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Oct 19, 2010

Do you allow your kid to draw anything in your wall?

Some said that we must let our little ones exploring everything in the house so that they can learn much and I agree about that completely. But I don’t think that drawing in the wall has something to do with exploring new things they need.
My daughter loves her crayons and colored pencils so much. After we bought those crayons for her, she started to draw her very first line on our living room wall. Well, I’ve seen many houses which have so many odd graffiti in walls made by their little kids. And to be honest I don’t want my house to look like one of those. So after drawing the line in the wall I told my daughter to stop doing it again. I explained to her that I also bought her colorful drawing books along with her crayons and colored pencil for a reason. She can draw whatever she likes in those books. But the wall is not a giant drawing book and she isn’t allowed to scratch anything on it with her crayons for whatever reasons.
Again, some said to me that somehow could be a hamper to her curiosity to explore every place in the house. I said, I don’t think so. My daughter needs to learn about what is right and what is wrong in early age. She knows that she can draw and write whatever she likes as long as she did it in the right media such as a book. But at the same time I also need to teach her that it’s not nice to draw anything in someone else’s wall even if it was her house no matter how young she is. The wall is not a giant drawing book. She needs to realize that.
By doing so, I could prevent her from feeling confuse in the future about how she was allowed to draw anything in the wall when she was very young but forbidden to do so when she’s getting bigger. After knowing that it’s not nice to draw anything in wall, she will use the available books to pour her sense of art instead of using the wall. I also told her that by drawing pictures in her book, I can put it in a nice frame so she can enjoy her pictures anytime she wants. Thank God, she never draws anything in the wall again. Every time we go to a book store, she will pick a new drawing book for herself. She loves drawing. We also plan to buy her a medium size board to put on the wall, next time. School age children love to imitate their experiences in class room. So, I’m sure she will be happy to have her own white board and act like a real teacher using it. LoL

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