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Jan 15, 2010

Blackout All Day!

Black out all day!!

Yesterday, I must confess that I don’t’ have time at all to visit you, my dearest friends. I can even publish all your kind and nice comments at this morning (thanks to all of you). You know why? Yesterday, electricity in our lovely town, Medan, was black out for almost all day long. It was started on 9.30AM and ended on 6AM! Can you imagine that? That was the worst Friday on my blogging day ever!

All I can do yesterday was sleeping with my daughter, Asha. That’s all. I was too angry to play a ball with her. 8 hours of black out was very stressful. But, this condition has given more time for me to read my newest book, fellas. I bought a book about polygamy last week.

The book’s title is: The 19th wife. It is a great book too! You should read it sometimes. Especially, all of you, wives and mothers out here. Find out how a husband can own 25 wives and almost 100 kids in ONE HOUSE. Find out how stressful life that all these women have been through.

This is a novel based on a true story. The writer herself was one of a 19th wife of a husband. Before she run away and told her story to all over the world on 1874. Her name was Ann Eliza Young. The book told the readers about her escape and how she must stand out in front of every other people to talk about her own life in polygamy.

She finally made out to meet the US President at that time, Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885). Ann Eliza Young succeeds to push the authority of US to forbid polygamy in the whole part of America. The US congress created the Poland Act on 1874 that forbid polygamy in all aspects.

This is really a great story that I plan to make another post for this story only, complete with the picture of them I can find on the internet. Meanwhile, I still need more time today to make some blogwalkings. First thing first. So, see you there..


  1. thanks for sharing. God bless dear.

  2. Black out for almost 8 hours? oh,no...

  3. Wow! interesting book Ris! My husband better not have any other wives.. I am very possessive.. LOL... If he does have anotheer woman, they wil be 6 feet under after I'm done with them.. LOL...


  4. this is another one...I have to go and get, I am heading for a long plane ride next week and I love to read so thank you again, for your tips! Ladybird (Teri, my real name). Hope you are well!


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