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Feb 17, 2010

What's In A Cup of Tea

Do you love tea, my dear friend? Well, I do, especially black tea. In fact, tea is the most favorite kind of drink in Indonesia, maybe because tea has such a lot of benefits. Tea can reduce the possibility of having diarrhea, as our ancestors believe in a long time. They say, there’re 72 kinds of poison ivies that can be neutralized by tea. A research also found out that tea can make you focus and have more ability to solve problems. So, what’s in a tea actually?
A cup of tea
A cup of tea contains 4 calorie and ten times vitamin B2 more than cereal or vegetables. It also has a bigger amount of vitamin C than a big glass of orange juice. The other benefit you may have from a cup of tea is the “polyphenol” enzyme which is very useful to reduce plaque on your teeth by affecting the bacteria inside your mouth.

Have a cup of tea regularly and you will have all those benefits regularly either. So, show me some sips then (lol)


  1. and here i am, read ur post with a cup of green tea ^_^

  2. I love tea, cannot start my day without a big cup of tea, my favorite is Teh Naga from Malang, it smell so good ;-)

  3. I prefer green tea, Risma, it makes me so fresh :)

  4. a really helpful information to love tea more ;)

    I believe tea to also have anti-oxidants especially GREEN TEA; and CHAMOMILE TEA to be CAFFEINE FREE that is most healthy for heart patients ;)

  5. I love tea, all kinds of tea. My favorite is Earl Grey with honey. Hope you are well!

  6. I love tea.. and coffee also. so how about the benefits of coffee, dear Risma ? :)

  7. I am a fan of cups of tea..lol


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