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Oct 31, 2010

Do you think it’s rude to ask a woman her age?

Some said that it always sounds rude to ask personal questions to other people such as age, religion or salary. What do you think? Remember, we’re talking about age here, not marriage status, religion or even salary. If someone wants to know how old are you, do you consider it as rudeness?
For me, it depends on why you want to know. If I walk alone in a public place then suddenly someone approaching me just to ask how old I am, I think that’s rude. I mean, I don’t even recognize them and I don’t have any business with them. Why they want to know?
Another circumstance which I consider to be a wrong situation to ask about someone’s age is right after you have conflicts with them. Imagine how shock you are when a lady you argue with; suddenly want to know your age. Somehow it feels like she wants to judge your arguments based on your age, and that’s rude. Or when you apply for a job position in certain office when the very first question you got was “how old are you” and they don’t even look at your portfolio yet, that’s rude. They should find out about things that you’re capable of first and then if they’re interesting, they could carry on with the personal questions. If somehow they consider your age as weakness, then it’s their lost and you don’t have to feel angry about it. It’s their company and they have regulations about their employees. Some of them think age as a crucial matter.
Anyway, you may have a different point of view from me, and that’s okay. For me, my age is kind of proud of myself LoL. If I was asked about my age, I’ll be happy to share it under specific circumstances. As if I was asked by a friend, I don’t see the big deal.
I’m 30 years old and I’m proud of it. So, how old are you?

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  1. you don't look 30 at all! I agree that some people judge you according to your age. I don't like when they ask me my age to justify my looks but when it turns out to be a compliment I accept it with a smile =) Good thought Risma=)

  2. I would be angry if anyone asks my age, and said that I look older than my age.Lol.


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