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Apr 21, 2010

My Driving Lesson

I’ve told you before that I can not drive* a car, right? It sounds silly but it’s true. Meanwhile, my house is in the middle of nowhere. It’s far from the bus station or the main road. So, I must wait for my husband to go out, unless I choose to call a cab to pick me up (sigh). Well, I hate cabs..
Three days ago I made up my mind that I must learn to drive. Actually, my husband taught me to drive using our car a few months ago. That’s when I realized that even if you are a perfect driver, it doesn’t mean that you can be a perfect driving instructor either. He lost his patience. And during the lesson he keeps yelling at me every time.

“Watch out!” or “Can’t you see that hole in front of you? Stay out of it!” or “Use your feeling!” and stuff like that. It’s so annoying when people keep yelling at you while you still struggling with something that barely new to you. And guess what, I quitted. I refused to learn and prefer to sit down in front of my laptop. I don’t care.

He offered me to learn in a driving course, where I will be taught by experienced instructors. And I agree. My lesson started from last Monday and I still have 7 days to go. With this experienced instructor, I’m a quick learner and able to drive the car in the main road on my second day. Isn’t that amazing? I need to remind you that the traffic here is not as well-regulated as it maybe in your country (lol). Here, traffic light is almost like the accessory only and people keep passing by even when the light turns red. Not to mention the unregulated crowded and traffic jam. I can tell you that the streets here are nightmares.

So, along with the driving lessons, I also must learn how to conquer the street itself and still can do it in style. Hohoho. I’m doing well so far and I still have 1 week ahead. Wish me luck.. Hahaha…


  1. I took driving lessons twice. My uncle even taught me driving for unpaid. Even I've had my driving license ever since seven years ago, but still my pops hasn't allowed me to drive on my own. He said, when I was driving, I didn't put my concentration to the street and I let my minds flew on the air to middle of nowhere.

  2. I've had similar experiences with you, got driving instructors who are impatient. But finally I can do it because a friend who taught me, he is very patience and not panic. I finally got to drive a car.

    I hope you succeed with your driving course Mbak Risma ;-)

  3. Congratulations...you'll be a good driver :)

  4. Some people really have some anger management issues! Haha! Kidding aside, it was the right decision to just enroll in a driving school where you will be taught by experienced driving instructors. Looks like you were a fast learner! After 2 years, I’m sure that you can now handle yourself behind the wheel very well. Drive safely!

    -Marvis Carswell


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