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Jan 4, 2010

Drying Waiting

I hate waiting! It makes you feel insecure and lost control of something. That's why I choose this weird picture as illustration..

It fits the condition that I'm drying when waiting (lol)..

I have one paid review left that must be completed before Jan, 8. The paid is good and I write the review as soon as I found the notification email about 3 days ago. This advertiser want to hire my two blogs all at once. I've posted the first review on "Blog Perempuan Rumahan". Done. But when I tried to submit the second review, the link was denied by the system. The notification said: "seems like you are using a different site. Please use the right site." Aaarrrgghhhh....

What? I don't understand. About two weeks ago, after I changed my domain into dot com, I send an email to Support Team of the review broker. I want them to know the new link and replace my old link (in blogspot) into the newest one. One of the staff has answered my email and tell me that my link has been successfully changed. I can use it to find advertisers. I was glad to know that every thing has work well. Now, my new domain can be used to work at home (lol)

But, this stirring event has smashed me down. This is the first opportunity for Mommy Mayonnaise and I can not do anything to fix the problem. Except sending another email to the Support Team. Ask them for help to fix my domain link on their system. Since I can not do it my self from my account. The domain part was made frozen. I send them email about 3 days ago and still not receive any answer nor reply. I must wait...wait...wait...wait..and wait... And I hate waiting!

I hope they will reply me back in a very short time. I only get 4 days left to complete my review. I don't want to lose this job. Actually, I can not wait any longer... I got bored! (lol)

Have a nice day, dearies....


  1. Hi, Risma! Seems that things are busy with you, too! I'm doing well, glad your blog is going to become a way for you to work at home. Happy 2010!

  2. So sorry to hear the trouble. Hope the good news comes soon...

  3. Why don't you just do the writing? If the worst happen and you cannot submit it until the deadline come, at least you have sharpen your writing skill. It's nothing to lose....


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