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Apr 27, 2010

Suicide Story

Last Sunday, I was in a huge mall in my town along with my family, we got shocked when we saw some police officers walking around. It’s so unusual to see them walking around in the crowd in a mall. First, we thought that they might be seeking for terrorists there and we decided to leave right away.

Until we saw “something” laid down on a pick up truck. And we realized that it’s a human body. And, the policemen brought that body back into the mall to make a reconstruction. And for that, they need to put that body back to where it was before.
Oh my God. I saw that body directly from the third floor. It was a young woman with a long black hair. She looked terrible with her mouth opened. Half of her face was broken and there were lots and lots of blood underneath her broken head. She was so young.

Some speculations were quickly spread. Some said that she was pushed down by somebody and that she was falling down by an accident. But some other said that it was a suicide. She jumped from the fourth floor.

Later on I found out from the television news, that it was a suicide. The surveillance video proved it. That young woman killed herself that day on that mall. What was she thinking?

Life is hard to everybody. Still suicide is not a way out. And I wonder why she chooses to kill herself in a huge mall anyway? She could have just use a knife to cut her arm and died quietly in her room, right? But she decided to do it in a public place where every body can watch her died. It’s pathetic, I think.

I feel sorry for her because she has refused the grace that Lord’s given to her. You can’t make your “problems” as your justification to commit suicide. Everybody has problems. But problems are there to be solved not to run away of. May God forgive her.


  1. Oh, no...you're there when it happened...

    I also wonder, why nowadays the suicides often happen at public places?

  2. I also watched that news, so sad.
    More people choose suicide as a solution for their problems.

    Religious leaders and parents should be able to lead his people/children to be more patient and strength to face the problems.

    And I think, media should stop showing the news of crimes, suicides and riots that only give negative effects to the people.

  3. In the last 4 months we have had 2 suicides in a town next to us. They were both teenagers who had their whole lives ahead of them. Its so sad yet it makes me so angry to think they would be so selfish and not think about the family they are leaving behind to mourn them. There is SOO much help out there!

  4. Oh my!Suicide is common nowadays esp. among the young generation.It's also happening here, almost everyday, it's on the news. BTW, Sis, I have an award for you.Please drop by my blog and grab it.Thanks.Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh no. what was she thinking when she did that, Its so sad to hear those kinds of news. Ending her life without any justice.:-(


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