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Oct 25, 2010

This Will Be A Very Busy Week

It's Monday already (again) We will go back to my hometown this Thursday. I can wait for it. This is going to be a very busy week for me and I enjoy it. I hope you have a good one too there..

1. What ticked you off last week while you were on your way somewhere?
A broken traffic light made a very bad jam. Its so stressful hearing everybody blowing their car horns impatiently. Where's the hell is the traffic policeman?

2. Who in your house really ticked you off and how did they do it?
There are only three of us in my house, including hubby and my 3y daughter. None of them ticked me off so far LoL

3. What politician or political event really ticked you off last week?
We don't have political event these past few months.

4. Tell us what ticked you off on TV last week.
Adultery news made by new comer actress. OMG, she still so young!

5. What ticked you off online last week?
Nothing. Everything went well as usual. (I hope it doesn't sound boring to you ^^)

6. What celebrity ticked you off last week and how?
Janice Dickinson. I accidentally read about her on the internet and I can't believe she can be that rude and mocking people so badly in front of the media. Always want to be in headline huh?  

7. Tell us something food related that really ticked you off.
Vegetables always ticked me off LoL

Happy Monday everyone, get rid of the Blue and use Red today (grin)

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  1. Janice is a real piece of work...

    MM went private for Aug because I had a death in the family. Glad you are back!

    Thanks for playing!


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