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Jan 6, 2010

The Two Things

I got two things to share today, my friends. The first one is my waiting is finally over. The day after I post my article a few days ago, I got a reply telling me that they already fixed the problem. My new link has been updated correctly from the system so I can continue my job. Actually, I already wrote the complete article three days ago. The only problem was I couldn’t submit the complete review to the system to complete the whole process. That’s all. If I don’t submit it, my job will be useless. Right after the link fixed, I submit the link successfully as you may see it on my site.

Thanks to Support Team.

The next thing I want to share is I won the giveaway, fellas!

This is my first time and I can’t believe I’m the winner. I got $15 certificate. You know, the hilarious part of this is that I only need to leave a comment on that page and follow the blog they asked me to. That’s all. After that, all I need is waiting. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be the winner. And I’m the luckiest one, this time (lol)

This giveaway stuff is commonly found on American blogs. I visit many blogs from there and I found out about the same kind of giveaway articles so many times. At first, I’m not so interested since I realize I came from a very far away country (lol). There’s no way I can win a giveaway like that. But, when I saw this Five Mom and A Blog Giveaway, I just want to try my luck. I follow the roll play and walaaahhh….I won. Isn’t that fabulous? I think I’m going to follow every giveaway I found in the next time (lol)

This two things are the perfect reason to spend the rest of this week. I feel great!! I hope you have a great week too there. Have Fun...


  1. 2 good newses for a day, wow! im happy for you dearie!

    im thinking the same way with regards to those give-a-aways, im thousands miles a way! in fact some of them limit it to US residents for that same reason. so you won, but will they ship you the coupon? How can you get hold of the prizes?

  2. Wow, congratz for the solved problem and the giveaway winning!

  3. Congrats for winning Risma! You deserve it that's y u got picked... Thank you for the visit my friend.. I am always grateful..

    I will be back later to grab the post.. Right now, I need to go blogwalk...

    good luck in your tasks Risma!

  4. Wow, two good news comes to you in a role...

  5. Hey Risma! I'm one of the moms at the Five Moms and a Blog and just wanted to say congrats. Persistence eventually pays off, lol!


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