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Apr 13, 2010

The Ghost Hunters

I’m not actually a ghost freak but I love to watch television programs about ghost and stuffs on tv. One of my favorite programs is Ghost Hunters running by the TAPS Investigators. Of all ghost hunters program I’ve ever saw, they are the best!
Obviously, they don’t try to hunt or catch ghosts like any others did. Contrary, they try to prove that you can’t call every weird activity as a paranormal activity. They’ve successfully proved that some of those activities were only natural activities. So, if unintentionally you heard your kitchen’s door banging at night, it could have been just the wind or perhaps because your dog tried to steal something from your chiller (lol)

But, they do meet some real paranormal activities sometimes and the camera recorded those activities so that every viewer can watch it and see that it happens just like that. I saw when “something” invisible pulled out a man’s jacket so strong. It was creepy. On the other day, I saw how that spirits tried to communicate with them using a flash light or by knocking on the wall.

This team tried to separate the paranormal activities from the normal ones. If one day they can prove that some “unexplainable” activities are going on a particular places, on the other day the can prove that every activity they’ve found is just normal. So they can prove both and not just only chasing the ghost story only.

Have you ever watch this program before?


  1. I've watch this program... kinda freak me out... more than when i see a real ghosts... hehehehe

  2. I don't believe that ghost exists. :-)

  3. I've never watched this.
    It seems an interesting to watch one...


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