back

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Ouh... I finally can get back here. I have a problem with my laptop, my friends. That's the reason why you didn't see me this week on your site. I'm really sorry about that. First, I want to thank all of you who still willing to visit me here. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
Right now, I'm using my husband's laptop for a while. I can only use this at night time after he got back from his office. To be honest, I really hate doing this. My husband has spent his busy day at his office. I think he wants to have his wife and daughter sit beside him and have a little chit chat together. And how can I do that if I'm busy with my blogs and leave him with my daughter? Somehow, it doesn't feel right.

So, I've asked him to get my laptop fixed this Monday. He will ask some IT staffs in his office for that. Meanwhile, I can only sit and wait. So, my dear friends, even if I have a chance to post this today, I still don't have time yet to visit you all. I'm just trying to bring life to my blogs after leaving them behind this couple of days.

But the worst thing of all is the fact that I may lose all my documents on my laptop. I always keep a copy of my posted articles in my internal hard disc. So, just in case something happens, I still have a copy of each article. I've put most of them into my external hard disc around three months ago. But I still have some of them on my internal hard disc. Silly me...

Anyway, I still want my laptop ready as soon as possible, even if it will cost my entire document (lol). Let it be. I will work harder to make a new copy of my articles again. As long as I can write on my blogs again and visit you all my virtual friends out there.

So, I'm really sorry if I can't visit you in the next few days, folks. I promise that I will give you my daily visits back as soon as I have my laptop back. So, see you soon...

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