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Oct 2, 2010

I'm Ready To Have Another Baby.

Some women choose to keep their experience of delivering a baby on a video tape just to be able to watch that wonderful moment over and over again in the next few years. I’m sure you understand what exactly that I mean. This is a kind of tape where you can see mommy in grimacing pale face yet full of hope and pray while smiling daddy walking around like an amateur camera man recording almost everything in that room including the curtain. Yes, this is an exciting moment but though everyone looks smile, they actually feel a bit scared inside especially if that was your very first time to deliver a baby.
Unlike mommies who usually feel relieved or crying in a happy tears after she saw that tiny little person who crying and wriggling, daddies tend to react in various kind of ways. Some daddies will be so stunned and stop recording, while some other may cry in a proud and touched feeling when they saw their lovely son/daughter for the first time. But there are also some daddies who react even weirder that ever such as suddenly fainted or down on bended knees. Yeah…daddy’s reactions are far more interesting to watch actually LoL.
But all these excitements are not for me, moms. Delivering my first daughter is an almost dead experience for me. I planned to deliver my baby in normal way but I must end up in the surgery table after six hours in pain. My mom said that I already started to lose my conscious at that time and stop saying anything. She started to feel worry but all she can do is pray and pray. While my worrying and terrifying hubby called the doctor in a rush and asked him to do a Sectio Caesarea instead. I entered the surgery room in nearly unconscious condition and I can’t remember anything except the horrible pain in my back and the unbearable cold all over my body. I was trembling very badly but I can remember when a male nurse put two pouches contain hot water inside into my cheeks. He stood near my head and tried to calm me down. “That’s okay. That’s okay. You’re gonna be find. Ssshhh…” he said. I would never forget that gentle whispers in my ears forever. I tried to find him when I got better, but no one can help me about this. I just can say thank you from my deepest heart for his calming whisper which amazingly helped me through that terrifying moment. Because, to be honest, I really thought that I was going to die that day.
After they pull out my baby girl from me, they put her right inside my cheek and made her kiss me. I can’t remember seeing her face because after that all I can see is a pitch black. I woke up a few hours later in my room and thank God that I’m still alive and see my beautiful baby girl sleeping in my hands.
So, when hubby’s friends share their stories about how good their experiences are when accompanying their wives to deliver the baby, hubby can only smile and say nothing because deep down in his heart, he considered that moment as wonderful yet scary one. He thought that he was going to lose me at that time and my sister said that she saw hubby tears but he tried to hide it right away. Maybe that’s why he still postpones our plan to have the second child until now. I’m just thinking that he might be not fully recovered yet from his wife’s almost dead experience. Only God knows. But I’m all ready and really want to have another baby this time. I hope my next experience will be better, moms.

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  1. Good luck to your goal for having another baby. I already have two and I'm done with it. :)

  2. HI Risma, wow... I too have horrying experience of my delivery and the doctor said I need to stop birthing ... so after three children I got myself ligated.... but overall it was a good experience.. I hope this time yours will be OK.. praying for that.

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  3. I'm shocked to read your experience, Risma.
    I do hope your next experience will be much better...

  4. There are various stories about the birth, and yours a very frightening experience. May your wishes come true soon ;D

  5. I've been ready for 3 years now, but until now I haven't conceived yet...oh boy! good luck to us...lol!

    thanks for dropping by dear!

  6. I am getting ready for another one too Ris! I know huh! It may sound crazy but I love babies and I really wanna give my hubby a son...

    Both my babies are normal and I didn't even have pain medication. I am thankful that my birth experience was like that. It's painful but not as bad as yours. And my hubby also took some videos but when I started to be in so much pain, he stopped video-taping me and started to massage my back...

    Sorry I can't visit you everyday here but I am trying whenevr I can...



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