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Apr 14, 2010

New Books! New Books!

I got two new books from my husband this month. Woohooo… Once again I don’t have to use my own money for books (like I usually do), he bought me these books last night. I was so surprised. I wonder if you’ve ever read them before. If you do, could you give me some short opinions about them?
I’m currently reading the Bad Man by John Connolly right now. I will continue with the Doctors by Erich Segal right after I finished with it. So tell me…


  1. I love books too but I don't have time to read them. The pending book I have is Nicholas Sparks novel " Dear John. I just borrow them.winks! hehe

  2. oooh you're so lucky to have such a sweet man ;) have not tried erich yet...is she a good writer? is she a she or a he BTW? haha...


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