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Oct 23, 2010

It's Five Days Left!

Packing-Packing-Packing Five-Days-Left

We will visit my hometown this Thursday to attend my sister’s wedding. I’m a very well organized mom (almost like a freak! LoL) and I prefer to pack our belongings a few days earlier before the departure. Then I hope I won’t forget anything and spend more time relaxing on Wednesday night. Yes, that’s me LoL. I will be busy packaging from this day until Tuesday then I’ll be free on Wednesday. We usually use that day to buy gifts for our family members in my hometown.
Our trip will be quite long since we need to stop and change the plane in our capital city first. It would be just fine for two adults like hubby and me. But I think it would be an exhausting trip for our 3y old daughter. We must keep her as comfortable as we can. We already bought her favorite candies to accompany her in the plane, so that she can forget about the buzzing she got during take off or landing. It’s sad to see her rubbing her ears to ease the uncomfortable feeling. These candies usually work to make her busy LoL
But the most important thing is I hope we will arrive safely in my hometown. I can’t wait to see my parents and siblings there. Well, I'll see them in the next five days :)
Have a nice weekend everyone..

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  1. How UNlike you I am! I just throw everything into a bag at the last minute and hope I haven't forgotten anything!

    Survived a Burglary!

  2. Have a great visit! Happy Saturday :)

  3. how exciting Risma...wow! have a safe trip guys and have fun! looking forward to see wedding pics when you get back.

  4. have added your other 2 blogs on my blogs.


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