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Jan 3, 2010

World of Responsibilities

The term of responsibility I mean here is: The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable, as for a trust, debt, or obligation. Each and every one of us has multiple responsibilities in this life, right?

As parents, we have responsibilities to our spouse and kids. At work, we have responsibilities on our job and performance. We even have responsibilities to our selves. Responsibility is one of many ways of how to be an eligible person who is in charge on a certain situation or job.

From several responsibilities, people can sometimes forget about how they must act properly due to responsibility they have. For instance, one day I saw a man smoking just a few meters from a gas station. Another day, I saw another man smoking inside a tank car carrying liquid gas. These two different guys have already forgotten that they have a big responsibility at the time they were smoking. They put everyone around them in a massive danger including them selves. They didn’t care a pin about the warning not to smoke nearby a gas station or tank of liquids gas.

Another example is when a man (usually a father) driving a motor cycle carrying two or even three passengers at a time. We all know the standard size of a motorcycle. Ideally, a motorcycle should only carry a driver and one passenger who sit behind the driver. But, here, you can see a medium size of motorcycle carrying a toddler who sits in front of the daddy who becomes the driver. Behind the driver, you can see another toddler stick to the daddy and hold his waist tightly. It’s not over yet. You can still find the mother sits behind the kid and still carrying a baby in her arms. So there are exactly five people sitting on a motor cycle!! Is this what we call responsibility?

Maybe I’m still too young to talk about responsibilities here compare to some of you who might be older and have more experiences than I do. But this still this young woman can pick the best among the better. Even a teenager can see that the three stories I’ve shared above are completely under the head of the worst thing. But, do we ever care?

Will you admonish a guy who smoking nearby a gas station when you passing by? Will you admonish the driver of a liquid gas tank car who smokes while driving along the main road?

Will you admonish a father who carries his entire family member on a medium size motorcycle? I think this is not as easy as we may think. People can get offended and attack you. That’s why some people choose to pretend not see anything. I can understand that.

We can not force people to be responsible. We can not force that driver, since we are not his superior. We can not force that father to be responsible since we don’t know each other. Because they can easily say: “That’s none of your business!
Don’t worry, we can still find more and more kind of people like this, people who disregard their responsibilities and put other people in a big danger. This is place we called world a.k.a home.

Happy Sunday, every one….


  1. Nice post, Risma. I agree, there are too many irresponsible acts that we see around every day...

    Sorry for writing here. May I ask where did you buy your domain dot com? I've bought mine in domainesia since Dec24; until now I can't access it. They also haven't answered my complaints. I waste time, money and my domain, hiks...

  2. WONDERFUL POST! thought carried right across...i just hope that those above mentioned (or guilty even in other circumstance) read this.

    sometimes i just shake my head thinking, are they aware and just do not care a bit, or they are truly insanely unaware?! hmp!

  3. world is getting blunt....wonder when everything gets better?

  4. I wish we could reprimand those people. That and the mother driving a car that is falling apart while her very small children jump up and down (no seat belts) in said car. It just makes me crazy.


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