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Feb 5, 2010

Be right back

Ouh... I finally can get back here. I have a problem with my laptop, my friends. That's the reason why you didn't see me this week on your site. I'm really sorry about that. First, I want to thank all of you who still willing to visit me here. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
Right now, I'm using my husband's laptop for a while. I can only use this at night time after he got back from his office. To be honest, I really hate doing this. My husband has spent his busy day at his office. I think he wants to have his wife and daughter sit beside him and have a little chit chat together. And how can I do that if I'm busy with my blogs and leave him with my daughter? Somehow, it doesn't feel right.

So, I've asked him to get my laptop fixed this Monday. He will ask some IT staffs in his office for that. Meanwhile, I can only sit and wait. So, my dear friends, even if I have a chance to post this today, I still don't have time yet to visit you all. I'm just trying to bring life to my blogs after leaving them behind this couple of days.

But the worst thing of all is the fact that I may lose all my documents on my laptop. I always keep a copy of my posted articles in my internal hard disc. So, just in case something happens, I still have a copy of each article. I've put most of them into my external hard disc around three months ago. But I still have some of them on my internal hard disc. Silly me...

Anyway, I still want my laptop ready as soon as possible, even if it will cost my entire document (lol). Let it be. I will work harder to make a new copy of my articles again. As long as I can write on my blogs again and visit you all my virtual friends out there.

So, I'm really sorry if I can't visit you in the next few days, folks. I promise that I will give you my daily visits back as soon as I have my laptop back. So, see you soon...

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  1. It's all right, Risma... so sorry to hear your problem... Hope your laptop will function again soon


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