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Feb 13, 2010

Soup, Everyone?

I’m back… I’m back, my dear friends. My laptop’s issue has been solved properly. I will start my blogwalking time again in a very short time. Thanks a lot for keep visiting me along this time. From now on, I will be able to visit you back again. Meanwhile, you may want to read something about soup.
Creamy Soup
Soup has been well known for its ability to heal few kinds of illness. It is also an easy kind of food and can be ready in few minutes, since all you need is just adding any kind of ingredients you like. If having a headache, you might like to try the rich and creamy soup with a lot of vegetables on it. Or when you’re having a cold or fever, you may try the chicken soup, my dear friends.

You know, the first soup was actually made around 6000 BC. At that time, people used hippopotamus’ bones to make the stock. In ancient England, the word “soup” actually has a different meaning. Soup means: a slice of bread covered up with meat stock. And a few decades later, you can even find several kinds of soup, such as thick soup, or even creamy soup. It may not have a slice of bread on it, but it definitely use meat stock on the process.

Yes, stock is the most important ingredient on soup. A perfect stock will give a tasty soup as the result. You can make a thick stock by boiling meat along with the bones for a few hours. There’s a quick tip for you. If you don’t have much time to make stock and refuse to use the package one, you still use this as a way out. Make a large amount of stock at a time. You don’t have to use them all on one bowl of soup. Keep the rest of the stock and put it into an ice tray. Let it freeze inside your chiller until turn out to be just like ordinary ice cubes.

So, each time you need to make a bowl of tasty soup, all you need is just taking a few cubes of frozen stock and melts them with the rest of your ingredients. It’s that easy, huh? So, let’s have a bowl of warm soup right now, fellas.
Chicken Soup
Maybe, a bowl of chicken soup. What about that?
Enjoy it while I'm visiting you right now (lol)

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